FIT CHICKS Friday “Post Turkey Tabatas” HIIT Workout

Hey Chicks, Hope you had an amazing Christmas! Today we have a quick workout to get you back into the habit of daily workouts after the holidays. This 16 minute full body workout uses 4 different Tabatas (which are 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times!). One is for lower body, one upper body, one cardio and one core! Feel free to sub out a different exercise too to create your own workout. Remember to choose your own intensity (but [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #173: Is “Imposter Syndrome” holding you back from creating your dream biz?

    “Imposter syndrome” is very common among women and even more common among entrepreneurs.  So what is it? To put it simply, it is the experience of feeling like a fraud—you feel [...]

FIT CHICKS CHAT EPISODE #174: Navigating Holiday Nutrition: How to Enjoy the Holidays without Gaining Weight

   Do you finish December feeling like a stuffed sausage? While the holidays are amazing to enjoy time celebrating with your friends and family, the parties, booze and constant food can seriously [...]

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