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Here is what our students are saying about FIT CHICKS Academy & our awesome programs….









By becoming a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Expert I have gained the confidence I needed to start my career in Personal Training. I love that it covered all aspects of the industry, including fitness, nutrition, wellness and business
skills as well, which are so important when we are launching a new business. I am now confidently putting together business plans, personal training profiles, nutrition programs and utilize all the skills I have learned during the co-ops as well.

I have been also able to improve my online fitness coaching business with the extensive knowledge I obtained throughout the course. Best decision I had made was to enroll in the FNE course with Fit Chicks!

Judith, Etobicoke, ON

Through the FNE program I was able to develop of strong sense of self-empowerment and community, and gained the knowledge and tools to spread the healthy love far and wide. Not only am I the best version of myself, I am a source of positive vibes for those around me. I now have the insights on how to create a life I don’t need a vacation from and inspire others to do the same. 

Since completing the FNE program, I have launched my business Honestly Social, AND I am working towards launching a second business in September 2017, which will encompass life coaching, accountability coaching, wellness and nutrition programs and adventure retreats! When you complete the FNE program you feel like you’re part of the FIT CHICKS family, and that you have the unwavering support of Laura, Amanda and the rest of the graduates to take on your wildest dreams!

Liz H., Vancouver, BC

When I started the FNE certification I was already teaching classes as a Fitness Instructor and training clients one-on-one. What I found so amazing about the FNE course is that it is not only for someone who wants to start to their career but for a seasoned fitness professional who wants to increase their knowledge base as well as start their own business.

This course was way more extensive than past certifications I have taken, lead from the perspective of a heart-centred fitness professional (my jam!) and was taught to all levels while still teaching higher level learning.In addition, this course not only focuses on fitness and nutrition but also wellness and business. It is a full package that lays the groundwork for anyone, who has a passion for health and wellness, to start their own business or work as a fitness professional while creating the lifestyle they deserve and want!

It has opened up so much more for me than I thought. When I started I thought I would be furthering my education into nutrition but I received so much more. It changed the way I teach classes in an amazing ways!

My fitness classes are full of pumped participants, smiling, sweating and encouraging each other on; and better yet, coming back and asking for more. I have learned how to connect more with people, not only in class, but in life; deepening one of my core values of “meeting people where they are at.”

It also inspired me to take my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and start exploring opening my own health and wellness centre.So, I suppose the question is not how it was helpful in starting my business and career but how it helped me evolved into a better trainer and person as well as open my heart and bust through the fear to starting my own brick and mortar facility!

Kelly F., Mississauga, ON

The FNE PROGRAM has seriously been a life changer! I have always struggled with a negative body image and self-esteem, but I didn’t want to be that self-loathing person anymore. This program came to me at a time in my life when I knew I needed to make a change because my health was suffering (mentally and physically) I was at a point where a break down was going to happen. My relationship was suffering because I didn’t feel good about who I was as a person, a black cloud followed me wherever I went. I was drinking a lot, staying up super late and sleeping in, I had gained 30 pounds and I hated who I was. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life and I felt lost and ashamed.

Career wise, I hadn’t figured out what I truly wanted to do. Amanda and I skyped a couple times in England and for the first time in a long time I felt excited and passionate again. I remember sky ping my parents and saying that I think I have found my thing! My mum had always said I should have a career in fitness because I loved working out and she could see that it made me happy. ( but something was always missing, I would get into great shape and then fall off the bandwagon because of moving, my stress and anxiety). My negative self talk to would always get the best of me! Anyway, once we figure out where we we going to settle in Canada I made the promise to myself to sign up for the course and be completely open to the experience.

On the first class I sat there in tears. Even writing this and remembering my journey brings me to tears. It makes me sad because the person I was before this course hated herself. Missed out of things because she was ashamed of how she looked, let fear control her decisions. But that first class was my Ahh ha moment, when I realized this was exactly what I was supposed to be doing. Laura and Amanda have this way of making you feel worthy, important, beautiful, powerful and make you believe in yourself. They are honest, real, compassionate, understanding, loving, supportive, driven, fierce, motivated and so much more and they make you feel like you are a part of something bigger.

