HOLISTIC Perimenopause
Stand out as a coach who supports women in Perimenopause, Menopause to thrive and reach their goals through all seasons!
  • Program starts August 5th, 2024
  • Payment plan options
  • ​CEC’s Available
HOLISTIC Perimenopause
Stand out as a coach who supports women in Perimenopause, Menopause 
to thrive and reach their goals through all seasons!
  • Program starts August 5th, 2024
  • Payment plan options
  • ​CEC’s Available
  • Program starts August 5th, 2024
  • Payment plan options
  • ​CEC’s Available

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Loved the HPMC it is the perfect add-on for anyone working with females between ages 30 and 70. 

The course includes a lot of different things, for sure you learn things you did not know! It is a complete course that dives into clients ' lifestyles (stress/sleep/toxins), exercise, and nutrition. The archetype quiz alone is a super cool feature.

The additional handouts and cheat sheets are extremely valuable for a quick refresher each time you need something. If you are hesitating to join & your niche is female , don't. You need to do it!  - Monique G

This program is perfect for any coach or practitioner who coaches women 35+ including but not limited to:

  • Fitness professionals such as personal trainers, group fitness instructors, yoga & pilates instructors, etc
  • Health, wellness & life coaches
    • Weight loss coaches, nutritionists, dieticians, midwives and holistic practitioners
    • All health and wellness coaches who care about root cause women’s health & growing their skillset to get better results
    • ​Or if you are looking to learn how to coach yourself through this season of life!


    Here’s the truth that NO ONE is telling you
    Most fitness, health & wellness coaches are taught very little about menopause & how it affects your clients and results
    And most nutrition, weight loss or health certifications focused on women address coaching with a one-size-fits-all approach to programs.

    What they don’t focus on is:

    • Why your clients are struggling and how menopause is different for every women and needs to be approached differently in your coaching
    • How weight loss during menopause is really achieved through nutrition, lifestyle and personalized recommendations specific to your client 
    • How hormones need to be supported at each shift of the menopausal journey 
    • How to use nutrition, exercise, supplements and healthy habits to work for your clients instead of against them 
    • How to confidently coach clients to shift behaviours and beliefs to get them measurable results
    • How to incorporate menopause coaching into your programs that clients will find irresistible to join
    And with over 1.1 billion women currently in menopause it is a must MUST that you understand how to get your clients results and offer coaching in this area if you want to grow a business in this field. 

    And yet most health coaches and fitness professionals fail to help their clients achieve goals.

    It is time to change that....

    Stand out as a coach who supports women in perimenopause, and menopause to thrive and reach their goals through all seasons!
    You have to approach it holistically.
    You have to have to offer holistic programs.
    But you don’t need to go to 3 separate schools of health & business to get certified as a Holistic Nutrition / Health Coach & Weight Management Expert... 
    (PLUS learn the business skills to create and launch your coaching programs, packages and workshops!) 

    THIS coaching certification program covers it all!

    Developed to fill the gap in the fitness & health coaching industry, this holistic perimenopause & menopause coaching certification includes EVERYTHING you need to go from zero experience to a certified coach with all the skills, confidence and materials to transform your clients 40+...are you ready?
     I already have my Holistic Nutrition Certificate from a top school but I never felt prepared to embark on this journey to support women through this transition but this program has provided every tool I would need and the confidence.. Every time I talk about this program, I am glowing!

    Thank you so much for collaborating on this great resource. We need it!
    I love FCA certification program because they are practical and for women. It's very empowering participating in your programs. - Chastity

     I loved the Holistic Perimenopause and Menopause Coach Program. From sign up to end, I was impressed with the ease of it all. The program printouts, videos, instructor knowledge (I took copious notes from all of their valuable information passed on in the videos), the way the program was structured...it was one of the best programs I've done. I actually rushed home from work to continue studying! I also loved the vibe and feeling I got from the Fit Chicks Academy team and really loved their passion toward sharing their experience and skills.

     I feel a lot more empowered and knowledgeable to help other women in their menopausal transition, as well as make mine easier!- Penelope P. 
    Plus, Grow your business & expand your revenue within days of graduating!
    "From the perimenopause/Menopause certification, I have been able to help with symptoms, fitness, nutrition. Just the knowledge alone helps women!

    After graduating,  I added a perimenopause/menopause workshop for ladies to attend a 1 hr session and go over the main issues. Just enough to validate and help a bit but still letting them know you can dive deeper if needed (ie: Archetypes). The women who have come to my first one, have indicated validation, being hopeful, understanding what questions to ask their health care providers and bringing more awareness   .

    Since starting my workshops at $40 each, i have over 200 women all together...so far!! 34 in an online one, 100 in 1 workshop and so far 75 in another...and climbing as we get closer to the date :) (the room only holds 100, so I had to do 2...LOL) This is how successful it can be!!

    With this as well my name is getting out in my community.

