Inside the Holistic Perimenopause & Menopause Coach Certification:

Find out how we are shaking up the industry with our *brand new* HPMC certification program & learn how to become a certified coach with the holistic perimenopause & menopause health coaching skills, tools and confidence to support women 40+ to thrive during this season and reach their  goals! *Program Starts June 10th, 2024!

This info session is for women who are  looking to get certified in nutrition & weight loss coaching and start a successful coaching business - full or part time - with the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification Program.

 It is also perfect for women who are already in the fitness & nutrition industry, yoga instructors or health coaches looking to grow their coaching and business.


Inside the HPMC Certification: 

Behind the scenes of the 3 phase holistic perimenopause & menopause coaching certification. Developed to fill the gap in the fitness & health coaching industry, this holistic perimenopause & menopause coaching certification includes EVERYTHING you need to go from zero experience to a certified coach with all the skills, confidence and materials to transform your clients 40+...are you ready?


Meet The Expert Instructors + Menopause Coaches Club

Meet the Expert Instructors you will learn from including Naturopathic Doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and more PLUS learn about our Menopause Coaches Club for only monthly access to Dr. Cheryl & FCA Team so you can continually get support & answers to your coaching questions!


The steps to adding Holistic Perimenopause & Menopause Coaching  to getting your clients real, long term results and grow your coaching in as little as 21 Days...

(and why you need this to be successful in the Fitness & Health Coaching industry if you are coaching women over 40)
If you're committed to saying YES to going after your dreams, starting a career as a -full or part time- holistic nutrition, health coach helping others reach their goals, join this 40 min behind the scenes info session to the upcoming Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification and learn EXACTLY how this awesome, life & career changing holistic coaching certification program can do just that!
Join this 40 min session and learn EXACTLY what this awesome, life & career changing 12 week certification consists of including:
  • How the program works with your schedule (no matter what!)  
  • What you can do with this awesome certification from teaching group fitness to personal training, nutrition planning, wellness coaching... to name a few
  • Behind the scenes to the Members Only Page to see the exact platform you will learn on for success
  • Meet the Expert Instructors you will learn from including nutritionists, fitness experts, yoga instructors and more..
  • Learn what our grads are doing post FNE (you will get to hear all the awesomeness they are creating post program and how you can too...and it is some COOL stuff!)
  • What are the awesome bonuses included with our community like Can Fit Pro Accreditation, NASM continuing ed credits, Fit Pro Travel Network eligibility, insurance in Canada & USA, access to FIT CHICKS University and more
  • And that is to name a few awesome topics we will cover! 
Plus, we will also be diving into

  • Behind the scenes to the Members Only Page to see the exact platform you will learn on for success
  • Meet the Expert Instructors you will learn from including Naturopathic Doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and more..
  • Learn how you can use our FCA Coaching Tools to support yourself or your menopausal coaching clients 
Laura Jackson is Co-Founder of FIT CHICKS Academy, the #1 online certifications for women in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business. 

After going through her own transformation in her 20's of losing 50lbs, overcoming an eating disorder and body image disconnect using a holistic approach, Laura found her calling to help other women release their struggle with food, weight and their limiting beliefs for good.

To date, she has helped 10000's of women transform their health through her education & coaching programs as well as certified 1000's of women as fitness, nutrition & weight loss coaches through FIT CHICKS Academy fully recognized certifications.

Fitness Expert, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Life Coach and Leading Business Coach, Laura’s commitment to women’s health earned her the title of 2021 Top 100 Health Leaders in Canada, 2019 Top Fitness Professional by Can FIT Pro & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.

