Project Description



I would like to offer at home or gym workout programs and meal plans complete with before/ after pictures and measurements as well as continued support. I would also like to offer family coaching and also am looking to get my certification in “Strong by Zumba”.


I had so many struggles with body image, fitness, nutrition, and weight growing up and had no one to guide me to a healthy lifestyle as my parents were not informed in that area. I am passionate about educating and guiding people who are struggling with their journey. I also love working out so the fitness aspect of everything is an area that I feel most passionate about.


I love HIIT workouts and do these very often. I also love lifting. I am at the gym 6 days a week and incorporate both of these things into my workouts.


I love greek yogurt and I also make smoothies everyday! I also make taco salads a lot and chicken Fajitas without the tortilla. I really love food so I could probably sit here and list off foods all day.


Hello! My name is Michelle and I am a health and fitness enthusiast. I took the Fitness and Nutrition Expert course so that I could further my knowledge and pursue a career in Fitness. I have not yet started my company but I plan on getting everything together in the next couple of months. I aspire to be a personal trainer and I have struggled with my own personal journey of fitness and nutrition in the past. I can’t wait to guide others, who may also be struggling, on the path of fitness and nutrition.  When I am not working on pursuing my new career, I enjoy going on outdoor adventures, working out (Its my #1 hobby), and spending time with friends.