Sept 22–24, 2021

Get free access to 30+ Female Health Expert Workshops & Trainings to build your best body – Inside & Out!

From Sept 22–24, join our 30+ LEADING FEMALE FITNESS, NUTRITION & HEALTH EXPERT WORKSHOPS sharing their TOP health hacks & step-by-step, simple instructions – to help us all make getting to our transformation goals EASY (especially after the last year we just had!) for FREE!
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Simplify Your Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness & Mindset


...This virtwill cut through the fog of confusing financial jargon and build the confidence needed to seize control of your personal finances. Each speaker will pull back the curtain on their unique area of expertise. With their actionable advice and attention-grabbing speaking styles, these experienced Canadian gurus will help take your money game to the next level – no matter if it’s your first day at the financial dojo or if you’re already a 3rd-degree blackbelt in financial literacy. The Canadian Financial Summit will show you how save hundreds on monthly costs, earn thousands more in investment returns, and provide examples of people that measure their net worth in millions. Are you in?

And the BEST part is access is FREE (for a limited time only!)

On The 2021 Women’s Transformation CONFERENCE



  • Discover how to exercise the right way so you don’t overtrain or burn out, while creating a leaner, stronger body that feels amazing..
  • Reclaim control of your eating habits and overcome temptations so you can enjoy delicious food again without counting calories…
  • Uncover simple “resets” that bring your body back to balance so you can start losing weight & building muscle on autopilot… 
  • Get the best strategies to support your “out of whack” HORMONES so you can start to feel like yourself again- mentally & physically… 
  • How to support your body with detoxification, meditation, stress management, sleep and mental health   
    • Get the KEYS to being consistent with your workouts and eating clean – it’s easier than you think (if you know how to do it)... 
    • ​Discover the most DANGEROUS types of exercise you must AVOID unless you want to get injured, lose muscle mass, and ruin your hormones…
    • ​Shift your Mindset to love and appreciate your body for the amazing, beautiful machine it matter where you are on your journey
    • Create your “Transformation Toolbox” full of life changing health habits you can take with you for the long haul 
    • ​​Get body transformation secrets (that few people even know about) from the world’s TOP female health professional, nutritionists, fitness models and coaches that you can start implementing today ...without overhauling your life…
    Get Access to 30+ FEMALE HEALTH EXPERT Workshops to simplify getting your goals ...
    Amanda Quinn
    HIIT vs LISS: How to pick your fitness approach 
    Amber Romaniuk
    Emotional eating behaviours and how to address them today
    Andrea Laver
    Ab Obsessed? The Right Way to Build a Strong Core
    Beate Probst
    Baby Boomers guide to health
    Corrie Rabbe
    Homemade Probiotics - Improving your Gut Health with Fermented Foods
    Dougmary Esquijarosa
    Uncovering the missing element for success in your fitness program
    Dr Cheryl Allen
    Are Food Sensitivities Affecting Your Results?
    Evelyn Crawford
    Holistic Considerations for New Moms
    Holly Perkins
    Your fast track to getting lean and reducing body fat today with Celebrity Trainer Holly Perkins
    Jenni Hulburt
    Feminine Fitness for Better Results without Constant Hustle
    Jennifer Papaconstinou
    The Truth Behind Detoxification & Fat Loss 
    Jessica Estrela
    Training with Injuries & Limitations: How to work with your body vs against it & The Mobility Hacks (2 Workshops)
    Kathleen Trotter
    Cardio vs. Strength training, which is best
    Kim Vopni
    Pelvic Floor Health: Show Your Bladder Who's Boss
    Laura Jackson
    Nutrition:  The Secrets to Jumpstart Your Fat Loss (3 Workshops)
    Marie Barker
    "It's Good To Feel Good": using at home fitness programs for your best results
    Melissa Lanz
    The Meal Solution For Lasting Results
    Michelle Thomas
    100lbs Down: 3 secrets to losing weight and keeping it off for good
    Mindy Melrea
    Habit stacking and other health hacks for everyday life
    MJ Shaw
    How to fall in love with your workouts 
    Nicole Plaza 
    Post Natal Health- The Missing Mindset Connection & How to Support Your Body with Food Post Baby (2 workshops)
    Nicky Coyne
    Ditch the Bathroom & Let's Talk Muscle!
    Sangeetha Jeyabalasingam
    Anti - Diet Culture - How to still reach your goals without ever going on a diet
    Sarah Mariano
    The Fascial Stretching Secrets
    Tessa Thomas
     Full Body Workout vs Spot Training: How to Maximize Your Workouts
    Tina Tang
    Fit Over 50 - Mastering the mid life body through strength training
    .....and more!
    Our world class panel of TRANSFORMATION EXPERTS have been featured on...
    What’s Included in your FREE Ticket?
    • Access to over 30+ health expert workshops in fitness, nutrition, wellness & mindset
    • ​3 Day Live interactive event access in our conference FB group from Sept 22–24, 2021
    • ​Pop up bonus trainings, coaching & free bonuses from our experts
    •  Bonus 40 page FIT CHICKS Academy Livin La Vida FIT CHICK Transformation Guide
    Get access to expert coaching without having to leave your living room!
    Let's be honest - the last year+ has sucked. Especially when it comes to focusing on our self care.

    Weight gain, muscle loss, lack of motivation, overeating & overdrinking, anxiety and feeling overwhelmed with all the advice/ info on how to get it all together.

    That's why we are super pumped to announce the 2021 FIT CHICKS Academy Women's Transformation Virtual Conference to help women (like you!) get access to some expert coaching and fast, REAL life tools to get back on track.

