Hey Chicks!

Today we are talking about a principle that FIT CHICKS Academy co-founder has used to not only lose 50 pounds but keep it off!

What is the secret? It’s something we like to call your “Core 4 Meals”.

So what is a core 4 meal?

A core 4 meal is a go-to meal that fit’s the following criteria:

  1. In line with your goals
  2. Balanced with protein fibre in fat
  3. You can make it anywhere, anytime
  4. It tastes delicious and your actually like to eat it

You are creating your Core 4 meals – a breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. That way you always have something to fall back on when you get busy and don’t know what to eat.  When you are busy you can easily throw these together, and you can also play around with the ingredients to alter the meals to keep some variety in your life!

For example:

Breakfast: Protein powder, oats and flax

Lunch: Bagged salad, grilled chicken breast and vinagrette

Snack: Green smoothie

Dinner: Salmon, rice and broccoli


We’d love to hear you share what your core 4 meals are!



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