Hey Chick,

Do drink protein powders but fin you may be bloated, gassy or just feel you are relying on them too much to get your protein in?

Are you confused by what these protein powders are and how they are processed such whey vs brown rice protein OR casein vs pea protein to name a few?

With green smoothies and protein filled drinks being all the rage, you are prob feeling a little (or a lot!) lost as to how you can get protein in your bevvies without having to always use a powders.

Don’t worry chick- most people are!

In this 45 min episode, we are going to take you through how protein powder is made & why it might be causing you tummy troubles, what to look for if you are purchasing a supplement and our Top 5 faves non powder protein sources to add to your smoothies to rev up your metabolism and build lean muscle.

This is a must listen for anyone looking to boost their nutrition and / or help your clients too (this is prob one of the most asked questions we get!)


Click on the player below to listen to this awesome podcast about how to maximize your protein power minus the powder!





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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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