Hey chicks,

it is not often i feel super nervous about an interview, the last one that really got me with sweaty palms were the ones I did with the amazing Kaelin Poulin of Lady Boss  but for some reason I felt nervous to do this interview with Devoreaux.

I know this was all internal based but something I wanted to address. I kept thinking, she is the Modern Lady what will she think of me? Will she think I am a hot mess since I wear yoga pants daily, curse on the regular and dont always have my ish together?

That is when it hit me, it really doesn’t matter it is what I think of myself and how I feel that truly matters.

And the amazing thing is during this interview Devoreaux who is so put together in her A line dresses and structured hand bags also believes the same thing. In this interview we address mindset, comparison and yes she does give me some pointers for a few classic pieces I can invest in for times outside of yoga pants.

Main Points:

  • Why mindset has everything to do with how you present yourself
  • Why comparing yourself to others is a losing battle
  • How to feel successful in your journey
  • Why dressing a certain way does not dictate the way you feel
  • The one thing you need to do to become more comfortable in your skin today
  • Her insight into the classic wardrobe pieces that never go out of style
  • Her final tip for living the modern lady lifestyle


About Devoreaux Walton

Devoreaux Walton is an author and confidence coach who serves as the CEO and Founder at The Modern Lady, a lifestyle company that educates and empowers women to live their best lives. Walton and her team teach women worldwide how to elevate their lives with elegance – helping them to unlock and unleash their feminine power through coaching, courses and community. Walton knows the power of mindset, wardrobe and charisma, and teaches timeless life principles for women to upgrade the essence of their chic selves to truly thrive. A Spelman College graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Washington University in St. Louis graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Walton is candid about sharing lessons learned from her corporate career at Google and IBM to inform and inspire her clients. A southern belle from Atlanta, Georgia, Walton currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her Maltipoo daughter, Nyla.






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