• A woman who is passionate about nutrition & healthy living and would love to turn that passion into a full or part time career but have zero experience
  • An aspiring holistic nutrition & health coach but no idea where to start without quitting your job or going back to school full time and/or feel like “you don’t part”
  • OR are you already a fitness professional, yoga instructor, nutrition practitioner or health coach looking to expand your certifications & skills in holistic health coaching, grow your offerings/income streams & build better results based programs

Then this is the program for you!

The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program is the only certification
of it’s kind in the industry.

Being at YOUR healthy weight is a not about a number on a scale. It is a byproduct of healthy living and self-love – inside and out. You can be healthy at every age, shape and size but you need make sure your body is in balance.

Unlike other nutrition programs or courses that focus on calories and food guides to promote weight loss, the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program is an 8-week program that will teach you everything you need to know to support your body and healthy weight loss in a holistic way for REAL health results.

Covering nutrition, hormones, digestion, blood sugar management, food allergies, body positivity & so much more… this program will teach you MORE than you thought possible about weight loss and health to help yourself and clients change their lives. Plus, it is taught completely online so you can learn from anywhere in the world!

 This certification is the only natural weight loss coaching focused on getting the body in balance from the inside out to allow you to offer a heart centered & holistic approach to your clients and become a holistic health coach.

You are going to learn real, APPLICABLE skills, confidence and the tools, leaving this program knowing how to coach others to make real health changes, learn body positivity.

The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program has helped hundreds of women become certified in holistic health & nutrition across the globe PLUS create or expand their own successful coaching businesses- both in person and online!

Those who complete it have gone on to be holistic weight loss & wellness coaches, retreat hosts, recipe developers, corporate trainers, retreat & workshop hosts or have added additional programs & offerings to expand their current health business …both full & part time and that is to name a few.

It is also awesome for the everyday women looking to increase your knowledge in nutrition and weight loss to get results and live your healthiest, fiercest life!

There is NO LIMIT to what you can create in your life, health and career with this training but you have to take action NOW!

 I enrolled in the FIT CHICKS Academy Fitness and Nutrition Expert program because I trusted Laura and Amanda, their brand, and their mandate. At the time, this was very much a personal journey to take control of my health and well being.

I wanted to expand my knowledge in nutrition since nutrition is such an important component of living a healthy lifestyle and attaining my fitness goals. Having had such a successful experience with the FIT CHICKS brand, enrolling in the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert (HWLE) program was a no-brainer.

During the program, I applied my learnings to my own life and lost 23 lbs over the course of 7 months. People around me took notice and started asking me for advice! What began as a personal journey was now turning into a business. I enjoy learning every day and helping my clients look and feel their best the healthy way.

I am now a health coach, fitness trainer, and the owner of The Knockout Room. The Knockout Room, based in Toronto, Canada, offers holistic coaching in fitness, nutrition, and wellness for women of all ages. My specialties include in-home personal and semi-private training with a focus on natural weight loss.

The HWLE program has enhanced my client services and paved the way for immense personal growth. To anyone considering this program, I ask: “What are you waiting for?”

Demetra Dimokopoulos- Toronto, ON, owner of The Knockout Room


The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program is an 8 week Certification for Health Passionate Women that want to become certified health coaches, expand their knowledge in a holistic approach to weight and healths and help other do the same

Full of expert knowledge, practical application and top support from coaches,  this program will transform not only your health but allow to grow quickly in the health coaching to start or grow your business.

Plus it is taught entirely online so you can access the content from ANY mobile device as long as you have an internet connection!  No more wasting time commuting or worrying about not being able to keep up, virtual classes can be done from wherever you choose and can be viewed again later to work with your day.


This is a complete and thorough professional 8 week online certification program that offers practical, applicable (aka you will actually use this in REAL life!) to support the body in weight loss and building healthy minds & bodies, program development, nutrition and lifestyle coaching and healthy habit building applications.

The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program includes:

  • Virtual classes & workshops
  • Course materials, at home assignments
  • Practical Teaching experience done in your community
  • Lifetime access to all taped classes for later viewing
  • Membership to our exclusive FNE online community
  • Ongoing continuing education with FIT CHICKS & support after program completion
  • And much more…

While there is zero experience required to take this program, this program is also amazing if you are already coaching in fitness, nutrition or wellness!  Not only will you grow your skills and certifications, it will allow you to expand your programs online or in person in a holistic approach, create nutrition / health challenges, retreats & more PLUS give you the edge on other health pro’s while getting your clients amazing results.

