Hey Future FIT CHICK,


We are so pumped and deeply honored that you’re joining us for the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program.

This program is a true life changer, and has been born out of over 20 years of fierce passion and experience in fitness, nutrition, wellness and business.

The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Program is custom designed for health passionate chicks like you who are deeply committed to making change — change in your health, your life, your communities and most importantly, in the world.


The path ahead will be awesome, exciting, at times uncomfortable (in a good way!), challenging and ultimately, one of the most awesome growing experiences ever.

And, we will be with you every step of this amazing journey!

Please take a sec and really give yourself some self love for taking the leap, listening to your heart and investing in YOU.

YOU made the choice. You are ready to rock the career and health you deserve.  

And, you’re a part of a fierce community of fit chicks who are taking charge of their lives and developing the skills & confidence for true healthy success.

SAVE THIS EMAIL and star it so it’s easy to find. (We also recommend that you set-up a HWLE folder in your email inbox so you can keep track of all future communications and find things easily as there will be a lot of info coming to you shortly via email and throughout the program)

The program officially begins on May 12, 2020 at 11am EST.

That’s when the first class will be released but you will be sent an orientation video prior to set the stage for the amazing journey ahead.

The format is weekly recorded classes on Tuesday.  A live coaching call will be held on Thursday at 1pm via Zoom and Facebook Live with Laura Jackson.  This is combined with at home study, assignments and practical hours.

All course info & schedule will be sent to you prior to class starting.

The program is broken down into 8 modules.  It is taught live in the following order so we put all of our focus in one area at a time:

  1. The Weight Loss Basics
  2. Hormones, Glands & Weight Loss
  3. Blood Sugar Management & Weight Loss
  4. Digestion, Gut Health & Weight Loss
  5. Food Allergies, Intolerances and Inflammation and how it affects weight loss
  6. Exercise, nutrient timing, recovery and weight loss
  7. Nutrition & Weight Loss
  8. How to build awesome client plans and coach

All content is housed under the Members page and is yours to access at anytime!  While the course is taught consecutively over a 2 month period, you have up to 3 months following the program to get all assignments in.  Remember, you can’t “fall behind” or “miss out” so don’t worry if you’ve got travel plans.


You will be receiving quite a few emails from us in the next coming weeks to make sure you are all set for the program.   This will include:

1. Info how to make sure you are set up online for awesome remote learning (ie to access to the Members Page.  Please note access will not be granted until May 8.)
2. Required books and schedule for module 1 – 8
4. How to join our private FB group for super support and starting our HWLE conversation through social media 
6. Orientation video and access to Members Site where all info is housed for the program! (Opens May 8)

We will also be reaching out for some info that we need from you to make this the most amazing learning experience ever.

We’ll keep you posted on any administrative (or fun) stuff that you need to know, and always feel free to respond to this or any of our emails with questions and feedback.

FIT CHICKS Academy is officially a “no silly questions” zone, so don’t be shy and reach out. 
Now, let the countdown to fierceness begin…we’re super pumped to get started on this amazing journey with you! 

Laura & Amanda

P.S. For all program related support, email hwle@fitchicks.ca. It’s the quickest way to get a response and we will direct your email to the correct person. 

Please note that we take your experience VERY seriously. At the beginning of the program there’s a higher volume of emails than usual, so please be patient and know that we will get back to you with in 1 business day.

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