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Meet our Grads....
I had the best time with this program! I was able to enhance my nutrition knowledge while still working full time. It has given me the tools to understand a wide array of issues that in the body that can be supported with the use of nutrition. By learning the different qualities of foods, and what food sensitives are lying under the surface I am able to see health & weight loss in a different perspective. All of this great knowledge from Laura Jackson and team gave my business a new edge! As a personal trainer, all I was able to offer clients was the physical fitness aspect. By adding this certification, I launched new programing called ‘Balanced Training’ that brings fitness, nutrition, and wellness together!  
Katelynn Cooper, New York, NY – 
At the time, this was very much a personal journey to take control of my health and wellbeing. I was impressed with the program, how much I had learned, and my new confidence. I saw changes in the way I looked and felt – and I wanted to keep it going! I wanted to expand my knowledge in nutrition since nutrition is such an important component of living a healthy lifestyle and attaining my fitness goals. Having had such a successful experience with the Fit Chicks brand, enrolling in the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert (HWLE) program was a no-brainer.

During the program, I applied my learnings to my own life and lost 23 lbs over the course of 7 months. People around me took notice and started asking me for advice! What began as a personal journey was now turning into a business. I enjoy learning every day and helping my clients look and feel their best the healthy way. The HWLE program has enhanced my client services and paved the way for immense personal growth. To anyone considering this program, I ask: “What are you waiting for?”

- Demetra Dimokopoulos, Toronto, ON - 
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