It also will CHANGE your life, weight, the way you view your body and how you treat it with love for the rest of your life…. there is nothing better than that.

Here’s what you will be focusing on in each module:

The Weight Loss Basics

  • What is weight loss?
  • Why is weight management important to overall health
  • Health Conditions that related to weight
  • Weight loss lingo
  • How does the body burn calories?
  • The 3 Body types
  • Beyond the scale: Measurements of weight management + pros and cons

Hormones, Glands and Weight Loss

  • The power glands and the major role in weight management
  • The 6 hormones most important in weight loss & good health: triggers vs inhibitors
  • Men vs Women – what is the real hormone difference
  • Common hormone imbalances that lead to weight issues incl PCOS, Metabolic syndrome, hypothyroid, estrogen dominance, etc
  • Maintaining healthy, happy hormone balance: What nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations you need to know to reach this

Blood Sugar Management & Weight Loss

  • Blood sugar management: What is it, how it affects and why it is SO important (and overlooked) for weight loss
  • The balancing act: Understanding how to balance blood sugar and the effects when it is not
  • Diabetes, insulin and insulin resistance
  • The Glycemic Index vs the Glycemic Load – How food affects you more than you know
  • Maintaining awesome blood sugar balance: How to use nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations for the best weight loss results

Digestion, Gut Health & Weight Loss

  • What is digestion & why is it important to weight loss
  • From mouth to south: Understanding the full digestive process and how / where nutrients are digested for full absorption
  • Gut Health: Dysbiosis, leaky gut & probiotics
  • The mind connection: How your thoughts affect your digestion
  • How to recognize a compromised digestive tract
  • Maintaining a fierce digestive tract : How to use nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations for the best health

Food Allergies, Intolerances and Inflammation & Weight Loss

  • What are food allergies, intolerance and inflammation?
  • How does food allergies and intolerance impact weight loss
  • Inflammation: Acute vs chronic and how it affects your health
  • Acid vs Alkaline: How PH levels affect your body
  • Find your no no foods: How to detect food allergies & intolerances
  • How to use nutrition, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to reduce inflammation and support weight loss

Exercise, Recovery and Nutrient Timing
& Strategies for Weight Loss

  • How to utilize exercise for weight loss
  • The best exercise programs based on body type, hormonal needs and more
  • Activity Coaching and challenges: how to get moving on the daily!
  • Nutrient Timing for max fat loss results
  • Carb cycling – what it is and how it can be used
  • Carb cycling – what it is and how it can be used

Nutrition & Weight Loss

  • How to use nutrition to reach weight loss goals
  • Real whole foods made with love & the Complete in 3 rule
  • Plant based power for vegetarians and vegan
  • Green Smoothies vs Juicing to max nutrients
  • Hydration & weight loss
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners: How they both affect fat loss
  • Sneaky Nutrition Labels – how to properly read and coach
  • Meal Prepping Strategies and the FIT CHICKS Grocery Guide

How to create fierce client plans
& coach for RESULTS

  • Scope of Practice, waivers and insurance
  • Developing healthy eating & weight loss coaching programs for clients
  • Habit based coaching for results!
  • The emotional side of coaching – how to mentor, support & get compliance

Get certified & create your dream health, life & career!

The RESULTS of taking this program:

  • Get certified as a Registered Health Coach & Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert (get legit!)
  • Have a full or part time career you are PASSIONATE about while earning income
  • Get healthier and help others do the same (healthier family and healthier communities)
  • Become a part of a global community of like minded women & health pro’s for life
  • Finally let go of any self doubt or limiting beliefs you may have about your capabilities or your body

Once you have successfully completed the program, you will receive:

  • Certificate of completion
  • The HOLISTIC NUTRITION WEIGHT LOSS EXPERT certification seal to your materials to show the world your professional skills
  • Automatically approved to join the Health Coaching Alliance and will be awarded the “Registered Health Coach” (R.H.C.) title.
  • Accredited with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) for continuing education credits

Before I began the Holistic Weight Loss Expert program, I was six months pregnant and running a business at a health food store in my hometown .I just wanted  extra education to help people with weight loss journeys. I get a lot of clients into the store and I just wanted to have a little bit more knowledge on where to guide them.

