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This certification was one of the best decisions I ever made for myself and my is gamechanging!
 I was nervous to add weight loss coaching to my fitness business in case I couldn’t get results (and starting a new program in my late 40's!). I had 4 friends that I used to practice on who followed my program recommendations, I am so happy to report that among all 4, they lost 80lbs together!

I also lost 18lbs and from these results, I got an additional 4 paying clients AND am growing my business with the coaching templates & programs we have access to.... I loved this program! 

Amie a.
After starting the HWLC course I lost 15lbs and changed my mindset & habits surrounding food and weight loss while also becoming a certified coach!
 I knew I wanted to be a coach in this space but I wasn’t sure I was the best fit since my weight has always been a personal struggle for me. I’m so excited I took the leap. Everyone around me noticed and I have people ready and waiting to work with me 1:1 and in groups
 I have started a health coaching business to support people with PCOS like myself in sustainable weight management and weight loss.

I am launching my website and business right away. I have the confidence I need to work with clients and get them results. Take this program- it will change your life!

Katelynn c.
I had the best time with this program! I was able to enhance my nutrition knowledge while still working full time. 
I had the best time with this program! I was able to enhance my nutrition knowledge while still working full time. It has given me the tools to understand a wide array of issues that in the body that can be supported with the use of nutrition. By learning the different qualities of foods, and what food sensitives are lying under the surface I am able to see health & weight loss in a different perspective. All of this great knowledge from Laura Jackson and FCA team gave my business a new edge!

As a personal trainer, all I was able to offer clients was the physical fitness aspect. By adding this certification, I launched new programing called ‘Balanced Training’ that brings fitness, nutrition, and wellness together!
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