Cardio or strength training first? 

I stepped on the scale today and it went up and not down like I had hoped, ugh. I must be doing something wrong, but what?

I didn’t sweat today that means I didn’t work hard enough, right? 

I am going to crunch until the cows come home that will get me the results I want, right? 

The elliptical says I burned 500 calories, they are always so accurate, right? 

There is so much confusion in the health and fitness industry, with so many mixed messages out there it can be so hard to figure out what is actually true or false.

Today we are breaking down some of the most common myths we have heard over the years and answering not only why they are a myth but also what to do differently. 

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise or nutrition program