I chose this certification over other certifications because I loved the podcast. I actually listened to the FIT CHICKS Chat podcast for probably a year before I signed up to do the program. And after doing a lot of research, it was really the one that focused on client coach relationships. And that’s what I liked about it because I wanted to know how to coach somebody. I wanted the information, but I wanted to learn how to coach somebody as well.

So instead of just getting all the information, this program really helped me learn to take on clients and to actually help people. My favorite part of this program was being able to share the knowledge. My mother-in-law signed up for the course and my cousin also joined FIT CHICKS Academy. It was such a good course I just wanted to share it with everybody.

My experience during the program was really positive. It was during a time in my life where things were chaotic, running a business, and I just had a new born baby in September. So it was nice to close the door and do my work for a while. I graduated university back in 2015, so I haven’t really had assignments and projects, and I love that. I love learning. So to be able to close the door and have some me time to learn was really nice.


I would recommend the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program to anybody. I enjoyed it so much that I have only great things to say about it. You’re learning great information, so I would definitely recommend it!



Chelsey Daley, New Brunswick, Canada


Laura Jackson is the co- founder of FIT CHICKS® Academy. Lead Educator, Top Fitness Professional, Holistic Nutritionist, Health & Wellness Business Coach and Public Speaker, Laura is also the Host of the Top 100 Rated Podcast “FIT CHICKS Chat” and previously TV Host of “Shape Up with FIT CHICKS”. She is also a fitness and nutrition contributor to national publications and TV Shows such as Canadian Living Magazine, The National Post, Breakfast Television, CTV Morning Live and has appeared on CBC’s “Dragon’s Den” and The Shopping Channel

Laura’s commitment to women’s health earned her the title of 2019 Top Fitness Professional in Canada by Can FIT Pro & Stevie Award for Women in Business – Health & Wellness Company of the Year.

Jennifer Papaconstantinou CNP, NNCP, RNT is a graduate of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto, where she earned her designation as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. In addition to graduating with First-Class Honours and Valedictorian, she has continued training with world renowned Premier Research Labs, Seroyal, Edison Institute of Nutrition and Centennial College. She also had the honor to participate in a Mentorship program, studying the philosophies and teachings of Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Robert Marshall PhD. Completing certification courses in Clinical Iridology, B.A.S.E. Allergy Therapy, Live Blood Microscopy, Metabolic Balance, QRA, Holistic Cancer Practitioner Certification and is working toward her Certification in Biotherapeutic Drainage adds to Jennifer’s many clinical modalities.



  • Looking to become holistic health coaches in nutrition, lifestyle and mindset with the skills, confidence and tools to create their dream lives and be apart of an amazing, supportive community who will help them get there
  • Nutrition practitioners looking to add natural, holistic weight loss to their programs to get real long lasting results and diversify their practice (ie. Awesome to grow your business with workshops, corporate seminars, retreats and so much more!)
  • Fitness Professionals, yoga instructors and wellness coaches that want to expand their coaching offerings to grow their business and income streams… BIG TIME.
  • Understand the importance of a holistic approach to health and fitness…not only to truly transform health inside & out and grow your knowlegde
  • Health & Wellness coaches like BeachBody Coaches, Usana representatives, Isagenix representatives, Essential Oil coaches who are looking to get certified and insured in holistic nutrition & lifestyle to build their businesses and credibility
  • All women who are TIRED of being on the diet cycle and want to finally learn how to nourish their bodies & minds correctly for real, long term results for themselves and their families…even if they may not want to coach others



  • Looking for a short cut to learning
  • Don’t want to put in the time and effort to learn & master your craft
  • Not willing to do the work or build real authentic relationships
  • Don’t believe in a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition, wellness and business and think it is isn’t necessary to learn about all areas…even if they don’t want to specialize in it

We want to be straight up because we want you to succeed.

While this is an online program that you can complete during your own time during the course duration, it is a commitment and we will hold you accountable to your goals. You will need to watch the online classes. You will need to complete your quizzes, assignments and at home study.

In short –this program is not for you if you are looking for a short cut to get certified, don’t want to put in the time and effort to learn & master your craft or don’t want to be a full rounded health coach.  We are serious about what we do and we know you are too.


