Today on Fit Chicks Chat we are talking all about what you can and can not coach when it comes to nutrition.



As a fitness professional or health coach, there is a lot of discussion around what you can and can not coach in when it comes to nutrition and the question that is asked the most is:

“Am I allowed to give nutrition advice to my clients?”

The answer is YES!

As fitness professionals and holistic health coaches, we help our clients take control of their bodies and their lives.

As a Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert or Fitness & Nutrition Expert, you are an expert in healthy eating & healthy lifestyle behaviour change and providing nutrition advice to clients who are otherwise healthy is one of the most essential aspects of your role.

However, fitness professionals and health coaches are not qualified or legally covered to provide advice regarding a client’s medical care or their treatment. This does not mean that you cannot work with your clients to achieve their health goals, as most of their health issues stem from the consumption of the Standard American and living predominantly sedentary lifestyles.

Dietitians work in a clinical setting,  are able to prescribe, treat and diagnose and generally help people who have already been diagnosed with a medical condition or chronic disease.

Fitness Professionals and Health Coaches help people improve their health and fitness through (but not limited to) promoting healthy eating, sharing nutritious recipes, educate with sample meal plans, health choices and portion control, changing food behaviour and achieving your health goals in order to prevent obesity and chronic disease.

Our role as fitness professionals and health coaches is to provide our clients with advice on how to live the healthiest lives possible, and this includes giving nutrition advice.

In this episode,  we are busting through the confusion into how nutrition fits in to your fitness & health coaching, what are the grey areas and where you can find the right info for your area.  


Important to note:  Different areas have different regulations on what type of nutrition advice can be given, and it’s important to be fully aware of the legislation in your local area. Additionally, nothing said in this article or podcast should be taken as legal advice, so speak with a lawyer familiar with the laws in regulations in your local jurisdiction if you have any questions whatsoever about what you can and cannot do as a fitness professional or  health coach where you live.

Amanda and Laura xo

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*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program