This program is SO much more than learning how to be a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutritionist, wellness coach. It literally has changed how I view myself, how I look at the world. Honestly, it has made my relationship stronger with my sister, my girlfriends, my partner, my parents, my employees and employers. I feel like a new person, the best version of myself! Yes, I am still a work in progress, but I am motivated more than ever to share my story and help women become advocates for thief own health and realize their strength and potential.

You take away so much more than knowledge on fitness and health, you grow as a person. My partner has changed his lifestyle dramatically since I started the program. We have always been healthy people ( had or cheat weekends) but the knowledge I know have about nutrition has been a GAME CHANGER!!!! Now we eat to fight off disease, we eat to nourish our bodies, we eat because we care about our health and what we are putting into our bodies. My relationship with food has completely changed! Again I am a work in progress but the changes we have made together have transformed our bodies and our lives! As I said I had gained 30 pounds in England. Now that is all gone and I am back down to my University weight when I was my fittest physically. The difference is I am now mentally there!!!! Laura and Amanda has given me the tools to be my best self and help others do the same!

Rebecca H., Kelowna, BC

I signed up for the FNE Certification at first as it worked perfectly with my family’s busy schedule. I am very passionate about health and fitness and I knew I wanted my next chapter to consist of spreading that love onto others. The course prepared me with the confidence and all of the tools to be ready to start my new career immediately upon graduating. The course is all online which gave me the flexibility to complete my course workload while the kids were in bed or away at school – alleviating the complications of taking time away from my family. I cannot thank Laura and Amanda enough as they have responded to every question I have ever had throughout the course, and even beyond. They are always very informative and responsive to my needs. They have been such a great support system throughout my journey. With the Fit Chicks FNE course I had a great Platform to start with and get to wake up everyday and spread my passion through my own business Ybe.Nourish.Train, providing small group bootcamps, Personal Training and Nutrition Guidance. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to start their own business, maybe just getting into health and fitness, or to help grow themselves internally or externally.

Yvonne Beaton

I Loved the FNE Program! The instructors were full of spirit and knowledge, and the content was great. I had no idea how much I would learn and how involved the program would be. The live online lectures were informative, but I loved that I could view them in my own time if the schedule didn’t work for me. There are few people and events that are instrumental in forming your life path, and I think this course is one of those for me. This course has given me the courage, knowledge and experience to teach my own bootcamp classes and start my own fitness business. I can’t wait to share what I have learned, and help women be FIERCE!!!

Chelsea S., Toronto, ON

The FIT CHICKS Fitness and Nutrition Expert program was a rewarding experience. The instructors were very informative and knowledgeable. Their years of experience and education is really clear to see. They are always available to help with any questions you have and are very supportive. The course ran at a good pace, and it was really helpful to be able to watch the classes at your own pace. I could fit all the classes and assignments in to my own schedule and didn’t have to worry about falling behind. I highly recommend this course!

Jenny M., Winnipeg, MB

I really enjoyed the FNE program. It offered flexibility and comfort – you could watch the online sessions when your schedule permitted, and from the comfort of your living room. Having taped classes also means you have the recordings for future reference and refreshers. This was a huge draw of the program! Laura and Amanda are very passionate about the FNE program and their profession. This comes across in everything they do – their approach, their delivery, and their effort.

The program gave me the foundation I was looking for to transform my habits and figure out why I should be doing x instead of y. The program pushed me outside of my comfort zone and into a group fitness class as the co-instructor for the practical component of the fitness module. This was nerve-racking but worthwhile because it was the necessary bridge from classroom to workplace that so many programs lack. The fitness practical exam is rigorous and requires a combination of creativity, knowledge, and interpersonal skills.

This exam really showed me how far I’ve come in this program in a short period of time. I recommend the FNE program to anyone who is ready to take charge of her health and wants the tools to do so.