I am a mom of two boys, and my husband, he works offshore in the Gulf of Mexico, so he’s gone for like a month at a time. I’m also a nurse, so I was a very busy person, and at that time, I had just discovered my own hormonal imbalances and dealing with some adrenal fatigue, so I was really diving into the research and trying to educate myself so I could start my own healing, and that just really led me to the FIT CHICKS Chat podcast. I loved the content on there, and then of course that just took me a little bit further, and that’s when I learned about the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program.

The experience during the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program was phenomenal. I can’t rave enough about this program. I’m a very busy woman, so I love the fact that I can take all of the courses online at my own pace, but even though they were online, it was still extremely personable. I never felt like I was just looking at a computer screen. I felt like I was right in front of the instructors. The material was extremely easy for me to absorb and it was such, such good material. Life-changing material. And the activities we did, or the assignments, they were super fun. I really can’t rave enough about the program. I had such a great experience. There’s just so many things I can say about it.

A lot of the modules that we discussed were over things such as blood sugar management, that one stands out the most to me because before taking the course, especially being a nurse, I looked at blood sugars as something that maybe diabetics had to be concerned about, but being a woman who was diagnosed with PCOS and struggling with insulin resistance, it really helped educate me so I could help other women as well about the importance of blood sugar management to weight loss for everyone. It’s not just something that is only for diabetics. We all should be considering it and working towards that blood sugar management. That one really sticks out to me the most, but there are so many other things that I could just talk about being my favorite from the program.

Would I recommend the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program to others? Absolutely. Actually, I’ve already started recommending it. If I hear another woman that’s interested in going into the fitness industry and wanting to coach other women, I always tell them, “This is an amazing program. I’m doing it.” Or, “I’ve just completed it.” It is just phenomenal, and I feel like the topics that we discuss and cover in this program are just topics that aren’t readily available to women all over. So I just feel like it’s really important for us to be that light and that word of empowerment and education to really help women start looking at weight loss from a different point of view. I feel like typically, women look at nutrition plans and workouts thinking that that is the key answer, and there’s so much other things we can address and work on as well. So I always tell women, “If you’re really thinking about being a coach, try this program. It’s amazing.”

Letisha Bates, Tennessee, USA

My name is Katie Ireland and I graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program in September 2018. I am a Physiotherapist and Bootcamp instructor offering fitness training and rehabilitation treatment.

I decided to take the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program as I wanted to find out more about nutrition to complement my fitness and rehab clients. I knew abs started in the kitchen. As well personally I was always fighting myself about weight gain/loss, felt bloated all the time and was getting a potbelly in my 40s. The program helped me find a path!

I saw the program advertised and the FIT CHICKS philosophy matched my own. I also loved the fact that I could complete the program at home.

I have not yet integrated a nutrition program into my job, but I am able to advise clients better with everyday questions. Personally, I am  fighting the bulge less. and feeling better. The Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program has guided my learning into new areas.

This program is definitely worth it.  It is easy to complete on your own time. and provides information everyone should know. FIT CHICKS have designed a well rounded program to help others enter into the world of nutrition. I would highly recommend this program to any fitness or health enthusiast!

Katie Ireland, Ottawa, ON


Before I began the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program, I was working a desk job and teaching fitness classes on the side, and I just wanted to be able to add a little bit more nutrition to my repertoire.

I was drawn to the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program because I had completed the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Program with FIT CHICKS, and I loved it so much that I wanted to do every course FIT CHICKS has to offer. So that is what made me decide to go with this one.

During the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program, I really enjoyed the experience. I felt like I learned a lot, and I was able to complete it at my own pace and avoided all of the stress that goes with being on a very tight schedule.

My favorite part was getting to delve a little bit deeper into all the different aspects of nutrition. I did learn the basics in the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Program, but it was really great to get to go more into detail for all the nutrition aspects.

I would definitely recommend the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program because you’re able to complete it at your own pace, you get a ton of information, and it really helps you feel confident when having to actually deal with clients. You feel like you’ve learned enough, and the instructors are always there to support you if you want to learn more as well.

Michelle Peppard, Grand Prairie, AB

My name is Dawn Daley and I graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program on November 19, 2018. I am a busy wife, mother and new Grandma who recently graduated from university with a BA after being out of school for over 30 years. I am addicted to knowledge and love learning. 

