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Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

Over the last 15 years, we have had the privilege of helping women around the globe transform their health, their skills & their businesses.  And our goal is to help even more women grow their skills, businesses & revenue before this year us up to create your dream life, health & career

As a coach in the fitness, health or wellness space, you MUST focus on growing your SKILLS and your BUSINESS in order to make more money & get more clients.

That said, it doesn't mean you have to invest in 100's of hours or dollars to do it!

Below you’ll see our MOST fun, profitable and results based "done for you" programs, challenges & templates that you can run in your business starting today 

PLUS fitness, nutrition & business accelerator coaching courses to grow your coaching skillset and business fast!

These programs are what we have used in our business to take it from 7 women to 7 figures, help clients lose 100's of pounds and transform 1000's of peoples fitness & health (aka they work!) Everything we create is designed to help you to give your clients (and potential clients) the BEST experience and results, PLUS help you start generating income fast. 

Our goal is to help more fitness, health and wellness coaches succeed in 2024....are you ready?!

PS- Not a coach yet?  That's ok!  There are amazing courses included to coach yourself and expand your skills like the FC 28 Day Challenge, How to Stop Overeating, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Weight Loss and More! 

ATTENTION: Fitness, Health & Wellness Coaches (and Aspiring Coaches too!) 
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We’ve compiled our 10 best-selling courses, business workshops, done-for-you programs, and challenges in one place so you can easily find exactly what you need to boost your coaching business to end 2022 with a BANG

Search 3 categories to find your best fit: Grow your skills, Grow your revenue, Grow your business

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We’ve compiled our 11 best-selling courses, workshops, done-for-you programs, and challenges in one place so you can easily find exactly what you need to boost your knowledge or coaching business heading into the busiest season of the year.

Search 3 categories to find your best fit: Grow your skills, Grow your revenue, Grow your business

Grab one, or a few, or all 11 -- the possibilities are limitless!
Simply click on the images below to learn more & shop on one easy check out page where you can grab one (or all 11!) and get immediate & lifetime access to start today!



 How To Stop Overeating 
Do you ever wonder why you want to reach a health or weight loss goal but then within 12 hours are knee deep in chips, chocolate or pouring that 3rd glass of wine? Mentally you know you want to make changes but you think you have no will power or motivation to stick to a better lifestyle. 

It is not YOU, it is your programming around FOOD.

In this 8 part nutrition & life coaching course, you will learn how to get to the root cause of overeating, how to reprogram your daily nutrition to get the body in balance, how to recalibrate your mindset & relationship with food and the 7 Day "HST" Implementation Process to start from the moment you complete the course.

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  8 Part Video Classes , printable How to Stop Overeating Workbook & Bonus - FCA 5 Ingredient Fix Recipe Book
 7 Habits of Highly Successful Weight Loss Clients Masterclass 
Have you ever wondered what is different between those who can successfully reach their health or weight loss goals and those who struggle? The truth is they approach their health differently.

They think differently. They approach their nutrition differently. They act differently

In this masterclass, you learn the behind the scenes of the 7 habits that highly successful weight loss clients use to not only lose up to 100lbs but be able to keep it off.

These 7 habits will create tangible shifts fast in your nutrition or your clients without ever counting a calorie.

You will leave this training with your mind blown about how these 7 things can completely transform your or your clients results.

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  7 Habits Masterclass, printable woekbook + bonuses
FCA Women's Transformation Conference
As a coach (or aspiring coach), you have to take your clients from overwhelmed with all the complicated strategies and make it SIMPLE for your clients to reach their goals.  But this is one of the MOST challenging things for coaches and clients to do!

In the on demand FIT CHICKS Academy Women's Transformation Conference, you will get immediate and lifetime access to 30+ Leading Female Fitness, Nutrition & Health Expert Video workshops & trainings sharing their TOP health hacks & step-by-step, simple instructions – to make reaching transformation goals EASY (especially after the last year we just had!).  