    This virtual conference includes 30+ incredible expert workshops from female fitness professionals, nutritionists, doctors, body image coaches, life coaches and thought leaders are sharing their TOP health hacks & simple strategies - to help us all make getting back to being focused on our goals easy.   

    Each speaker will pull back the curtain in their unique area of expertise that will show you exactly how to turn complicated workout, nutrition & wellness strategies into an easy to follow action plan that you can actually DO immediately. 
    Introducing the 2021 FCA Women’s Transformation Conference, the free virtual event that will cut through the fog of confusing fitness, nutrition & health jargon and build confidence for you to seize control of your body & results today. Each speaker will pull back the curtain in their unique area of expertise that  will show you exactly how to turn complicated workout, nutrition & wellness strategies and distilling it down into easy to implement daily actions to get to your goals.  
    Whether you are passionate about learning more about your own health or you are a coach looking to expand your toolbox, this is a must attend event, we’re all about ditching the overwhelm when it comes to your transformation and focusing on the REAL, simple health habits and hacks that get results. Join 1000’s of busy, motivated health passionate women just like you who want to transform their fitness, nutrition & mindset around health once and for all.
    Why attend the FCA
    • Educating yourself is ALWAYS the best investment when it comes to transforming your health ( and get's the best results!)
    • It is free.  Even though it is PACKED full of more value than most paid conferences and programs for women
      • Learn how to take control of your own fitness, nutrition, wellness & mindset – and become your own health coach!
      • You will not find this collection of female health experts in one place anywhere else
      • No flight, no travel annoyances, no getting out of your pajamas 
      • Get the motivation & tools to start your transformation whether it is to lose weight, build muscle, get healthier or coach others
      • Actionable advice that can make huge changes to your body and mind immediately.
      • Be apart of an amazing global chick power community OWNING their results, bodies & their health for good.
        AND MUCH MORE...
          • ​Incredibly passionate about fitness, nutrition & health and want to learn how to make it simple in their own lives
          • ​Ready to take action and transform their bodies….without feeling stressed, overwhelmed or confused.
          • ​Interested in becoming a fitness and/or nutrition coach that focuses on results- not getting caught up in the complicated strategies that don't work
          • ​Coaches looking to expand their health habits toolbox to better support their clients
          • ​Women of all ages and stages of life — there's something for everyone
          Get access to 30+ FEMALE HEALTH EXPERT Workshops to transform your mind & build a stronger body 
          You have Questions?
          We have answers!
          What is the FIT CHICKS Academy Women’s Transformation Conference? 
          It’s a 3 Day Online event from Sept 22-24 with 30+ expert video workshops & interviews covering everything from fitness, nutrition, wellness & mindset developed specifically to help women (like you!) transform & build their best body – inside & out.
          Our world class female speakers include fitness professionals, nutritionists, doctors, body image coaches, experts, industry leaders and thought leaders are sharing their TOP health hacks & simple strategies - to help us all make getting to our goals EASY (especially after the last year+ we just had!)

          The conference workshops will be released daily along with live components like q&a's, prizes, pop up coaching and more!
          Do I have to travel to attend the Women’s Transformation Summit?
          That is the best part... you can join from anywhere in the world. Watch from home, on your commute to work or during your workouts because the entire event is online. You can stream from your mobile device or computer. 

          We wanted this information to be available to women wherever you are in the world to help you transform your health & body without expensive conference tickets prices or having to travel :)
          What is included in my free ticket?
          What’s Included in your FREE ticket:

          ✅Access to over 30+ health expert workshops in fitness, nutrition, wellness & mindset for 24 hours each during the event
          ✅3 Day Live interactive event access in our conference FB group
          ✅Pop up bonus trainings, coaching & free bonuses from our experts
          ✅Bonus 40 page FIT CHICKS Academy Livin La Vida FIT CHICK Transformation Guide

          When can I access the Conference Sessions? How long are they?
          Every day for 3 days, ten 20-30 min interviews will go live in our private conference pop up facebook group, and you can access each for 24 hours after they go live. Once you sign up we’ll send you the invite to the private conference FB group, the exact speakers for each days and links to access directly to your inbox.
          What’s the 40 Page FIT CHICKS Academy Transformation Guide?
          When you claim your free pass, we’ll send you this awesome bonus! It is packed with workouts, nutrition and wellness to get you on the transformation train starting asap!
          EVENT STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 22, 2021
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          Founders of FIT CHICKS®
          & Directors of FIT CHICKS Academy®
          Meet the Head Chicks...
          Head Chicks Amanda and Laura took their fitness business, FIT CHICKS, from 7 chicks in 2008 to become the largest women’s only fitness company in Canada.
          As many fitness companies failed to grow, the Head Chicks passion expanded FIT CHICKS from its award winning women’s only boot camp offered at over 20 locations to include retreats, workshops, challenges, fitness DVD’s, host 2 television series called “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS” & the Top 100 rated fitness & nutrition podcast “FIT CHICKS Chat”.

          Their commitment to women’s health earned the company Top Fitness Professionals in Canada by Can Fit Pro and Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.

          As regular contributors to national television and newspapers, appearances on CBC’s “Dragons Den” & The Shopping Channel, the Head Chicks attribute their success to having overcome their own health struggles and staying true to their approach of fierce fitness made fun that’s accessible to all women.
          With a mission to get ALL women pumped & involved in their health and in turn, build healthier families and communities worldwide, they have packaged over 20 years of expertise in fitness, yoga, nutrition and business into their amazing FIT CHICKS Academy online certifications including the the Fitness & Nutrition Expert certification & 8 week Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification to give YOU all the tools to take your fitness career, healthy knowledge and life to the next level!
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