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Including all the skills, tools and materials to start or grow your coaching business in as little as 60 days!
nutrition weight loss coach
Including all the skills, tools and materials to start or grow your coaching business from the day you graduate!
join this fully recognized 3 phase health coach certification in

Holistic Nutrition
& Weight Loss


Offering Results
Based Programs

From a struggling fitness coach not able to get her clients weight loss results to almost 100 lbs lost...
I was nervous to add weight loss coaching to my fitness business in case I couldn’t get results. I had 4 friends that I used to practice on who followed my program recommendations, I am so happy to report that among all 4, they lost 80lbs together!

I also lost 18lbs and from these results, I got an additional 4 paying clients AND am growing my business with the coaching templates & programs we have access to.... I loved this program! 

– Maria Ghaibi, Canada

  • Coaching clients in fitness, health, wellness or life coaching space but lacking the nutrition certifications to provide a clear plan to REALLY get your clients to their health goals
  • Struggling to help your clients get weight loss results they want because you think they need to eat less, burn more and follow a strict plan (and none of that is working)
  • Missing the mindset & habits coaching skills to create long term change in addition to developing personalized holistic plans that include nutrition, lifestyle, supplements and more
  • Wanting to start or grow your own coaching business that includes 1:1 or group nutrition / weight loss programs, packages and workshops- online & in person- but have no idea how to create them ( or actually get paying clients to fill them!)
  • Just starting and looking for the all inclusive certification AND the business support & materials to become a successful, certified health coach from the day you graduate
    A fitness or health and wellness coach that is struggling to get your clients results they want because you are missing the nutrition coaching skills & programs and in turn, your can't grow your business and revenue. Or...
    An aspiring holistic nutrition & health coach that would love to turn that passion into a full or part time career but have zero experience or idea where to start without quitting your job or going back to school full time and/or feel like “you don’t look the part”.


Holistic nutrition weight loss coach...
What’s the difference between coaches who’re known for long-lasting weight loss results they produce for clients, vaulting them to the top of the health industry… and health coaches who struggle to help their clients lose a single pound of body fat – no matter how well regulated the diet or the exercise program may be.

If you guessed…

Years of experience – you’d be wrong.

Cutting calories & food groups and special diets – you’d be wrong.

Motivation & willpower – you’d be wrong.

The latest diet secrets, laser fat reduction techniques, weight loss drugs – you’d still be wrong!

Because while all of these things could still help clients lose weight.

These wins would be marginal at best and before you know it, these wins would change into failed attempts along with an expanding waistline quicker than the next diet fad.
Here’s the truth that NO ONE is telling you
Most fitness, health & wellness coaches are taught very little about nutrition ESPECIALLY when it comes to weight loss.
And most nutrition, weight loss or health coaching courses focus on calorie counting, food guides & one-size-fits-all approach to programs.

What they don’t focus on is:

  • How weight loss is really achieved through nutrition, lifestyle and personalized recommendations specific to your clients goals and lifestyle.  
  • How hormones, digestion, blood sugar management, inflammation and food intolerance tie into the equation.
  • How to use healthy habits and wellness techniques to create long lasting change
  • How to confidently coach clients to shift behaviours and beliefs to get them measurable results
  • How to build and launch results based nutrition & weight loss coaching programs that clients will find irresistible to join
  • And how to start or grow your own coaching business that works for YOU so you can be the best coach possible...
And with weight loss & management as the #1 area clients come to health coaches for it is A MUST that you understand how to get your clients results and offer coaching in this area if you want to start or grow a business in this field. 

And yet most health coaches and fitness professionals fail to help their clients achieve their weight loss goals.

While they celebrate few wins – they’re unable to sustain the results or dramatically move the weight loss needle.


Because they use a “conventional approach” to weight loss including focusing ONLY on the physical body (You’ve heard it... “Eat Less, Burn More!”), following cookie cutter plans (ie. everyone follows a 1500 calorie diet or has to eat certain foods) and sees weight issues as a symptom of being TOO LAZY or having zero willpower. 
You have to approach it holistically.

It’s about
mind & body


The conventional way of looking at weight loss is “Calories In vs Calories Out” or “Eat less & Burn More”.

While yes, how much we eat and move are one part of the equation, you can not out exercise bad nutrition and you can not stick to this for the long term.

You also have to take into account what is going on INSIDE your body & mind... how you different foods react inside the body, stress levels, gut health, hormones, sleep, mindset and more... in addition to nutrition and movement.   

How do we make these changes? Implementing the RIGHT weight loss holistic habits that work to support the mind, body & spirit in addition to getting results are key to getting the results that stick.

Focus on individual needs


The majority of weight loss coaching programs and recommendations label foods as “clean" vs "dirty” foods, healthy or low calories and templates of 1200 calories plans. They also dismiss entire macro nutrient groups and preach a specific way of approaching healthy habits that should work for everyone.