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 30+ on demand Health Expert Video Workshops in fitness, nutrition, wellness & mindset to build your best body- inside PLUS 4 bonuses including FCA signature workout videos, access to the Quick Fix printable workout library, The Fat Loss Secrets Jumpstart Guide and over $400 of speaker bonuses including courses, workbooks & coaching.
FIT CHICKS Challenge : 
28 Day Fitness & Nutrition Transformation
Jumpstart your own transformation goals!

The FIT CHICKS Transformation Challenge is a proven 4 week express total coaching program for busy women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels that are ready to to kick start their fitness & nutrition goals in less than 30 min a day. 

In this challenge, you will learn how to transform your body & habits with 28 daily customized workouts, nutrition guide & plans, recipes, mini mindset coaching  life coaching and accountability to ditch diets for good with a holistic approach to transformation.  

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  40 page Success Guide, fat blasting 30 min workouts including printable & video workouts, chick approved nutrition incl weekly grocery lists, recipes & meal plans, daily motivational mindset work plus bonus, 13 Habits of a FIT CHICK, Lovely & Limber yoga stretch video, Snack Attack Guide & Sub for Success Chart

**Please note this challenge is for personal education & use.  Not to be used with clients
DAY 2 - Strong & Fierce Fitness
Women's Strength Training Strategies to Build your Best Body

Want to learn how fat loss can become a by-product of just living your life in balance instead of it being your obsession? Then turn up the speakers and listen to this inspiring session with Steph Gaudreau from the Top rated blog “Stupid Easy Paleo” and best selling author of The Paleo Athlete: A Beginner’s Guide to Real Food for Performance.

In this session you will learn everything from “unleashing your inner badass to change the world”, the one thing you need to stop doing today to end self-inflicted abuse, what measurements you should be using to track results and how strength training although so important for changing your body composition is actually at the bottom of the totem pole...it is a must listen!
Steph Gaudreau
The Key to Perfecting the Pull Up

“Pull ups are hard! I will never be able to do them!” “Ugh, my arms are too short / long to do a pull up.” OR “I need to lose weight to do a pull up.”

If any of these statements sound familiar, you need to listen up to this session with Girls Gone Strong Founder and host of the Top 10 Workout Channels by Shape Magazine, Marianne Kane! With easy to follow tips, Marianne is breaking down the top 3 must do’s for women so you can learn to perfect your pull up today..mentally and physically!
Marianne Kane
Women & Weights: How to get results without burning out or plateauing!

Weight training for women is AMAZING but when not done correctly, it can lead to burn out or plateaus that leave you exhausted, frustrated and far from the goals you want to achieve.  

After her own battle with cancer, MS and hypothyroidism, 4 x IFBB Pro Bikini Champion, Elite Trainer and Functional Nutritionist Jill Bunny is here to share her personal journey of balancing health with fitness goals, the do and don’t of weight training for women to make sure you aren’t doing more damage than good and her own personal workouts that have made her a world champion! PS. She is as smart as she is ripped so don’t skip this one!

Jilly Bunny
Beyond HIIT Training: The Keys to Reaching Optimal Results for Your Body

Chatting with fitness industry legend, HIIT (high intensity interval training) guru and creator of Tabata Bootcamp Mindy Mylrea, you would expect that she would have a strong emphasis on upping the ante for optimal results but in this session..she flips the script!

Sharing her key strategies to balance your fitness, nutrition and wellness for optimal results...physical and emotional.. We uncover how to do it, why HIIT is a great tool (but not the only answer to achieving great results) and why you need to look at your “why” just as much as your how in order to connect and stay connected to the process and progress. This talk with transform your body and your mind!

Mindy Mylrea
How to “Lift Like a Girl”...and why it ROCKS!

If you have tried fad diets, intense and very challenging workout programs and are still feeling like you are spinning your wheels then this session is for you. We chat today with Top US Fitness Coach and Author, Nia Shanks all about finding an emphasis on joyful things and why that changes your workouts and ultimately your results. How a simple shift to performance can enhance your routine and get you better results today and why lifting like a girl is pretty darn awesome!