I decided to take the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program as this course, complimented my Registered Holistic Nutrition certification and gave a different spin on helping clients achieve their weight loss goals. I chose FIT CHICKS because when I listened to the podcasts before enrolling I felt the passion and commitment from Laura and Amanda. They were real people with real struggles and believed in this program. They sold me and I never looked back. I enjoyed every piece of the puzzle.

My favorite part of the program was the final project, which not only pulled all the information together from the entire course, but challenged me to put it into practice. I learned a great deal from this part. The support in this program in phenomenal! You are encouraged by the Facebook community and supported by the strong leaders who wish only that you succeed with your goals.

My personal growth changed substantially. I find I am more aware of what I eat, how much I work out and I work on following the tools I was given throughout the course. I listen to what others are saying about their aches and pains, low energy, sleepless nights and feel very blessed I do not have these challenges and now feel I can confidently offer a solution to others. It just makes sense!

This program is top notch. I have been a student for many years and I feel this program focuses on what many of us women need to know. There are no secrets to weight loss just commitment and an urgency to find the answers…FIT CHICKS is the answer you are looking for!

To anyone considering the program I would say, “Do it! Don’t even question yourself. The knowledge is priceless and very practical. The support is amazing and you will thank yourself when you are done!”

Dawn Daley, New Brunswick , Canada

My name is Renée and I enrolled in the HWLE program class of April 2018. I’m also a graduate of the FNE program, class of September 2016. I’m currently working full-time on assignment as a Program Coordinator for the Government. 

From an early age, I made the connection between lifestyle and good health (It’s important to note that exercise and nutrition are not the necessarily the cure for everything but they can have a positive impact on one’s overall physical and mental health). My own interest in this field grew in my early 20s when I started to experience health issues. At my worst, I had difficulty doing things most people take for granted such as being able to lift up my arms, walking across a room, reading a book and even breathing. I was eventually diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and several other issues. As result of this disease, my muscles on my left side atrophied. Over the years I’ve worked hard to regain what was lost and I attribute much of what I’ve been able to accomplish to a sound lifestyle, along with proper medical care.

I chose to get certified in nutrition as it’s one of my passions. I wanted to better understand how my body responds to food, be able to sort through all the noise in the media and learn to apply that knowledge on myself first. I also wanted to eventually give something back and help others who may feel overwhelmed by the abundance of  information out there and who might not know where to start. I’m a strong believer in addressing the whole person and meeting people where they’re at. It’s one thing give people information but it needs to be relevant to their current situation if they are to have any success. I think the ultimate goal is to cultivate long term habits with clients so that they eventually don’t need you at all.

After the positive experience with the FNE program, I was excited to learn that FIT CHICKS was also offering a nutrition program. Both programs are thorough and place an emphasis on practical experience. I felt that the HWLE program was a nice complement to the FNE curriculum. I also love all that FIT CHICKS stands for. At the core of their philosophy resides the importance of being a heart centred professional a belief which is very much aligned with mine.

All modules were great but I especially enjoyed learning about they way our hormones function as well as how to coach clients. The assignments were fun and by the time you’ve completed the course, you’ve built a complete toolkit that you can start to use immediately when coaching clients. One stand out moment was the awesome feeling upon completing the blood sugar management info sheet. I put in a lot of time and effort but in the end I had this document that could serve as a hand out to future clients. In the future I could even flush out the content to give a group info-session on blood sugar management.

I’m just about finished the course and I have several ideas on the backburner. However, at this point, I want to use the knowledge I gained from the course to fine tune a few things with respect to my health. 

Both the FNE and the HWLE program have had a positive impact in ways that I wouldn’t have thought. For instance, public speaking was something which I did not enjoy (or so I thought). In the past, I much preferred one-on-one mentoring and coaching, But thanks to both programs, I’m now at ease doing group facilitations and presentations and I can say that I actually enjoy it.

I contemplated taking the program for over a year and I’m so glad I did. If you’re passionate about nutrition and wellness and are looking for ways to round off your knowledge, it’s totally worth it. You’ll need to put in the effort but that applies to anything worthwhile.

I want to give big thanks to Laura, Sarah and Jennifer. Anytime I had questions they were promptly answered. I truly appreciate their support, encouragement and feedback.