Also, what we were are taught in most fitness / nutrition certifications focus on just our countries “guides” and blanket recommendations.

Unfortunately, these have not been working and if they did, we would not be in the midst of an obesity epidemic right now.

We need to understand how to create individual plans for our clients that are realistic and work for their specific life stage and goals... even down to their current lifestyle, personal tastes, diet history, goals and readiness to change with the most nutrient dense foods (and room for some not so nutritionally dense foods too. This is how you create plans that work and change you for the long term... not a quick fix.

The root cause


While the majority of fitness and health coaches approach weight loss as a symptom of being too lazy or having zero willpower, that is not how we look at it from a holistic approach and why most programs are failing.

For successful long term weight management, we have to find the root cause of WHAT is causing the weight gain such as emotional eating, poor nutrition knowledge, too much food, highly refined foods, hormones, digestive health, movement, nutrition, food intolerances, mindset and more and make changes from THAT place, coaching clients on weight loss and management becomes so much more effective for them and you.
You have to have to offer holistic programs.
But you don’t need to go to 3 separate schools of health & business to get certified as a Holistic Nutrition / Health Coach & Weight Management Expert... 
(PLUS learn the business skills to create and launch your coaching programs, packages and workshops!) 

THIS certification program covers it all!

Developed to fill the gap in the fitness & health coaching industry, this 3 phase holistic nutrition weight loss coaching certification includes EVERYTHING you need to go from zero experience to a fully recognized certified coach with all the skills, confidence and materials to launch your own nutrition programs...

And in as little as 60 days, you can go from feeling stuck to being the in demand holistic nutrition weight loss coach who gets amazing results AND growing your business with paying clients from the day you graduate… are you ready?
 Grow your business & expand your revenue within days of graduating!
From struggling to help her pre & post natal clients with weight loss after never learning about nutrition in her past certifications to growing her own membership,  The Pregnancy Wellness Academy, confidently coaching & growing revenue with group programs. 

From ZERO experience in nutrition & weight loss coaching to 5 paying clients and launching her business in only days of graduating!

This Could Be You in As Little As 12 Weeks....

Meet Justyna, who went from working full time & single mom of 2 to opening her own fitness biz at 41 that generates up to $8k/month and got in the best shape of her life!

Meet Dougmary, who went from overweight & English as her second language to growing her online & in person fitness biz for moms with consistent 10k - 12k months! 

Meet Lynette, Mom of 4 who went from her own health journey to transforming her life & opening her own business!

Cheryl let go of her fears of being "too old" and started her now SOLD OUT fitness programs at 50!

Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching Certification with a speciality in weight loss
Including all the skills, tools and materials to start or grow your coaching business FROM THE DAY YOU GRADUATE!
nutrition weight loss coach
Including all the skills, tools and materials to start or grow your coaching business from the day you graduate!
join this fully recognized 3 phase health coach certification in

Holistic Nutrition
& Weight Loss


Offering Results
Based Programs

So you can access the content from ANY mobile device as long as you have an Internet connection!
No more wasting time commuting or worrying about not being able to keep up, virtual classes can be done from wherever you choose and can be viewed again later to work with your day.
  • Full 8 Module Certification Program created by Top Nutritionists, Fitness Experts, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners
  • Access to the Certified Site upon graduation including done for you holistic weight loss coaching programs, workshops, webinars, templates and more to use with PAYING clients and grow your business from the day you graduate
  • Video & Audio Classes including theory, program development, coaching examples and more
  • ​​Expert Feedback from FCA Coaches
  • Printable Course Notes, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Resources
  • Practical Teaching experience done in your community
  • Lifetime access to all taped classes for later viewing
  • Membership to our exclusive HWLC online community
  • Ongoing continuing education with FIT CHICKS Academy & support after program completion
  • Ability to join the Health Coaching Alliance for their designation of “Registered Health Coach” in addition to title of “Certified Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach”
  • And much more!
on all other coaches in fitness, health & wellness 
You’ll become a Certified “Triple Threat” Holistic Coach & be able to...
Group coaching & 1:1 Clients
After graduating from this program, you will be a holistic nutrition & health coach with a focus on weight loss & management  allowing you to run group coaching programs, classes and one on one sessions so YOU can choose what you want to focus on and build the holistic business of your dreams.

Throughout this program we are not just teaching you the “Why”  with amazing theory but the “How”. through practice hours in your community. This is one of the  most important pieces of the puzzle because you will leave with the skills, tools and  most importantly, confidence to coach amazing, structured programs from beginning to end  so no nerves or fear.

In order to run programs and classes safely and effectively, you NEED insurance. 

The HWLC Program is recognized by multiple insurance providers internationally so you can start coaching as SOON as you graduate!

