We are so proud of all of our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification Grads! To celebrate their amazing achievements and inspire YOU as to what is possible for your life when you take action and follow your passion, we are featuring some of our amazing grads case studies who have had great success in creating their dream fitness & nutrition businesses since graduating from the certification to show how you can too.

This week we are excited to introduce you to,  Dougmary Esquijarosa who has gone from working a job with no freedom to creating her own schedule through her Fitness Training Business!

The Before…

Before signing up for the Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program Dougmary was overweight and struggling with her own health. As a busy mom she had a full and hectic schedule and she was working a job that didn’t give her the freedom she craved.

Results after taking the fitness & nutrition expert program…

  • Proved to herself that she can do this and that even though English is her second language, it would not deter her from going after her dreams
  • She quit her full time job and fully committed to her business offering in person training and SOLD OUT nutrition workshops
  • Fell in love with fitness and nutrition and is now at her healthiest
  • Getting her clients exceptional results and teaching them lifelong habits
  • Generating between 10-12k a month in revenue

Dougmary is just one of 100’s of FIT CHICKS Academy grads from around the world who have gone from zero experience to getting certified & starting their coaching businesses in as little as 90 days…and you can too!

Ready to start creating YOUR dream life, health and fitness business? Download our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Certification brochure here to learn how you can become a successful, certified *triple threat* fitness & nutrition coach and start your business from the day you graduate!

You can learn more about Dougmary and her programs on FB and Instagram @workingmoms.weightloss