Renee Longtin, Ottawa, ON 

My name is Jenn, and I graduated from the HWLE program in June of 2018. I’m currently a GoodLife associate looking to expand my career as a fitness expert. I also have a website called EnergeticPunch where I blog about life and fitness. I’m also a mom of 2 wonderful little boys so I have quite the busy life.

I always was a “foodie” that liked to put a healthy spin to my food. So looking at recipes and fitness blogs, I wondered if I could do such a thing because I light up whenever I talk about food and how it works in the body. When I stumbled upon FIT CHICKS , I knew I was on to something special. After being part of an info session, I knew that Laura was a genuine person that also had a passion for health and fitness. And that spoke to me more than anything could.

Going through the course, I loved anything that was related to nutrition and how macronutrients and micronutrients worked in the body. I really enjoyed Jennifer Papaconstantinou’s take on the gut was my absolute favorite. I was already pretty knowledgeable but I’m in total awe in how much I know now and happy to pass on the information.

My life has changed for the better in personal growth and career wise. I’ve decided to pursue a career in personal training and nutrition. Because I enjoyed the HWLE program so much because of the expansion of my knowledge in holistic nutrition, I’ve decided to expand my learning and become certified as a Fitness and Nutrition Expert.

I’d recommend this course for anyone interested in natural nutrition, wanting to expand their knowledge for a career in personal training, or even just for fun. The teachers are wonderful.

This certification has changed my life in many ways and I cannot wait to spread the wonderful information to friends, family, and clients. Greatest life decision I’ve ever made.

Jennifer Allain, Moncton, New Brunswick

Hey! I’m Miranda and I work as a nutrition coach and wellness educator and am the founder of Honestly Nutritious. I work with women who are struggling with digestive issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalance and acne and help them discover the healing power of food.

Helping people has been a passion of mine ever since I was passed from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me in my early 20s. I suffered from digestive distress, burnout, depression, canker sores and adult acne – and my diet was the number one contributor to it all! Since then I’ve been on a mission to help women struggling with the same issues, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to formally train in it. Enter FIT CHICKS!

I originally chose FIT CHICKS to obtain my fitness and nutrition certification, which I figured would be a great way to get into the health and fitness industry. Throughout the program, my passion for nutrition blossomed even more and it seemed like a no-brainer for me to continue on and get certified in their Holistic Weight Loss Expert program.

One of my favourite parts about the program was learning about the digestive system and how 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. Crazy, right?! I also loved the hands on assignments, including making probiotic sauerkraut and of course designing a delicious green smoothie, which is now a go-to many mornings. I found the program gave me so many tools to use in my business, but also in my personal life.

My knowledge in nutrition has grown immensely since first beginning the program and I’m 100 times more confident in my ability to coach clients successfully, helping them achieve their goals. I’m now happy to say that I truly am pursuing my passion and working in a field I absolutely love.

If you’re on the fence about taking the HWLE program or even the Fitness & Nutrition program with FIT CHICKS, I say go for it and take the leap ~ you won’t regret it!

Miranda Barrett, Honestly Nutritious, Okotoks, AB

My name is Shannon Fox and I am currently a Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert student, and also a Fitness & Nutrition Expert graduate. I love all things health, outdoors and being with my family.

I chose FIT CHICKS programs because they stand for all things positive when it comes to women’s health. The Holistic NutritionWeight Loss Expert program has been the best experience for me and my personal health. The information is very informative and exciting!

What I would say to those who are thinking about enrolling is…TAKE THE PLUNGE! It’s been the best decision I have made and there has only been positive outcomes from it. Laura, Amanda, and the entire FIT CHICKS community is where you want to belong. If I can do it, so can you!

Shannon Fox, Colorado, USA

I had the best time with this program! I was able to enhance my nutrition knowledge while still working full time. It has given me the tools to understand a wide array of issues that in the body that can be supported with the use of nutrition. By learning the different qualities of foods, and what food sensitives are lying under the surface I am able to see health & weight loss in a different perspective. All of this great knowledge from Laura Jackson and team gave my business a new edge! As a personal trainer, all I was able to offer clients was the physical fitness aspect. By adding this certification, I launched new programing called ‘Balanced Training’ that brings fitness, nutrition, and wellness together!  

Katelynn Cooper,  New York, NY –

“My name  Marja A. Oliden and I graduated from the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert program in March of this year. I am starting up Iron Rose which will be an online and in person weight-loss program for women. I have my first nutritional seminar booked in May for an all woman’s boot-camp class. I have also begin to collaborate with my brother who is a chef about putting together a collection of recipes/meal prepping book.