RUN Nutrition & HEALTH Workshops
Take all your healthy eating, weight loss and habits knowledge and teach it in workshops, webinars and more to get your clients better results and grow your business.

Develop healthy recipes & nutrition
Learn how to write and create healthy recipes and meal plan recommendations for your clients based on their personal goals.

Build AMAZING online programs
Want to run online coaching in holistic health , nutrition & weight loss?  You will learn the skills to develop coaching programs, challenges, nutrition coaching and more for both in person and online so you can coach clients around the world.
  • Title of Certified Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach (HWLC) by FIT CHICKS Academy & certificate of completion
  • ​​Digital Assets to show your skills to the world
  • ​​Automatically approved for the additional certifications with Health Coaching Alliance for the designation of Registered Health Coach (RHC)
  • ​Eligibility for Health Coaching Insurance
  • ​Continuing Education Credits with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and AFAA
  • ​Access to Certified Portal and access to all done for you weight loss coaching programs and materials to use with clients
  • ​FIT CHICKS Academy Alumni Status & Discounts

Our Grads Are Now Successfully:

  • ​​Growing their Fitness & Health Businesses with nutrition & weight loss coaching
  • Holistic Health, Nutrition & Weight Loss Coaches
  • One on One and Group Weight Loss Coaching
  • Nutrition Workshop Instructors
  • ​Healthy Eating & Wellness Coaches
  • ​Recipe Developers
  • Health Writers
  • Assistants to Naturopathic Doctors
  • ​Health & Wellness Retreat Leaders
  • Weight Loss Challenge & Program Leaders
And That Is Just To Name A Few!
After learning how to release the “food rules” and keeping off 35lbs, Claudia is now helping others by expanding her own health coaching within her wellness business.

From Health Food Store Owner struggling to give her clients advice to growing her store and business with holistic weight loss coaching (she loved it so much even her mom and sister in law also joined!)
The HWLc Certification Is
Approved by the Health Coaching Alliance for their designation of Registered Health Coach (RHC).

Approved Provider with by the National Academy of Sports This program grants you 1.9 Continuing Education Units with NASM!

Approved providor with the Athletics & Aerobics Fitness Association for America. This program grants you 1.9 Continuing Education Credits with AFAA
The Weight Loss Foundation
Being at YOUR healthy weight is a not about a number on a scale. It is a by-product of healthy living and self-love, inside and out. You can be healthy at every age, shape and size but you need make sure your body is in  balance. And that begins with understanding the basics!

IN MODULE 1, we will set the foundation and you will gain an understanding of nutrition & health terminology, the basics of fat loss & weight management as well as assess the current health market & obesity.
    • ​The foundations of weight loss and weight management within the body
    • ​Health Conditions related to weight that may affect your clients and what to do
    • ​Nutrition terminology decoded to simplify your coaching and learning
    • ​Understanding the body types and what that means for fat loss 
    • ​Beyond the scale: How to measure your clients starting point and results without focusing on a number
    Hormone, Glands & Weight Loss
    Your hormones play a KEY role in helping you and your clients reach and manage long term weight loss and health. And keeping them in balance is important now more than ever. 

    IN MODULE 2, we will learn the hormone & weight loss connection as well as nutrition, lifestyle and supplement strategies to keep your hormones healthy, happy & balanced (and in turn your waistline!) for the long haul.
    • The power glands and the major role in weight management
    • ​The 6 hormones most important in weight loss and what triggers them
    • ​Men vs Women – what is the real hormone difference in your coaching
    • ​Common hormone imbalances that lead to weight issues such as PCOS and how this can effect your client
    • ​How toxins affect your hormones and how to reduce exposure
    • ​How to maintaining healthy, happy hormone balance naturally
    • Nutrition, habits & mindset coaching tools to simplify with your clients and still get amazing results
    Blood Sugar Management
    No matter if you are a vegan, vegetarian, paleo, low carb, gluten free etc., you must balance your blood sugar… and you can easily if you know how. By balancing blood sugar, you will not only help balance your weight but have more energy, better skin, less cravings and so much more! 