Demetra D., Toronto, ON

One of the best decisions I’ve made about looking into a new career path was taking the Fit Chicks Fitness Nutrition Expert Program. They made this program fully packed of information but also made it trouble-free so that I was still able to do my full time job. I looked forward to our evening classes and they were always there to answer any questions in a fast manner. They helped me clarify that I made the right decision!

Alysha F., Toronto, ON

Simply put, the Fit Chicks FNE Program is a well-rounded, fun and engaging education in fitness, nutrition, wellness and business! You are guaranteed to get a lot out of this uniquely-designed program run by two of the best in the fitness biz, Laura Jackson and Amanda Quinn. Their wealth of knowledge, passion, discipline and empathy really sets them apart – this ain’t no weekend crash course! As a recent graduate, I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone interested in pursuing a full or part-time career in fitness or nutrition; guaranteed you will gain the skills, support and confidence you need to succeed in your own practice. The healthy love is contagious and these chicks are on fire! Thanks again for everything!! 


The FNE program is designed to set you up for success, both in the ability to complete the program and with whichever future endeavours you wish to take on once completed.  The best part of this program is that although most classes are live online, the videos and recordings are available within 24 hours, so if you are unable to make the live session, you never have to worry about falling behind.

While the fitness module has definitely made me a better fitness instructor, and my class sizes have increased as a result, my favourite module was nutrition.  Learning how to calculate macros based on an individual, for me, was invaluable.  I also loved that that we delved deeper into the body, and learned the science behind how our bodies process the foods, and how to coach others, to reach their own individual goals.  

What really distinguishes the FNE program from any other out there, is the Business module.  This module ensures that whatever your futures plans are, after completion, that you have the tools to take those next steps. 

I am looking forward to launching my first nutritional workshop, and to start personal whole health coaching.The opportunities are endless!!! Thank you Fit Chicks!!!!


I am so happy that I decided to take this program. Laura and Amanda are amazing and so full of knowledge. I feel privileged that I was able to have them share their wealth of knowledge with me and am proud to say that I attended Fit Chicks Academy. I have more confidence in my knowledge of fitness and nutrition and feel ready to pursue my dream of having a career in this industry. 

My favorite module was nutrition but the Vivid Vision we did in the wellness section was unbelievable. It really tapped into my deepest thoughts and feelings and the outcome was incredible (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you take the course ? ) Such an abundance of information and I was able to do it all at my own pace which I am so grateful for. 

I’ve been wanting to get away from my desk job for quite some time (hey I’m a “Fit Chick” and we don’t like to sit all day!) and this course was exactly what I needed to point me in the right direction and set me on that path. 

This ending (or beginning, depending on how you look at it) is bitter sweet. On one hand, I am so very proud of myself for completing this course and am so happy to have finished it but on the other hand I am sad that the classes are over. I genuinely enjoyed every minute of the lessons and the hands on approach to learning that Fit Chicks Academy provided and I would definitely without a doubt in the world, recommend this course to anyone who wants to further their education, get certified, or just wants to be a genius in fitness and nutrition.  


Here is my “why”….I have been looking for the kid in me and trying to shake the serious chick side of me for some time, and guess what happened? I found what I was looking for!! The next time I am asked “Have you found everything you are looking for?” at the check out counter, I will reply that I most certainly have, and much more! Thank you Laura and Amanda for keeping your promise of providing an amazing program full of never ending support! Bravo! You chicks rock in so many ways, and I am proud and excited to be certified as a Fitness and Nutrition Expert! I can’t wait to share all of my newfound knowledge and continue to learn!

Chick tip: your own wellness is key. Once you discover this everything else will fall into place. Dig deep, be curious and never, ever give up!!! You got this!!