I was looking to get certified in nutrition because In my own pursuit to becoming healthy, fit and strong, I was trying to learn as much as I could about nutrition and there was so much conflicting information out there. I wanted to be able to navigate through all the BS and then I thought I oh this person can use this information and that person can use this. So I started looking for a program that I could learn from and in turn teach others. Also something that was in line with my philosophy of not just looking a one aspect of nutrition but taking a holistic approach and when I came across fit chicks it had to be divine intervention because it was so inline with what I wanted to learn and needed to know and so much more.

One stand out moment about the HWLE program was when I realized that I wanted to help empower and inspire woman to make positive lifestyle changes not only in nutrition but in all aspect of their lives to become the best versions of themselves…whatever that may be. By educating them on nutrition, mindset and healthy habits.

Since starting the HWLE program I have personally grown and learned so much about nutrition and myself. I have been empowered and inspired and taken charge of my health. I have been able to pass my knowledge to my two daughters to help them learn how to eat for health. Within the next couple of months I am hoping to generate an income.

If you are considering taking the HWLE program do it. I promise you, you will not regret it. I have learned so much from this program. The format of teaching is very easy and manageable.  I am truly grateful that I found this program.”

  Marja A. Oliden

I was attracted to take this program because it covered many topics that are not traditionally covered or discussed in basic fitness and nutrition courses and discussions – notably the roles of digestion and hormones in personal health, fitness and weight loss. I am the type of person who reads a lot and who is always learning, and I am pleased to report that I learned ALOT from this course. It has fuelled by desire to continue my education in holistic nutrition.  I also feel much more well-equipped to speak to the role of hormones and digestion in wellness and weight loss –  conditions that are commonly experienced by so many women.

As I took this course, I was able to learn more about my own body as well, and perform some useful self-experimentation. I have lived with digestive distress for parts of my adult life, and the content of this course has helped me piece it together a bit more, which in turn, I hope can help me to help other women out there with similar experiences. I now also have the tools to help educate other women.

Nikki Johnston Beaudoin,  Vancouver BC  –

Loved taking this program!  The main reason for taking it was for personal reasons.  I was trying to figure out what was going on with inside my body,Thru taking this program it helped me get to the next step in taking the right steps to getting back to where I was. Always learning and always expanding my horizons and my goal is to guide others with helping them achieve optimal health. Thanks Laura and team for everything!!

Christina S.  Calgary, AB  @coachchristinas

The Holistic Natural Weight Loss Expert Program is fantastic. The information packed into the classes is valuable. This program sets you up for success! It is a great addition to the FNE program which I also took and has helped me understand and use my knowledge for my programming that I have created for my clients. There is a lit of support from students, grads and of course Laura Jackson and Jenn.

Angela Aultman  Ontario, Canada – Aultimate Fitness & Nutrition

As like many courses offered by FitChicks, it was very detailed and specific and made you do the work to ensure you really understood the lessons. I really liked the way you had to learn the theory and then put it to practice. I found the course a lot of work but so worthwhile. I could confidently put someone on a program knowing that I providing the right advice for their specific situation. One of my highlights from the program was actually putting together the programs and the calculations to ensure the right amount of macros were assigned. It showed me how much time and work goes into these programs. The tailor made programs were designed to specifically to meet their needs and to make the program sustainable.  I enjoyed seeing the results of the people I put on a program. It has definitely changed the way that I eat and encourage others too as well.

Josie Holli, St Catharines, ON – Ready for Change Fitness & Nutrition

I actually had taken the FIT CHICKS Academy Fitness &Nutrition Expert program and what was great about that program is that it did deal with fitness, nutrition, wellness, and business. Now, you’re probably thinking, “Well, if it dealt with nutrition, why are you taking the FIT CHICKS Academy Holistic Weight Loss Expert program?” I’m going to tell you.

The reason is: The nutrition portion of the FNE program, it was great. It gave you enough tools to be able to help someone with nutrition. But I wanted more detail, and for the amount of time that they had, they couldn’t go through a lot of detail. So they provided you with enough, but if you wanted more, this is why you should be taking their Holistic Weight Loss Expert program, because as you will learn, whether you’re taking their FNE program or if you’re deciding to take their Holistic Weight Loss program; nutrition and weight loss. There’s so much more than as Laura Jackson beautifully describes “Calories in and Calories out.”

