Hey Chicks,

At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing the creative smoothie recipes our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert students whip up in their blenders! Today we are excited to share this recipe from recent Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program  grad Cathy Hebert.

“I’ve always had a bit of an interest in nutrition but found the volume of learning there is to do really overwhelming.  My own struggles with food, fear, and thinking that I would never “get it” kept stopping me from moving forward.  Then I thought I was too old to start learning about such a complicated subject.

When I read the HWLE brochure I was drawn to it because I felt the course would give me a good understanding of some sound nutrition principles without being too “sciencey”.  I was not disappointed.

The course material was presented in such a way that I was actually able to grasp concepts that I had previously struggled with.   The assignment on blood sugar management and the final practical assignment gave me so much more confidence than I had before.

I have become so much more aware of how the way I was eat affects  so many areas of my life and that awareness of has helped me start the healing process of my own body.  I realized that I could learn about nutrition, understand it, and share that knowledge with other people.  This was really exciting for me! I knew once I finished the course that nutrition was the path that I wanted to pursue and that I wanted to learn more.  After putting it off for a long time, I have started studying to be a Holistic Nutritionist!”



Thank you so much for sharing, Cathy!

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