Hey Chicks,

At FIT CHICKS Academy we love seeing the creative smoothie recipes our Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert students whip up in their blenders! Today we are excited to share this recipe from recent Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program  grad Barbara Zaseybida.

“Hello, my name is Barbara, mother of 2 teenage daughters and lover of health and wellness. I have had a fascination with nutrition since I can remember, partly because I love food but mostly because I learned that proper nutrition could help me heal my body to go into remission from an auto immune disease. My 25 year career in the film/tv industry surrounds me with unhealthy food daily and when I went gluten free in 2005 I knew I had to prepare my own food or be sick. Due to my busy schedule, the first recipe I concocted was a green smoothie I could whip up on the run. The Green Machine weight loss smoothie covers every aspect of nutrition from macro nutrients to micronutrients and fibre. It pairs perfectly with a busy lifestyle and gives me an extra boost when i just can’t get to the gym.
Jumping into both Fitchicks programs, Holistic Weight Loss and Nutrition as well as Fitness and Nutrition, my combined knowledge to be a certified weight loss expert and personal trainer have come together to give me a solid start to my new career. I hope to inspire others to choose health and take preventative measures to ensure a happy life.”


Thank you so much for sharing, Barbara

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