    IN MODULE 3, you will learn not only how blood sugar is key to long to term fat loss but also how to balanced meals & snacks based on real whole foods for any style of eating.
    • Blood sugar management and why it is SO important (and overlooked) for weight loss
    • The balancing act: Understanding how to balance blood sugar and the effects when it is not
    • Insulin resistance and its effect on weight loss
    • It's not just about calories - how food affects you more than you know once eaten
    • How to build blood sugar balancing meals, drinks & snacks easily for any client
    • The 3 S's that have nothing to do with food
    • Maintaining awesome blood sugar balance: How to use nutrition, habits and mindset recommendations for the best weight loss results
    Digestion, Gut Health & Weight Loss 
    We are not just what we eat but what we can absorb. And where does that start? In the GUT! By understanding the digestive process, the importance of gut health and how to keep dynamic digestion, you will be amazed at how much this can change your body and your life – emotionally & physically!
    • ​Digestion & why is it important to weight loss
    • From mouth to south: Understanding the full digestive process and how / where nutrients are digested for full absorption
    • ​How to recognize a compromised digestive tract
    • Gut health decoded - Why this hinders weight loss and how to create a healthy microbiome
    • The mind connection: How your thoughts affect your digestive, gut health & weight loss more than you know
        • Creating your own homemade probiotic foods
        • Nutrition, habits and mindset coaching tools to support optimal digestion and gut health for weight loss
        Food Intolerance, Allergies, Inflammation & Weight Loss
        Eating foods that cause inflammation, intolerances or allergies are HUGE contributors in preventing our bodies from finding their natural, awesome balance. Uncover the role these reactions have on the body and how if you are not managing them you may SERIOUSLY be hindering your weight loss goals.
        • Food allergies, intolerances and inflammation impact on weight loss
        • The 8 Intolerances that could be affecting your clients goals and they don't even know
        • ​The inflammation connection & how to incorporate an anti inflammatory nutrition strategies
        • Find your “no- no” foods: How to detect food intolerance with your clients
        • The mindset connection & how to support the body with thought work
        • Nutrition, habits and mindset coaching tools & recommendations to reduce inflammation and support weight loss simply for clients
        Exercise, Recovery & Nutrition Strategies for Weight Loss
        IN MODULE 6, we are talking all about movement! Exercise and rest are effective ways to burn calories but are you incorporating them correctly? When it comes to weight loss, over / under exercise, lack of recovery and not creating a lifestyle of activity can hold you back from reaching your goals. Through understanding how to use exercise, rest and different nutrition strategies around your activity, you will learn how to exercise “smarter” not “harder” for results.
        • How to workout less and get better weight loss results
        • How to select the best exercise programs based on body type, hormonal needs and more
        • Outside of the gym: how to get moving on the daily without having to personal train a client!
        • How to create a recovery routine that support weight loss
        • Personalized Macros Solution: How to calculate and a nutrition plan that supports each clients lifestyle and goals
        • Intermittent fasting and carb cycling – what it is and how it can be used
        • ​The Movement - Nutrition scale 
        Nutrition & Weight Loss
        While we cover nutrition in every section, MODULE 7 is strictly dedicated to covering our favourite topic... healthy food! The truth is unless you know what, when and how to use food to change your body and long term health, the results are short lived. You are not only going to learn how to build delicious, balanced meals that are high in nutrition & support fat loss but how to set yourself and your clients up in all areas of healthy habit change. This section also covers many areas you can teach as workshops, webinars and more in your nutrition & health coaching biz!
        • How to use nutrition to reach weight loss goals
        • How to analyze your clients current nutrition 
        • The 4 Step FIT CHICKS Approach to building successful nutrition plans every time 
        • The 5 most important nutrition habits to address first for fat loss
        • ​How to reduce cravings naturally
        • Green Smoothies vs Juicing (including how to build weight loss green smoothies)
        • Hydration Principles and how to calculate for your body
        • Plant power for vegetarians, vegans and increasing plant based foods
        • Sneaky Nutrition Labels: How to read and coach
        • The Holistic Lifestyle Shift: how to set up your clients home and habits for nutrition success
        How to Health Coach & Build Amazing Client Plans
        It’s time to put it all together! IN MODULE 8, not only will you be able to create personalized client plans and healthy long term weight  management habit based coaching approach BUT how to effectively structure coaching sessions for results!
        • Scope of Practice, waivers and insurance​
        • ​Developing healthy eating & weight loss coaching programs for clients
        • Macros vs Habits Based Coaching: Which to choose and when
        • How to run a coaching session from A–Z
        • The emotional side of coaching: How to mentor, support and get compliance
        Grow faster...
        You should consider topping up your Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Program training by registering at the Plus level which includes 1 license for exclusive use of all coaching and teaching materials in the Coaching Resource Portal with clients and in your business PLUS a 4-Week How to Nutrition Coach Online Program Mastermind Program with FIT CHICKS Academy Founder Laura.  
        Not only are these proven programs & workshops to use with clients but you will save 100's of hours and dollars in development by fast tracking your coaching,  business & revenue

