EPISODE #23 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Top 4 Reasons to Skip a Workout… and not feel guilty about it!

Hey Chicks, Skip a workout & not feel guilty?! Yes you read that correctly! There are times that DOING a workout can be more harm than good...and we are here to tell you when that is [...]

EPISODE #21 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Guest Interview with North America’s Gluten Free Expert, Kathy Smart!

Hey Chicks, Do you really know what gluten is?  Do know where it is hiding? Is it really healthier to be gluten free or is this just a marketing craze? Well you have questions so we brought [...]

GRAD SPOTLIGHT – Liz Hammond Testimonial and “2nd Date” Cauliflower Bowl Recipe (Vegetarian, high fibre)

Hey Chick, What do you get when you put together love, healthy recipes and our sweet FNE grads?  An INCREDIBLE, delicious must make recipe that will have your date coming back for  seconds:) Today we [...]

EPISODE #20 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Why Fiber is so FIERCE for fat loss & health!

Hey Chicks, One thing we LOVE talking about at the Coop is POOP (I know it sounds crazy but it is one of the BIGGEST indicators of your digestive health!) so when this week’s question [...]

EPISODE #19 – FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast: Your Hot 10 Health Questions answered by the Head Chicks!

Hey Chicks, We love your q's so this episode is dedicated to 10 of your hot health questions for us! From all of the emails, facebook messages and tweets, there are so many awesome questions [...]

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