Hey Chicks,

Does this sound familiar….a couple of weeks go by on your new plan and you are crushing it, you are following your meal plan and your pants are getting looser…then BAM!

Life throws you a curveball. Your kids get sick, you get a new stressful project at work, or you just got busy and didn’t have time to do your weekly meal prep.

So what do you do?

With no food prepared and nothing going as planned, you fall back to old habits and find yourself at the drive through at dinner, promising yourself again that you will start on Monday….If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail…. We’ve all heard this, but what if you just didn’t have time to plan? In this episode, the Head Chick introduce you the #1 Nutrition Technique that will Set You up for Fail-proof Success in any Situation…introducing the Core 4!

This one simple, easy to apply nutrition strategy will make sure you are set up for success every single day for your fat loss goals and you can start implementing it today!

What is the “Core 4”?

The Core 4 is your basic plan. It’s a list of 4 meals that fit your nutritional needs, are easy to prepare, taste delicious, and you enjoy eating!
When you have no plan, you can always resort to eating your “Core 4” to keep crushing your goals.

Your “Core 4” Should include a breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack that works for you!
“Core 4” Meal Planning Guidelines
Each of your meals needs to contain a protein, fat and fibre
Each meal should be the appropriate portion size for you and your goals
Each meal should taste delicious (you have to LIKE eating it!)
Each meal should be fast & easy to prepare
Each meal should be made up of ingredients you usually have on hand

We teach method in our FIT CHICKS Challenge to make sure our clients are always set up for success, no matter what!


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*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program