        •   4 Week Live Business Coaching with Laura Jackson - "How to Launch Your Online Nutrition Program in less than 30 days" including how to run group & 1:1 nutrition coaching programs online post graduation- July 2023
        • ​1 license to the Certified Coaching Portal including ability to use all done for you materials within your own business and clients to fast track your growth
        • ​Access to an 8-Week "Done For You" Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Program to use in your business so you can confidently coach paying clients with a proven program within 24 hours of graduate
        • ​ 5 "Done For You" Holistic Nutrition & Weight Loss Workshop Packages to teach in person or online so you can engage your audience and get new clients
        • ​ The Ultimate Holistic Coaching Library including professionally designed client forms, coaching materials and marketing
        • ​20 Tutorial Videos including set up guides, delivery & teaching points and more
        • ​Advanced Coaching Skills Training Workshops for certified coaches
        • ​Videos trainings, checklists and resources so you can set your business up for growth for the long term
        ** Value $2997 (Included in Certified Plus Level) 
        These Bonuses will pump up the momentum in your coaching skills & business as soon as you enroll!
        BONUS #1
        The Ultimate Health Coaching Toolkit
        (Value $497)
        Forget spending 100’s of hours and dollars on developing all your coaching materials. The Ultimate Health Coaching toolkit has done it all for you!

        Including the 10 Essential, Re-brandable Tools to help you coach clients easily & effectively that you can start using in your business today:
        – Coaching Intake Forms 
        – Client Plan Templates
        – Goal Setting Templates
        – Weekly Food Logs
        – Meal Planning Templates
        – 30 Min Discovery Call Template & Scripts
        – 1 on 1 Coaching Session Template & Scripts
        – Coaching Session Follow up Forms
        SUPER BONUS!
        Want to offer SOLD OUT nutrition challenges in coaching business in as little as 24 hours to start making more sales, get new clients and grow FAST? The Nutrition Challenge Bundle includes 2 of our best selling "done for you" nutrition & habits based challenges to use with clients starting today including The 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge & The 21 Day Sugar Shutdown Challenge

        That means you will have TWO proven, engaging challenges to alternate between! These done for you programs include all clients materials, how to guides, emails and Facebook posts, marketing, cheat sheets and more. They are also professionally designed by a graphic designer AND are re-brandable to your business All you have to do to roll them out and coach on them! 

        Plus get the Community Cure Mini Challenge Pack to take advantage of mini challenges to bump up any coaching program and The Nutrition Workshop Cure to also launch sold out workshops and webinars and add additional revenue streams. These programs are perfect to use in your fitness, health or wellness business ( they are developed to use in your programs TODAY!) or if you are a new coach, to grab them at this one time only price to use in your business down the road

        This Bundle literally has everything you need to grow your clients and revenue with nutrition challenge throughout 2023 and beyond!     

        BONUS #1
        (Value $997)
        Instant Access to our Fat Loss Secrets: Jumpstart your Transformation Training 

        Get started on your education and transformation with this 5 part training to get geared up for the certification start date so you can start today!
        BONUS #2
        Top 100 Weight Loss SuperFood E-Guide
        (Value $197) 
        In this quick reference E-Guide, we take you through the Top 100 Weight Loss Super foods that Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaches use to help their clients lose fat, balance hormones and increase energy.

        It is broken down into easy to find sections including:
        Carbs: Vegetables
        Carbs: Fruits
        Healthy Fats

        This is an amazing tool to quickly build meals for yourself or clients.
        BONUS #3
        Menopause, Women & Weight Loss Training Series
        (Value $997)
        Get access to the 3 Part Video Series “Menopause,Women & Weight Loss: How to Balance your Hormones at every Phase” with Dr. Cheryl Allen, ND where she takes you through practical, applicable strategies so you can:
        PART 1: Harnessing the Power of your Cycle
        PART 2: Smoothing the Pre, During & Post Menopause Rollercoaster
        PART 3: Adrenals, Sleep & Women's Health: The Circadian Secret  

        This bonus training is key to getting yourself and female clients results at any age and any stage and will give you the edge on other nutrition & health coaches.
        BONUS #4
        8 Weeks of Live Application & Coaching Calls  
        (Value $1997)
        This is not a “sign up and see ya later” program!  

        With this bonus you get weekly LIVE coaching calls with Top Fitness & Nutrition Experts to help you expand your knowledge and coaching business in this GROWING industry!

        You will have direct access to our FIT CHICKS Academy team weekly to make sure you have the skills and confidence to graduate from this program and start coaching clients ASAP!

        Coaching Calls will be held weekly in our Private Facebook Group and via Zoom.
        BONUS #5
        Health Coaching Biz Accelerator Coaching
        (Value $497)
        In this Super Bonus, you will get access to our 4 part health coaching business accelerator so you can create, market and launch your health coaching biz with ease.

        We will take you step by step how to develop a SOLD out biz including:
        1. The 6 Step Method to developing a irresistible brand 
        2. How to market and sell your health coaching online and in person
        3. Setting up your coaching presence (ie. bio)
        4. How to write web content to build your audience fast
        BONUS #6
        (PAID IN FULL)
        28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge: 4 Week Done For You Program
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        Imagine being able to graduate the HWLE Program and start a SOLD OUT Program right away?
        Plus be able to consistently run a 28 Day Challenge in person or online that will make you MORE money, save serious time & energy creating programs that will get your clients incredible results... and all you have to do is show up and do what you love (aka coach!) We have done the work for you!

