Hey Chicks,

Skip a workout & not feel guilty?! Yes you read that correctly!

There are times that DOING a workout can be more harm than good…and we are here to tell you when that is so you can get the max results during your workouts and during rest.

Sometimes you just need a break. Things are hectic.  Your schedule is crazy.

And what is the first thing to fall off your agenda?  Your exercise routine.

What we are talking about in this podcast is still prioritizing YOUR health as a non negotiable on your to do list (aka try your best to keep moving even during the most trying times…it will help you feel better. We promise.) but WHEN you should take a day off because it is not benefiting.

Exercise is a stress on the body. It is that “stress” also known as overload that helps it change (ie build a stronger heart, stronger muscles, reshape yourself, etc).

But there are times that that “stress” is not a good idea to add in the mix. This is the time you want to be skipping 1 – 3 days of workouts.

Why not a week or 2? Well first of all,  according to the Journal of Applied Physiology up to one week of non exercising will not cause a major set back.  

That said, after 14 days you can significantly reduce your overall cardio, lean muscle mass and insulin sensitivity (think of all those hard results you have worked for!) And taking it even further, it would take about 2 months total to see complete loss of your fitness overall….and we def don’t want that!

So how do you know when is the prime time to skip a workout or take a break?  You have to listen to find out!

In this episode, the Head Chicks take you through:

  • The Top 4 reasons you should skip your workout and NOT feel guilty about it
  • How to recognize the signs in your body when it is time to slow down
  • What you should be doing instead to stay active so not to sabotage your workout efforts so far but also keep from the dreaded burnout
  • Why skipping workouts when needed is so important to fat loss and fitness

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo