Today on FIT CHICKS Chat we are joined by Risa Groux, CN, Functional Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Coach as well as author of Foodframe, Diet Is A Four Letter Word, talking all about fad diets.

Risa shares with us everything about the 6 most common fad diets on the market today, why they have become so popular, and the best eating approach to adopt or avoid based on your health or any particular health issues you might be facing, as well as why a holistic approach is necessary.

In FIT CHICKS Academy, we teach that the holistic approach is the best approach to any lifestyle and share all of this information in our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coaching certification. In the certification we cover how to heal the body from the inside out, using food as medicine with weight loss being a by-product of creating a balanced diet and body. 

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About Risa Groux

Risa Groux, CN is a Functional Nutritionist and Certified Autoimmune Coach in private practice in Newport Beach, California. She has always been passionate about nutrition and good health. Risa was so concerned about purity that she made her children’s baby food from scratch. Today she is passionate about cooking and creating healthy, nutritious food.

She works with a wide array of clients from professional athletes, adults, and kids to the Biggest Loser from season four. Risa works with issues like diabetes, autoimmune disease, cancer, digestion, thyroid, and hormone imbalances, to name a few.

Risa firmly believes that the body can heal itself with whole foods we obtain from the earth and sees living proof of that in her office each day. She looks at root causes using functional nutrition guidelines, blood and stool tests, and knows that weight loss is a side effect of wellness.

You can learn more about Risa at Facebook @risagrouxnutrition ; Twitter @RisaGroux ; Instagram @risagrouxnutrition ; YouTube Channel

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