Hey Chicks,

In Episode 4 of FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast, we are chatting about one of the biggest things standing in the way of YOUR fat loss (and it isn’t eating drinking too much vino and ice cream).  We are talking about the big bad “S’ work….stress! (Missed episode 1 & 2? Get caught up here 🙂

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Do you really know what stress is doing to your body?  Are you struggling to lose weight, can’t sleep, skin probs, hormone issues or just feel negative all the time?  If you are not taking managing your stress and emotions seriously then you will never be able to reach your health, weight loss or fitness goals.  But guess what, it doesn’t have to be hard – you just have to be addressing your stress in the right ways and it will never be a prob again!

In Episode 4, we will show you things you can DO today so you can finally have the space to become the fierce, positive, inspiring chick you are meant to be.:

I. How to manage stress naturally without pills, powders or panic
ii. The secret to turning fat gaining negative stress into positive for a mindset of success
iii. How we overcame lifelong struggles through these SIMPLE techniques to become the fierce chicks we are today…& you can too!







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