Nia Shanks


As fitness, health or wellness coach, you MUST have the business skills to make money....period. Unfortunately we are never taught how to REALLY - online or in person - in our certifications. 

Below are our TOP "Accelerator" business courses & templates to dramatically fast track your revenue and growth as a business owner in the health and wellness space. 
Online Fitness Biz Accelerator 
With everything that recently has happened in the world, Fitness & Health Coaches now understand that they MUST diversify to not only grow but be able to keep their businesses alive....no matter what.

Not only is adding online fitness classes & coaching the BEST way to "crisis proof" your business in this market and keep you serving your clients now but will also allow you to grow your business quickly & less expensively while generating more revenue with more flexibility (who doesn't love that!)

In this 6 module course, you will learn, step by step how to fast track going from zero online experience to launch your virtual fitness biz and offer your classes, coaching or programs online in less than 7 days!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 6 Online Biz Accelerator Video Coaching Modules, Printable Worksheets & Checklists, Lifetime Access to Materials plus 3 bonuses including Mastering The Success Mindset Workshop, access to the Tech Vault and 3 Part Online Fitness Biz Legal Series with Lawyer Emily Baker. 

Nutrition Workshop Cure
Stop wasting your TIME, MONEY & ENERGY trying to figure out how to build a nutrition /health workshop or webinar yourself. It is time to fast track with the EXPERTS.

Nutrition/ health workshops and webinars sell like crazy and most fitness and health coaches do not offer them or when they do - no one signs up.  

In this 3 part video business workshop, you will learn the exact steps to create and launch your workshops and webinars in as little as 24 hours!  
  • ​Our proven method to determine your 100% irresistible nutrition workshop that will sell like hotcakes to your niche
  • Step by Step how to create the content for your workshop PLUS how to run it in person or online including set up, timing, demos & more to take out all the guesswork and overwhelm of coaching so you can confidently deliver every time
  • The Easy to Implement 5 Step FIT CHICKS Marketing Plan to get butts in seats fast for next virtual or live workshop without breaking the bank or wasting your time
WHAT'S INCLUDED: 3 part video training, Nutrition Workshop Cure workbook & implementation plan, FCA Marketing plan
The Business of Fitness
Why are some fitness coaches so successful?  It is not because they have a magic exercise program, a huge social media following or have a killer six pack - it is because they have a SYSTEM.  

Creating a SUCCESSFUL, profitable business in the fitness industry that lights you up AND gets paying clients is not as hard as you think especially when you follow the 8 steps of The Business of Fitness Training. (These are the exact steps we did to take our fitness business from 7 women to 7 figures!)

In this 8 module training, you will learn:
  •  Undercover your fitness pro personality success archetype 
  • ​How to pick the business structure that you will thrive in
  • ​Finding your profitable niche & tribe
  • ​Develop your irresistible offer
  • ​The 10 ways to overdeliver while charging more
  • ​The 10 Client Method - How to find your paying clients without breaking the bank
  • ​How to grow your fitness business without the drama
  • ​10 Non Traditional Ways to generate more income without working in a gym
WHAT'S INCLUDED: 8 Video Training Modules, Course Notes and bonus training with Sonia Thompson "How to Create Diversity & Inclusivity in your Fitness Programs"
Health Biz Accelerator Templates
Imagine being able to UPGRADE your coaching business in the next 24hrs with professionally designed lead magnets, programs, digital products and client materials WITHOUT having to spend 100's of dollars or hours trying to create it yourself?

We have partnered with Inspired Designs Studio to create the Health Biz Accelerator Product Packs include over 160+ professionally designed ”Done-for-You” templates & resources to build and grow your Health, Wellness, Fitness or Nutrition Biz in less than a day. 

No design skills or expensive software needed.  Just add your content to pro designed Canva Templates to launch Freebies, Challenges, Online Programs, Ebooks, Lead Magnets, Work Sheets, Checklists, Meal Plans & Recipes, Resource Guides, Client Intakes. Social Media and more!

