you are The Triple Threat

  • You understand the importance of a total approach to health including fitness, nutrition & wellness
  • You approach health from all angles
  • You love yoga, meditation, natural foods, essential oils, mindset and all things health and wellness
  • You want to help people build the connection between all areas of health


The Triple Threat are best suited for roles where they are able to showcase all of their passion for health and wellness. They want to make a difference and know that they can only do so with a holistic focus and approach to health.


When looking for clients, look for clients that are passionate and committed to their results and want to be educated. Clients that see this is a new lifestyle not just a quick fix.


Typical Blindspots: teaching too much information at once and causing overwhelm in clients. You must learn to hold back a little and give information  in bite sized pieces to allow clients to ease into this new lifestyle.


Mantras for The Triple Threat:

  • Exercise and healthy eating is a privilege not a punishment
  • I will teach others the importance of health without the sacrifice of self


If you answered mostly B’s you areThe Transformer 

  • You were never necessarily sporty of athletic growing up 
  • You have gone through your own fitness transformation that has changed you physical, mental and / or emotion
  • You understand the power of fitness and health from your own experience and know the amazing impact it can have on others
  • You want to shout all of the information and call out burpee counts from rooftops to show others what’s possible


The Transformer are best suited for roles in which their clients really need something a little more than just weights and cardio, they also need a community, friend and someone to meet them where they are at. They want to be the coach but also the cheerleader.


When looking for clients, look for clients that convey a desire for community and have something that has been holding them back from making a change. Relay to them your story and how impactful it has been for you to make this change and how you can truly relate as you were once there yourself.


Typical Blindspots: You are someone who wears your heart on your sleeve so it is tough for you to create boundaries. Getting too emotionally invested in your clients that it begins to affect your own personal well being or your business model if you begin to offer free services in order to continue to help them. 


Mantras for The Transformer:

  • I feel good when I do good
  • Health has changed me, it is my turn to help change others now