Laura Jackson - Co Founder of FIT CHICKS Academy

This program has been life changing in so many levels. I remember that 7 months ago I was watching food documentaries (as usual) and I got so mad that people don’t know about what is going on in the food industry and I knew I had to do something about it but I didn’t have a authority to tell anything to people, so I said to myself, ok I will study and earn the authority.
I started looking on internet for some courses, I checked lot of them and asked for some recommendations to a friend who is Holistic Nutritionist and lives in Canada. She sent me the FNE program link and told me ”This program looks like you”. Check it out! One week later I was sitting in front on my laptop waiting for my 1st class like it was my 1st day in school ever! So excited! I was hesitant about learning online because I had never done it before but with the FNE program I couldn’t wait for my next class, I was highly motivated and getting my assignments done.
My favorite part of the program was the Fitness Module because I didn’t know anything about that topic and I learned so much I can’t even believe it. When I applied the theory in my co-ops and practicals I was blown away about how good was the program and all the transitions. I could listen to my teachers in my head while I was teaching and everything made even more sense. Incredible!
I quit my job, launched my business and I’m having my schedule full with Nutrition workshops around town, I’m getting ready for my Fitness program for spring and summer, I recently also took Food styling classes as I want to keep developing recipes for my social media followers and clients. Best moment of my life thanks to my Chicks!
Dougmary - New Jersey, USA
The FNE program literally was the key to my dream job! I put it out there in the universe, accepted that it would take work and time (as most meaningful things do), but once I dug in, it was work that truly interested me: learning more about my body, how to move it to feel stronger, how to better nourish myself to improve my mental health as well feel physically fit, etc… The fact that this course has 4 modules (Fitness, Nutrition,Wellness and Business) hits on all the key factors to help anyone with a passion for teaching fitness, personal training, or even running food prep classes, starting a food blog, or whatever! It’s no weekend crash course – you’re signing up to learn things that will stay with you for life. The FNE program provides you with so much useful info, and then the sky is the limit as to how you want to apply it your life and business! I love that they give you the tools and then you lend your own creativity to give real meaning to your passion. That’s what sets this program apart!
- Meghan, Toronto, ON 
FNE was an amazing Motivating program! It had been a long time since I had been in school but this program was so full of so much exciting new interesting information ,it keep me on my toes and engulfed in it. At first I felt a bit unsure on my direction but as Laura & Amanda say trust the process and the journey, enjoy each module it will become clear, one step at a time.
My classes have come far, from offering free classes while in school FNE, to having 10 to 12 ladies on a weekly basis year round indoor and outdoor for 6 to 12 wk sessions, my prices have progressively moved up!
Christy B - Barrie, ON
What I liked most about the FNE program and part of what drew me to it was the fact that it is all encompassing. You learn the fitness, nutrition and wellness components, but you also learn the business component as well. And for me it was the personal stories from Laura and Amanda that I found most fascinating. The obstacles they encountered, their successes and failures and advice that they are able to give as a result of their experience was so valuable. It was during one of the business lessons when Laura described how her partnership with Amanda started out with a handshake and a promise to always put their friendship first. How they left their day jobs to follow their dreams. That feeling of freedom they must have had overwhelmed me and that’s when my mind shifted from thinking I’ll just work for someone else to I will work for myself. Succeed or fail, I decided to go for it!
If this is your passion and what you truly want, then go for it. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly how you will use it or what you will do. I had no idea. I figured it out along the way and you will too. The FNE program and member group offers so much support you won’t have to figure it out alone. Find your people. People who you connect with and give you energy. Take that energy and give it all back to them (and maybe a little more). Use your instincts. Don’t take on a client if you don’t feel good about it or teach a class that’s maybe popular but that isn’t you. Over time it will show.Be authentic. Take on the clients that you want to take on and teach the type of classes that speak to you. Teach what you love. I’m doing what I truly love to do and what I believe I should be doing. I think it shows.
Cheryl G.- Regina, SK
I signed up for the course because I was volunteering for a fitness team, raising money for art therapy for local kids and I’m always interested in nutrition as my daughter has various food allergies. However, because of all the information being thrown at me on this course, it has opened a Pandora’s box and tapped into some fabulous ideas that I hope to pursue. I want to motivate women to be their better selves through fitness, foodiness and fierceness at my Bermuda Triangle Retreats! The only limits (I have learned on this course) are my own and I now have the tools to turn this dream into a reality. There is so much information available that I will be revisiting and delve deeper into the course work. I would totally recommend ANYONE taking this course who has an ounce of interest in fitness and nutrition, you will surprise yourself with what you discover on your journey. Oh and I hope you enjoy my Coconutty Turkey Bites, they are a family favourite and so blummin’ easy to make. Thank you again chicks, you ROCK!
  - Ginny E. - Bermuda
In August of 2017 I was able to launch my fitness company Golden Sneaker. I enrolled in one of the fitness schools to pursue my dream career in fitness but all I received was a book that I needed to finish and take test in order to become a group fitness instructor and Personal trainer. I was very disappointed and for 6 months I didn’t even finish the first chapter. I will always owe this to my friend Dougmary who is also my business partner for introducing me to FIT CHICKS. This course has changed my life. I absolutely loved the structure. I finished the Nutrition section during my birthday week 2nd week of January. And one week later I started flexible dieting IIFYM. And since than I have lost 10 pounds in 7 weeks. I have learned so much about nutrition in these weeks. I know by heart how put together my meals even if I am not using My Fitness Pal. This was one of the biggest transformations I have had since I can remember. I eat a lot more than I did. I have more energy I have zero cravings. It is astonishing. I feel like a fitness professional and getting into a good shape is totally helping build more self confidence in doing what I love. So many reached out to me about what program I am using to have such amazing results.
I ABSOLUTELY love this program, and all the information its spreading all around the world. Thank you so much ladies. I feel so grateful to be part of this beautiful community.
Kausar R.- New York, USA
“We are what we eat. Yep, I know we hear this every day, but it is the purest truth. Fitness is not only a fashion thing, but it is also a lifestyle that promotes healthy nutrition which 90% that you eat comes from natural foods – no processed ones – made by you with love; while the rest 10% are those guilty pleasures we should eat with control in order to get an equilibrium in our lives.
Fitness is an inseparable marriage between the exercises and nutrition. Everything we eat has a chemical and hormonal response in our body that would be positive or negative. What we eat can be our worst poison or the best medicine.
Since I was a child, I like to be active. Dancing, swimming, running are being my favorite things to do. I like to be in movement, which helps me to feel good; no matter if training with weights, walking on the treadmill, or a hot yoga class. The mind-body connection that you reach when you do a physical activity, it is something that I can’t describe – it is absolutely amazing. However, it wasn’t always like this. When my life became complicated and challenging during my early 20’s, I found myself on an unhealthy path, eating poorly and treating my body badly. After reaching a breaking point in my 30’s, I made the decision to take control and find the happy, confident life I was meant to live. I rediscovered my love for fitness and I decided to enroll in this wonderful program with FIT CHICKS Academy.
This program has been changed my live, it is not only because I love fitness but also because I discovered that I love to teach to other chicks. I want to show people that it is possible to eat healthy and delicious. I also want to demonstrate that exercises are not only for bodybuilders or Instagram models – it is possible to get the body of your dreams! Juts make that wish in a reality, no excuses. My philosophy is don’t tell people what to eat or what exercises do, teach them why!”
Karina S- Vancouver, British Columbia
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