Project Description



I plan on offering 6 week HIIT programs, with the focus on strength training, along with personal whole health coaching, where I will work individually with clients on combining both food with personal fitness plans, in order to reach their goals.  I also plan on offering quarterly nutrition talks in my local area, with the topic being chosen in the session prior, by the participants.


I am most passionate about nutrition, and teaching those the importance of eating whole real foods, and how to balance and combine foods for blood sugar management.  I want to break this perception that “healthy foods” don’t taste as good!!


My favourite type of workout is definitely HIIT training.  It is the most effective way to change your body in the least amount of time.  However within that HIIT training, I like to focus on the heaviest weight I can, during my strength portions.


How do I pick just one!!!!???? I would have to say my favourite meal is usually a chicken salad.  I’m one of those people that truly enjoy a simple garden salad, with nothing fancy in it.  My favourite snack, right now, would be roasted coconut “chips”.  This is definitely my indulgence right now!


Hello, my name is Jen, and I’m a recent grad of the Fitness and Nutrition Expert program.

I currently teach an all-women’s kickboxing class, and am hosting a taste teaser of my upcoming 6 week HIIT program.  I also love to share my food and fitness philosophy’s, recipe’s and fun workout ideas on my open facebook page; Jenny – Food Fit Fab.

When I’m not sharing my love for whole real foods, or getting my sweat on, I can be found hiking through the trails of Algonquin park with my family and dog’s, planning my next sugar free food creation, or curled up with the latest suspense/romance novel.