Hey Chicks,

One thing we LOVE talking about at the Coop is POOP (I know it sounds crazy but it is one of the BIGGEST indicators of your digestive health!) so when this week’s question came in from Susie regarding fibre, we were PUMPED to get to down and dirty with it….no pun intended 🙂

 “Quick q – I keep hearing that I should be eating a high fibre diet but I am not sure a) what to eat and b) what types of fibre I need to be eating and c) how much do I need each day?….too much confusing info out there so please break it down for me!” – Susie Winnipeg, MB

Not to worry chicks, we aren’t dedicating a whole podcast to poop talk but fibre is one of the MOST important things to get in your diet to promote it (not to mention is also is effective for fat loss, ensures healthy digestion and balances blood sugar!)

In this episode, the Head Chicks take you why fibre is so fierce (in addition to going to the bathroom!), how you can incorporate the RIGHT types of fibre in your life for max results, how much fibre your need on the daily and awesome natural places it is hiding where you don’t even know it, doing the right exercise is also essential for this, and using equipment like this exercise ball could be great to find to improve your routine and your body.

Understanding fibre is one of the easiest ways to change your health and detox your body so get comfy and ready to listen! See below for details and click on the player to listen or subscribe to Itunes to download weekly






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