WHAT'S INCLUDED: 160+ professionally designed templates, ​Inspired Designs Style Guide with access to 25+ additional FREE fonts, color combinations, palettes & pairings, how to video tutorials plus 3 bonuses: Health Biz Ideas Bank with 100 product ideas, free image bank and delivery checklist  

**This applies to the Bright & Bold Collection Only


We want you to have more time, more balance and more income in your business and that is exactly what the FIT CHICKS Academy Done for You Programs and Challenge + Courses will do so you can spend YOUR time focusing on doing what you love!

With all the DFY programs created by certified fitness pro's and nutritionists and then put into gorgeous designs by a pro graphic designer (including the option to edit them in Canva.com to personalize to your business) you can launch these proven programs as soon as you grab them. 

The Complete Bootcamp Bundle: 
8 Week Done for You Group Fitness Program 
Imagine being able to consistently run brand new 8 week bootcamp style programs that will make you MORE money, save serious time & energy planning your workouts, that will get your clients incredible results…. and all you have to do is show up and do what you love (aka teach!)

The Complete Bootcamp Bundle: 8 Week Done for You Program is created by top fitness experts and copyright-free, rebrandable, done-for-you 8 week workout program including weekly challenges, emails and social-media content so you can CONSISTENTLY run engaging SOLD OUT Bootcamps & HIIT group fitness programs to get more clients without ever having to write another workout.

Includes Tried & Tested FIT CHICKS Academy Approved HIIT Workouts for your clients to never plateau from strength training, cardio, Tabata, plyometrics, metabolic finishers, pyramids, ladders, partner work, team drills, circuits and more that can be swapped into your programs every 8 weeks to keep them fresh and fun

Perfect for bootcamp, HIIT training & group training programs for all levels

WHAT'S INCLUDED:  How to Set Up Guide, 97 Workouts, 8 week trainer & client maps, pre & post fitness assessments, facebook posts & email templates, levels & modifications cheat sheets, 

The 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge: 
4 Week Nutrition & Habits Program
Save yourself hours, stress and money with this 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge: 4 Week Done for You Program.

This nutrition & health habits challenge is a completely rebrandable, 4 week program that includes everything you need to run a high quality nutrition challenge online or in person for your clients, so you can focus on what you love to do without having to put the time, energy, and money into content creation and design.

Plus It’s Nutritionist-approved, 100% rebrandable for your business, and includes EVERYTHING you need to launch, run and engage your participants to get amazing results!

What's Included: How to Guide, Total Body Clean Up Challenge Book, daily social media posts & inspirational emails, weekly grocery guides and cheat sheets, client materials & more
The 21 Day Sugar Shutdown Challenge:
3 Week Nutrition & Habits Program
The 21 Day Sugar Shutdown Challenge is a 3 week Done For You Nutrition Coaching program for Fitness, health & wellness coaches to use with clients to increase your revenue and your client results by supporting them with an amazing nutrition & habits based challenge.

It is designed to help coaches grow their business FAST without having to worry about creating all of the materials, social media, how to coach, etc. (this challenge took over 50 hours to create!). It can be launched from the day of purchase

Created to be a stand alone challenge to get new clients or along side of any fitness or health coaching program in a group or 1:1, you will receive EVERYTHING you need to run this challenge confidently and professionally. Plus all materials are designed by a graphic designer but all materials are completely re-brandable to your brand, website, logo and colors in Canva.com

This challenge is also the perfect compliment to the 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge + Bootcamp Bundle and other courses in the FIT CHICKS Academy shop. 

Please note this is NOT a keto diet or about cutting out all carbs (yes there will be some complex carbs included) but learning how to shift to a low glycemic way of eating, nutritionally dense approach to your diet for good.

What's Included: How to Guide, Sugar Shutdown Challenge Book, 40+ Sugar Shutdown approved recipes, sample meal plans, daily social media posts & inspirational emails, cheat sheets, client materials & more

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