Being an extremely busy mom of 4 young boys, I wouldn’t of thought pursing my passion was something I could ever do but the journey of completing this FNE program not only proved me wrong but provided me with a huge self-esteem booster!  Laura and Amanda have designed an amazing program which equips you with all of the necessary knowledge to be successful, and confident going into the fitness and nutrition field. The course is perfectly designed to fit any busy lifestyle….If I can do it so can you!
Natasha Laban
 My name is Andrea and I am just in love with this course and everything in it! The teaching co-op drew me right out of my comfort zone – I even had to call Amanda and have her talk me down! I am more of a one-on-one type of personality, but guess what? Once I tried teaching a group, I LOVED IT! I am now setting up all my PT clients to come to my HIIT classes as well. It was such a great experience for me and I had such awesome feedback from my participants, I couldn’t *not* continue doing it!
This course has so many opportunities for personal growth and introspection. The Wellness section and Business modules were the ones I thought I would just go through the motions with – but I ended up getting so very much out of them! The Wellness assignment, writing out your Vivid Vision, made my heart race when I was writing it! It was so exciting to see my business growing in my mind.
Every single thing in this course is designed for you to USE in your life and your business. It’s crazy how intricately everything is put together – from writing a recipe to use as a real blog post, to writing your programs to actually teach your participants. And the Business assignment puts you to work actually getting the nitty gritty stuff done. It’s *such* am amazing course! I would recommend it to anyone looking to start their own business serving people in the area of fitness and nutrition. Just amazing content and instructors who actually care about YOU – heck, Laura and Sarah were marking my assignments on Christmas Eve so I could meet my self-imposed deadline. Love these people and the work they put into this course. It really shows their heart. Thank you ladies for all you do!
Andrea Laver
My overall experience with the fitness and nutrition expert certification program was excellent. I started my own journey into health and fitness a couple of years ago and I was inspired to help other women see the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. This program gave me the confidence and information I needed to truly help more people as well as further my own journey. 


I learned so much, especially in the nutrition and fitness sections of this program that have helped me with my own healthy living. And I loved the holistic approach to this program which delved into wellness.  I feel ready to kickstart my business as a health and fitness professional thanks to Laura and Amanda !
Lindsay Fortney
Fit Chicks Academy has helped to facilitate my passion for fitness and nutrition into something I can make a career of! Having little experience in the fitness and nutrition industry other than self taught knowledge, over the 12 week period of lectures, assignments, quizzes and co-ops, I slowly began to see myself moulding my craft and becoming confident in myself as a fitness professional. Head chicks Laura and Amanda have provided me with valuable knowledge that goes beyond that of the fitness and nutrition world. They have supplied me with life skills and lessons as well as on-going hands-on support that no other fitness programs provide. I cannot wait to see what this industry has in store for me and I am so grateful I chose Fit Chicks Academy as my starting point. Thank you Chicks! 
Jennifer C

This program has been life changing in so many levels. I remember that 7 months ago I was watching food documentaries (as usual) and I got so mad that people don’t know about what is going on in the food industry and I knew I had to do something about it, but I didn’t have a authority to tell anything to people, so I said to myself, ok I will study and earn the authority.


I started looking on internet for some courses, I checked lot of them and asked for some recommendations to a friend who is Holistic Nutritionist and lives in Canada. She sent me the FNE program link and told me ”This program looks like you”. Check it out! One week later I was sitting in front on my laptop waiting for my 1st class like it was my 1st day in school ever! So excited! I was hesitant about learning online because I had never done it before but with the FNE program I couldn’t wait for my next class, I was highly motivated and getting my assignments done.


My favorite part of the program was the Fitness Module because I didn’t know anything about that topic and I learned so much I can’t even believe it. When I applied the theory in my co-ops and practicals I was blown away about how good was the program and all the transitions. I could listen to my teachers in my head while I was teaching and everything made even more sense. Incredible!

I quit my job, launched my business and I’m having my schedule full with Nutrition workshops around town, I’m getting ready for my Fitness program for spring and summer, I recently also took food styling classes as I want to keep developing recipes for my social media followers and clients. Best moment of my life thanks to my chicks <3

Dougmary Esquijarosa

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