        When you enroll and pay in full, you will not only save but also get The FIT CHICKS 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge that gives you a copyright-free, rebrandable, done-for-you 28 Day challenge including emails and social-media content plus weekly success cheat sheets, recipes & how to put it all together so you can consistently run engaging SOLD OUT group challenges to get more clients starting now.

        The result... more engagement & results for your current clients, more referrals AND more money for you!

        (This Bonus is only available to those who pay in full at time of registration).
        Get Certified as A
        Holistic Nutrition, Health & Weight Loss Coach
        and Grow Your Business from the Day You Graduate!


        We have 2 different course levels to choose from depending on how in-depth you want your training to be and how you plan on using the certification

        Personal interest or want to use this certification professionally to coach clients & build your OWN coaching programs? The Certified HWLC level 1 is for you! 

        Looking to offer holistic nutrition & weight loss coaching to grow your business FAST? If you want to start OR grow your holistic nutrition and weight loss coaching programs from day 1 with proven programs and access to all of the coaching and client materials (plus how to do it all in the online space). the Certified HWLC Plus level 2 is for you!
        LEVEL 1
        Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification
        • Full 8 week Holistic Weight Loss Coach Certification starting Feb 6, 2023 created by Top Nutritionists, Fitness Experts, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners and title of "Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach" to add to your credentials 
        • All Video and Audio Modules accessible from anywhere in the world (Value $997)
        • Complete Course Notes, Video Libraries & Resources to support your learning (Value $497)​
        • Checklists, Cheat Sheets and How to Guides to bring what you learn to life in your coaching
        • Lifetime Access to all materials + updates
        •  ​Access to our Exclusive Members Only Page + Support from the FIT CHICKS Academy Team​ during your program
        • Certificate of Completion mailed to you upon graduation & ability to use the FNE certified title & digital assets
        • Ability to join the Health Coaching Alliance for their designation of "Registered Health Coach" in addition to title of "Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach
        • BONUS 1- Jumpstart Your Fat Loss Training
        • BONUS 2- 8 Weeks of Live Application Calls & Coach Support
        • BONUS 3- Top 100 Weight Loss Superfoods Book
        • BONUS 4- "Menopause & Weight Loss" 3 part course with Dr. Cheryl Allen

        TOTAL VALUE = $15,567 
        REG PRICE: $2497  
        special offer: 
        Level 1 = $1997 
        (oR $197 / 12 MTH PAYMENT PLAN )
        HWLC PLUS
        Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification Plus
        • Full 8 week Holistic Weight Loss Coach Certification starting Feb 6, 2023, created by Top Nutritionists, Fitness Experts, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners and title of "Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach" to add to your credentials Complete 
        • All Video and Audio Modules accessible from anywhere in the world (Value $997)
        • Complete Course Notes, Video Libraries & Resources to support your learning (Value $497)​
        • Checklists, Cheat Sheets and How to Guides to bring what you learn to life in your coaching
        • Lifetime Access to all materials + updates
        •  ​Access to our Exclusive Members Only Page + Support from the FIT CHICKS Academy Team​ during your program
        • Certificate of Completion mailed to you upon graduation & ability to use the FNE certified title & digital assets
        • Ability to join the Health Coaching Alliance for their designation of "Registered Health Coach" in addition to title of "Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach
        • 1 License of use to the Certified Coaching Portal including all business coaching, programs and materials to start growing your nutrition coaching from the day you graduate
        • 4 Week Live Program with Laura Jackson on how to run group & 1:1 nutrition coaching programs online post graduation- July 2023
        • Access to an 8-Week "Done For You" Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Program to use in your business so you can confidently coach paying clients with a proven program from day 1​
        • 20 Tutorial Videos including set up guides, delivery & teaching points and more
        • Access to 5 "Done For You" Holistic Nutrition & Weight Loss Workshops to teach in person or online so you can engage your audience and get new clients  
        • The Ultimate Holistic Coaching Library including professionally designed client forms, coaching materials and marketing
        • Advanced Coaching Skills Training Workshops for certified coaches
        • Videos trainings, checklists and resources so you can set your business up for growth for the long term​
        • A private business mastermind community to including mindset coaching 
        • BONUS 1- Jumpstart Your Fat Loss Training
        • BONUS 2- 8 Weeks of Live Application Calls & Coach Support
        • BONUS 3- Top 100 Weight Loss Superfoods Book
        • BONUS 4- "Menopause & Weight Loss" 3 part course with Dr. Cheryl Allen
        TOTAL VALUE = $20,567 
        REG PRICE: $3997 
        special offer:
        Level 2 = $2997 
        (OR $297 / 12 MTH PAYMENT PLAN )
        20lbs down and specializing her coaching business...
        First, I started applying most of what I have learned on myself. Successfully, I lost in 2 months more than 20 pounds! This program is very rich in all the knowledge it provides and the tools too to use in real life.
        After I became a certified holistic nutritionist, I wanted to be more specialized in my career and learn more about weight loss as I never learned it in my certification and clients were asking me about it constantly. I did my research and I was lucky to find Fit Chicks Academy.

