As a stay at home mom, sometimes it can feel as though you lose yourself in the day to day.

You continue to put your dreams, aspirations and ideas on the back burner so you can stay focused on the family’s needs. 

Kai, a graduate of our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coaching program also felt this same way, until one day she decided to go for it. To dust off her dreams and follow her passion to help others, outside of her home, get healthy and fit. Kai got certified as a Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach and since then has built her coaching business, Lady K Fitness where she offers fitness, nutrition and wellness coaching.

Since following her passions, she has not only felt a great sense of accomplishment for completing her certification and starting her business but she has also noticed how much her family, friends and others listen when she shares about health and wellness. Listen now for  more of Kai’s aha moments when it came to transitioning from stay at home mom to fierce business owner.

All dreams are possible, it is time to bring them back to the forefront. Enrollment is open right now for the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coaching program at Classes are starting on October 30th so register today and lets make those dreams a reality.


BIO – Kai Grosse

Kai Grosse is the Founder of Lady K Fitness where she offers group fitness programs, personal training and holistic nutrition programs for clients. Soon to also be offering up transformation programs featuring menopause, gut health and living your best holistic life. 

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