Having had a back injury for about 1.5 years, I remember how frustrating and overwhelming it felt to get started back into a workout routine. Feeling that my workouts were limited, my ability was lacking and my fear was in high gear of risking injury to myself again.

Today, we chat with Rafal Matuszewki, owner of Restore Rehabilitation and Wellness and host of Cut The Sh*t Get Fit Podcast all about what it takes to get moving again after rehabilitating from an injury.

We chat about the process, what to look for in a program and things to avoid when getting back to a training program / or starting a new program.

I am so grateful for the rehabilitation I had in place to get moving again, as movement is my meditation and we share today’s episode for anyone who may be struggling to get started or recover from an injury to show you what might be possible for you as well.


Bio: Rafal Matuszewski

Movement is medicine. I firmly believe that many people who deal with pain can improve their quality of life by simply moving. There are fundamental patterns as humans we should be able to perform. But, in today’s world, we live in, we are set up for failure. Being able to squat, crawl, climb, lunge, push, pull, and of course lifting things off the floor are all movement qualities we used to possess, but quickly lose as we age and become inactive. I coach patients and clients from the ground up. Build the fundamentals first, then challenge the system. ​

The last 12 years of my career I’ve seen clients from all walks of life. Weight loss, strength, performance, rehabilitation, you name it. All have different goals and outcomes, but all follow the same training principles for building foundational movement patterns. As a trainer obsessed with helping others who suffer from painful movement, I bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance. My ultimate goal is to have you moving and feeling better, faster so you can enjoy life and get back to activity.

To learn more about Rafal Matuszewski visit https://www.theironcladbody.com/ or follow on social @cuttheshitgetfitpodcast

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*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise or nutrition program