        I also had gained weight after moving to Canada from Egypt (I was a Doctor previously) and never learned about nutrition.

        First, I started applying most of what I have learned on myself. Successfully, I lost in 2 months more than 20 pounds during this time!

        I recommend this wonderful program to anyone who is a coach and working with clients who want to lose weight in a healthy way and make it a lifestyle change. I have expanded my business and it has been amazing!
        Forget taking multiple certifications or going back to school full-time...
        The HWLC Certification will give you the skills, tools & confidence to create the health coaching business of your dreams.
        Here’s how the
        is different...

        • ​Narrowed approach, which means you will focus on a “one size fits all” approach to weight loss that will limit your scope and skills.
        • Only includes nutrition coaching OR weight loss coaching OR lifestyle training, which means you are limiting your results, reach and your income and will need to take multiple courses.
        • ​No focus on program development that your clients can DO which means your clients will not be able to get results and reach long term health goals.
        • ​Weekend Courses which means you learn primarily from a book with no additional support.
        • ​No required coaching hours, which means you will have no practical experience when leaving the program.
        • No support, which means you will likely finish the program and not have any additional support or access to help you succeed
        • No business coaching, templates or coaching programs for you to use with clients which means you get a certification and then STILL have to write a weight loss coaching program, develop workshops and webinars and learn how to market and sell
          • A holistic approach, with a focus on nutrition, digestion, hormones, blood sugar management, AND mind set, we are the only all-inclusive program that offers a total body approach – inside & out
          • Includes natural nutrition, weight loss & lifestyle coaching so you will be versed in 3 areas rather than just 1!
          • Program development and templates, which means you will have the tools & knowledge to guide clients to get results and reach long term health goals with proper nutrition 
          • ​​Full 8 Module Certification Program created by Top Nutritionists, Fitness Experts, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners which includes in-depth learning, practical application, building confidence and skills
          • Coaching hours to ensure you have real life experience to hone your skills, build your resumes and confidence
          • ​Access to our Certified Portal which includes weight loss coaching programs, workshops, templates, tools....everything you need to coach with PAYING clients 
          • Ongoing support and growth with an awesome "FIT CHICK" network including accrediation with the Health Coaching Alliance,  access to grad workshops, free trainings, awesome resources, discounted services and ongoing support to grow your coaching and your business on going
          Wondering how this program can grow your business?
          I had the best time with this program! I was able to enhance my nutrition knowledge while still working full time. 
          It has given me the tools to understand a wide array of issues that in the body that can be supported with the use of nutrition. By learning the different qualities of foods, and what food sensitives are lying under the surface I am able to see health & weight loss in a different perspective. 

          All of this great knowledge from FIT CHICKS Academy and team gave my business a new edge! As a personal trainer, all I was able to offer clients was the physical fitness aspect. By adding this certification, I launched new programing called ‘Balanced Training’ that brings fitness, nutrition, and wellness together!
          Meet Our Successful Grads
          Liv is a registered massage therapist and personal trainer who knew nutrition, habits and mindset was the missing piece to grow her business and serve her clients better.  After graduating she got 6 paying clients within a week using the HWLC done for you programs
          As a yoga instructor and pilates instructor, Kiran was missing the nutrition knowledge to help her clients get to their physical transformations.  Now she is running online nutrition programs, growing her offerings and shares why this was the best training she has ever taken!
          Why We Are The Best Team
          To Help You...
          Laura Jackson
          CNP, PTS
          After going through her own transformation of overcoming bulimia, damaged hormones and body image disconnect, Laura used holistic nutrition & health coaching to not only lose 50lbs but get her body and mind in balance. 
          Laura Jackson is the co- founder of FIT CHICKS® Academy, Lead Educator, Top Fitness Professional, Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Business Coach and Public Speaker, Laura is also the Host of the Top 100 Rated Podcast “FIT CHICKS Chat” and previously TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. She is also a fitness and nutrition contributor to national publications and TV Shows such as Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and has appeared on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” and The Shopping Channel