In this program, you’re going to learn about hormones. You’re going to learn about the mind, body, and gut connection. You’re going to learn about blood sugar management, but in such detail that you will be ready to coach your clients, if you choose to go through the business route. I have learned so much, and taking this, you learn how to write recipes. You actually … They actually give you a scenario where you’re basically, you’re able to coach somebody. It’s great practice, and that’s what I love about the FIT CHICKS Academy programs.

You get the practice, so every assignment that you do in the Holistic Weight Loss program is going to help you and better prepare you for once you start coaching people. The great thing is, is that you realize that nutrition is not a mystery. That there’s a science to it, and they help you understand the mystery.  You’re learning a lot of detail, but it’s simplified. So I encourage you to definitely, if you’re still not sure; attend the webinars, talk to either Laura Jackson or Amanda. They are two of the most down-to-earth women I have ever met. They’re so positive, and here’s the best thing. Once you enter into the FIT CHICKS world, you never want to leave.

It’s great. You are in a world where women are … You feel empowered, and they’re so motivating and so encouraging. So I encourage you to take that plunge. Even if you don’t want to pursue this as a business, the personal development and how you learn about how nutrition affects your body is amazing. What this program will do for you as well, is that it will free you from the rules that you have set up for yourself, because you start to realize … You will look at food differently, and you’ll start to realize that food is to fuel your body.”

Claudia Rulli, Shift & Turn Wellness, Aurora, ON

I found these two amazing women in FIT CHICKS, and I found them through doing a retreat.  There was all the physical activity that you were expecting, and then we sat down for the nutrition portion, and I was blown away, because here were women who were talking to me, and they shared the same food philosophy that I had finally adopted.

It was about eating real whole foods, the fat, the proper carbs, the protein and how they all work together. It just really solidified my food philosophy, and that’s why I fell in love with this company. I decided, because I do love to share my knowledge and it’s an outlet for me, I decided that I really wanted to take this holistic weight loss coach certification, especially tied it with all the struggles I’ve had since I’ve been a teenager, a girl growing up in this diet world and everything was fat free and low fat.

I was also addicted to sugar at the same time. This was this multi-year transition for me. I thought this is exactly what I want and what I want to learn more of. I think the biggest standout for me about this certification was yes, they talked about the same food philosophies I had, they talked about how to combine real foods. But they went so far beyond the weight loss piece of it, and the diet piece of it.

The  program goes into how to heal your body and from diabetics to high blood pressure, how to work with these foods to keep your body in the best running condition for health. Because ultimately, that is the most important part, is how healthy our insides are is what’s going to keep us going and keep us moving and doing all of the things that we want to do. 

I still have my day job, but what it’s allowed me to do is share this knowledge, which I love to do. I love to teach. I started doing Lunch and Learns through work, and we’re gearing up for eight weeks into summer as well. Giving me that platform because now I have this certification that backs me, and we have a joint health and safety at my work. Having this certification and reaching out to them and them reaching out me asking me, saying, “I know you’re certified and you have this piece of paper that really means something, especially from a course that really goes into the in-depth knowledge.”

Because sitting there at that table and then asking me, what is it that you can bring to these Lunch and Learns, and they had their own thoughts, and they asked me. I think my favorite question was, what do you think of the Canadian Food Guide? For all of you new to the program, I’m going to let you answer that question on your own. I know they’ve done some upgrades to it. It was a really standout moment for me, and I want to thank these amazing women who’ve put together this program.

If anybody’s considering the program, the one thing I would say is,  make sure it fits your food philosophy. If you’re looking for something where you can eat real food, if you’re looking for something that is going to teach you how to heal your body by eating, and learning how things contribute and support all through the foods you eat, to give yourself and others maximum health, this is the absolute program for you.

Not only that, is when you’re done program, the women support you through every endeavor long after you’ve graduated. The support you get, the guidance, the advice, is like nothing I could ever even imagine or experience. I would highly recommend this to anybody who’s looking for an amazing community of women, an amazing amount of knowledge, an incredibly Holistic and large amount of knowledge to support everything that you could possibly be interested in.

Jennifer Mulheron, Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Grad

We asked chicks to share their fave part of the course!

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