FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 508 – 10 Ways to Instantly Feel Better & Decrease Stress To Hit Your Weight Loss Goals

  Ready to dive into the connection with feeling awesome and shedding stress pounds?  We're talking about oxytocin, aka the "love hormone." You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when your dog gives you [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 507 – The Secrets To Becoming a Confident Coach At Any Age or Stage In Life

  Today is a special replay of a recent live training we hosted in our Holistic Fitness Coach Week all about the steps we took to becoming a confident coach and how you can follow [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 506 – Fitness Trends We Love and Others We Wish Would Disappear For Good

  Today on FIT CHICKS Chat we are sharing some common fitness trends and beliefs people have when it comes to their health that we wish would either disappear or at the very least shift [...]

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