FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 438 – Why Fad Diets Fail and What to Do Instead, Interview with Risa Groux

Today on FIT CHICKS Chat we are joined by Risa Groux, CN, Functional Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Coach as well as author of Foodframe, Diet Is A Four Letter Word, talking all about fad diets. [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 437 – The 4 Weight Loss Coaching Myths (and what you should do instead)

Even after being in the nutrition & health coaching industry for 15 years, we STILL hear the same buzz words, tactics and beliefs thrown around when it comes to weight loss. They are like urban [...]

FIT CHICKS Chat Episode 434 – Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Tool: Building Weight Loss Approved Green Smoothies

In holistic weight loss coaching there is a HUGE difference between giving your client a plan and them ACTUALLY following it.  The most effective nutrition & weight loss coaches know how to take these complicated [...]

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