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Do you really know what gluten is?  Do know where it is hiding? Is it really healthier to be gluten free or is this just a marketing craze?

Well you have questions so we brought in a special guest to the podcast today, North America’s Gluten Free Expert, Best Selling Author of the cookbook “Live The Smart Way” and appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, Kathy Smart to walk you the through the truth about gluten free living…and it may not be what you think!

There is nothing we love more (other than helping women reach their full potential!) than meeting other women who are spreading the healthy love in the industry.  And there are few women that we love more than our health girl crush, Kathy.

In addition to being a registered holistic nutritionist,  Canada’s 2015 Fitness Presenter of the Year (along side her American Counterpart Jillian Michaels),  regular health & wellness contributor to The Huffington Post, founder of the Live the Smart Way Expo who works NON STOP to help educate and transform people lives through healthy living,  Kathy’s passion for helping others understand gluten and gluten free living stems from her own diagnosis of Celiac Disease.

In this episode Kathy really helps breakdown for you and understand the truth behind gluten including:

  • Her story with celiac disease,  how she got into the nutrition industry and what is your mission with your work
  • Gluten 101 – what is it, where it is found (sneaky places included) and what it does in your body
  • Why “Gluten Free” it is all the rage right now and is it really healthier?
  • How to transition to a gluten free lifestyle
  • What her Top 5 “Got to” gluten free foods are and how you can swap them in & out of your diet
  • How she personally balances her health, wellness, fitness with all of the amazing things you do in your work and personal life

It is an action packed podcast PACKED with so much great info to help you understand the truth gluten (more than just what the marketing tells you!) so we HIGHLY recommend you listen to this one!

Also, download a FREE pdf of Kathy’s Cookbook at www.LiveTheSmartWay.com that is consists of tons of delicious gluten and wheat free recipes. 

In Toronto?  Meet Kathy in person at the Live The Smart Way Expo where she will be chatting about why you may not be losing weight. For free tickets at www.LiveTheSmartWayExpo.com

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