The transition into menopause and the challenges it presents is one of the hottest topics in fitness, health and wellness coaches right now.  With a lack of education options and understanding of women’s health, coaches are struggling to support their clients during this season of life. 

In this 2 part series, we are joined by Naturopathic Doctor and FIT CHICKS Academy Educator, Dr. Cheryl explores the profound impact of menopause on personal well-being and coaching clients,  breaks down common misconceptions and sheds light on the healthcare gap in menopause education and why it is needed now more than ever.

Plus you learn about the stages of reproductive aging, the length of perimenopause and menopause, and why understanding these phases is crucial for holistic health. We also introduce you to the 7 Menopause Transition Archetypes and how every client has different needs when it comes to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and habits to reach their personal goals. If you are in perimenopause or menopause OR you coach clients over 40- this is a must listen!

Ready to dive deeper? If you’re a coach with female clients 40+ and looking to make a lasting impact on your clients’ lives, or if you’re simply curious for your own menopause transition, make sure you also sign up for our FREE live info session to go inside our brand new certification, the Holistic Perimenopause & Menopause Coaching Certificate. Save your seat at



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*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise or nutrition program