    I also teach classes and do Nutrition plans and one on one and those have started to pick up.

    My in person classes are now usually always over 10 clients and it grows 1-2 clients each couple of weeks!"

    Women want info and help with this and this certification gives you everything to help your clients and add this to your coaching.   - Kristy H
    " I was having terrible issues with menopause symptoms and that inspired me to learn more, which led to the HPMC program. I took what I learned and applied it to myself which relieved many of my symptoms.

    I started implementing what I learned in the program on myself first. The quiz was really helpful to better understand my symptoms and the archetype I was dealing with.

    I have shifted from general coaching to a focus on peri/menopause. This has allowed me to get really specific in my message and who I want to support. I decided to launch my first "beta" program in my business. My goal was to get some ladies in the program to better understand what works, what doesn't and where I need to make refinements.

    My soft-launch of my Menopause program began April 21st. I have 6 folks enrolled into a 12 week program as part of my soft launch!.

    My plan is to run a full month with the soft launch before moving to ads to promote the program.:

    "Just start the certification!  If you have the calling to help, start sharing! The rest will follow

    - Shelly C..
    Holistic Nutrition & Health Coaching Certification with a speciality in weight loss
    Including all the skills, tools and materials to start or grow your coaching business FROM THE DAY YOU GRADUATE!
    The HOLISTIC NUTRITION WEIGHT LOSS COACH PROGRAM is a total coaching certification taught ENTIRELY ONLINE
    So you can access the content from ANY mobile device as long as you have an Internet connection!
    No more wasting time commuting or worrying about not being able to keep up, virtual classes can be done from wherever you choose and can be viewed again later to work with your day.

    What you will get...

    • The 7 module Holistic Perimenopause & Menopause Coach Certificate Program created by Top Nutritionists, Fitness Experts, Naturopaths, Functional Medicine Practitioners and title of "Holistic Perimenopause & Menopause Coach" to add to your credentials 
    • Expert Instruction with Dr. Cheryl Allen & Laura Jackson 
    • Video & Audio Classes including theory, program development, coaching examples and more
    • ​​Access to our Exclusive Student Portal + Support from the FIT CHICKS Academy Team
    • Printable Course Notes, Checklists, Cheat Sheets & Resources
    • 1 year access to all taped classes for later viewing
    • Digital Certificate of Completion emailed to you upon graduation & ability to use the HPMC title & digital assets 
    • And much more!
    on all other coaches in fitness, health & wellness 
    You’ll become a Certified “Triple Threat” Holistic Coach & be able to...
    You’ll become a Certified “Triple Threat” Holistic Coach & be able to...
    The Foundations: Understanding Perimenopause, Menopause, and Post-Menopause
    As a coach, you've likely encountered clients who are struggling with a myriad of issues – from unexplained weight gain and energy loss to emotional turmoil and physical discomfort. Your clients may feel like strangers in their own bodies, with their current routines yielding minimal results, leaving them frustrated and searching for answers.

    In Module 1, we'll lay the groundwork for your transformation into an empowered coach, ready to tackle the complex challenges these stages of life bring.

    After completing Module 1, you will:

    • Empowering Transformation: With a deep understanding of perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause, you'll become the beacon of hope they've been seeking. Uncover why women are suffering and why it's so misunderstood, positioning yourself as a trusted guide on their journey.
    • Menopause Metabolism: Grasp the science behind metabolism and weight gain during menopause, gaining insights into the key hormones at play. Armed with knowledge you'll see the big picture of how these transitions affect your client’s goals
    • Health Promotion Focus: Learn how these changes in hormones and metabolism impact long-term health and how to guide your clients towards health promotion and disease prevention, going beyond the immediate struggles.
    • Identifying Symptoms: By understanding the symptoms and potential lab work indicators of perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause, you'll be equipped to recognize when these transitions are affecting your clients and tailor your coaching accordingly.
    The Meno: Archetypes & Assessments
    You might have wondered why menopause seems to affect each woman differently and your clients entering menopause face various challenges. The puzzle lies in the archetypes - distinct profiles that influence how menopause impacts individuals.

    In Module 2, we unlock the secrets of the Meno-Archetypes, revealing how each woman's journey through menopause is uniquely shaped. Get ready to tailor your coaching approach like never before.

    After completing Module 2, you will:

    • Archetype Understanding: Learn the six Meno-Archetypes, helping you identify which archetype each of your clients falls into. These archetypes provide a clear framework for understanding the root causes of their menopausal experiences.
    • Tailored Assessment: You'll learn to use a comprehensive questionnaire to determine your clients' archetype, ensuring that your coaching strategies are precisely aligned with their unique needs.
    • Coaching Strategies for Success: Armed with this knowledge, you'll guide your clients towards personalized solutions, helping them work with their bodies to maintain energy, motivation, and overall well-being throughout their menopausal journey.