          Laura’s commitment to women’s health earned her the title of 2021 Top 100 Health Leaders in Canada,  2019 Top Fitness Professional by Can FIT Pro & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.
          Jennifer Papconstantinou
          CNP, NNCP, RNT
          When doctors could not help her daughter from chronic illness, Jennifer began on her quest to natural healing through a holistic approach to nutrition, lifestyle and supplements.
          This sparked her passion to help others. Jennifer Papaconstantinou CNP, NNCP, RNT is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Founder of Healing Naturally and top Instructor at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition. She has continued training with world renowned Premier Research Labs, Seroyal, Edison Institute of Nutrition and Centennial College. She also had the honor to participate in a Mentorship program, studying the philosophies and teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Robert Marshall PhD. Completing certification courses in Clinical Iridology, B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapy, Live Blood Microscopy, Metabolic Balance, QRA, Holistic Cancer Practitioner Certification and is working toward her Certification in Biotherapeutic Drainage adds to Jennifer’s many clinical modalities.
          Corrie Rabbe
          RHN, CH 
          After her own struggle with allergies, weight and health issues that required medication and no resolve, Corrie finally learned most of her health issues were tied in to her gut health.
          This led her down the path to holistic nutrition & health coaching. Corrie Rabbe is Founder of Radical Health, Registered Holistic Nutritionist & Practitioner , Certified Herbalist and Advanced Fermentation Food Expert. Her passion for digestive health and the microbiome has led her on a mission to educate and motivate people around the world to get involved with their health 

          Corrie is also a Top Instructor for the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in the areas of Nutrition & the Environment and beekeeper.
          Dr. Cheryl Allen, ND
          Dr. Cheryl Allen is a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Menopause Practitioner with a passion for helping women with natural weight loss.
          In addition to running a busy practice and educating future holistic nutrition and health coaches, she also runs the Balance Weight Loss Program that focuses on natural nutrition, movement, lifestyle and supplements for long term weight loss.
          NAMED 2019 Top Fitness Professional of the Year, Laura Jackson
          Nominee for 2020 Mompreneur of the Year Awards, Amanda Quinn
          Named Company of the Year by The Stevie Awards for Women in Business
          Co- Hosts of the Top Rated Podcast -FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast 
          Developed products for The Shopping Channel
          Co - Hosts of "Shape Up with FIT CHICKS" 
          Still Not Convinced?
          Try The HWLC Certification For 14 Days
          If you’re on the fence or if other certification or courses have left you disappointed (and scared to sign up for another one), then we want to give you EVERY opportunity to create the life, health and career you have dreamed.

          That’s after participating in the program for 14 days and you show us that you’ve kept up with all the work including classes, quizzes, assignments and practical hours (you have to show us proof!) and for some crazy reason you DO not feel like you are growing personally and professionally, then we will be happy to return the investment.

          But, you DO have to do the work.

          The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program is for women who are committed to learning and growing in the holistic health, nutrition and wellness fields, who want to spread the healthy love and get more clients, and NOT for people who just want to collect a piece paper to say they have it.

          And we will be strict on this last point – you absolutely must do the work and submit after 14 days* to be eligible for a refund.

          There’s so much transformation waiting for you on the other side of this program, and since our main goal is for you to succeed, we aren’t afraid to give you some tough FIT CHICKS love when it comes to holding you accountable.

          * To view the terms & conditions + full requirements for refund policy, click here.  
          So what makes this certification the best choice for you?
          Let us break it down!
          • Looking to become holistic health coaches in nutrition, lifestyle and mindset with a specialty in weight loss skills, confidence and tools to create their dream lives and be apart of an amazing, supportive community who will help them get there
          • Nutrition practitioners looking to add natural, holistic weight loss to their programs to get real long lasting results and diversify their practice (ie. Awesome to grow your business with workshops, corporate seminars, retreats and so much more!)
          • Fitness Professionals, yoga instructors and wellness coaches that want to expand their coaching offerings to grow their business and income streams… BIG TIME.
          • Understand the importance of a holistic approach to health, nutrition and fat loss… not only to truly transform health inside & out and grow your knowledge
          • ​Health & Wellness coaches like BeachBody Coaches, Usana representatives, Isagenix representatives, Essential Oil coaches who are looking to get certified and insured in holistic nutrition & lifestyle to build their businesses and credibility
          • All women who are TIRED of being on the diet cycle and want to finally learn how to nourish their bodies & minds correctly for real, long term results for themselves and their families…even if they may not want to coach others
            • ​Looking for a short cut to learning or a quick fix to weight loss
            • ​Want to do a weekend course or online program that offers zero support (aka a sign up and see you later) just to get a piece of paper
            • Don’t want to put in the time and effort to learn & master your craft
            • ​Not willing to do the work or build real authentic relationships.
            • Don’t believe in a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, wellness and business and think it is isn’t necessary to learn about all areas… even if they don’t want to specialize in it
            I opened my own health coaching biz the day I graduated... best decision of my life!

            I am a Nurse & Beachbody Coach and LOVED this program. I am using everything I learned to grow my business... it is so good!