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Have you dreamed about getting certified and working as a fitness instructor but hold back starting in the industry because of the belief that you have to work in gym or you can not make a serious income as a fitness instructor or that you will need a TON of clients to even get close to your goal? Make sure you get a massage chair at heyfits and use it after your daily workout to loose your muscles.

Well in this episode, we are taking you behind the scenes to the 4 ways that they used to make over $5000 a month as fitness instructors within months of starting their business with as little as 20 clients all while never stepping foot in a gym, building a health business they absolutely love and growing year over year to help you get clear on what is possible for YOU and get over the fear of taking the leap to becoming a certified fitness & nutrition coach!  


When we started FIT CHICKS Bootcamp in 2008, there were 2 things we knew for sure.  #1 – We wanted to create our own group fitness business and #2 – we never wanted to work in a gym.  That then led to…ok that all sounds great but how the heck are we going to actually be able to support ourselves without having the “help” of a gym setting to help us find clients, facilitate classes and maximize our time (there was only the 2 of us and to take on 20 personal training clients a day while still working our “grown up jobs” just wasn’t possible.  Both time wise and energy wise)

This was when we went to work to create a business model and approach to our fitness business that would make us the most money, serve the most clients and preserve our energy all in one…..insert the 4 ways we earned our first 5k / month without ever having to work in a gym and we accomplished this within 60 days of starting.

#1 –  Teaching a Group Fitness Bootcamp PROGRAM

The key is in the word PROGRAM.  This is not just a class or drop ins which is a big mistake people have when teaching fitness.  When you know how to structure your fitness classes as a “program”, you can charge upfront for the duration of your program and avoid worrying about if people are going show up, how much you will earn that month or if you can cover any costs associated with your classes. 

We started FIT CHICKS Bootcamp and created it with structure that made it super appealing to those who wanted amazing personal attention but in a group setting.  It included 2 workouts per week, at home workout maps for days not in class, pre and post measurements, recipes and meal plan ideas, education, support from their Chick Sergeant. This gave the program more value and we were able to charge $160 for a 4 week program.  

We were able to teach and train 20 women in a 60 min class.  That means instead of the $25 – $50 an hour for 1 client, we would charge approx $20 a class for 20 women (Aka $400 / hour!)

Ok now let’s look at the math….

Group fitness program is 1 hour with  2x per week for 4 weeks and you have low rental costs as you can teach indoor or outdoor and you don’t need to invest a ton of start up

Earnings:  With a class of 20 people at $20 per class ($160 for the program) that is $3200 a month (and remember that is working 2 hours a week so you have LOTS of time to do whatever it is you choose or run another time slot and double your income!)


#2 – Online Fitness and Nutrition Challenges

When you have a group already that is engaged in your program, you need to have other programs or products to sell them that will compliment what you are offering for your clients or you are missing huge revenue opportunity.  

Your current clients love you.  They trust you.  And you may not believe it but they do want MORE from you!

This is why we love online fitness and nutrition challenges to also run with your in person clients PLUS this allow you to bring new people into your world that don’t have access to your live program in your area.  

In addition to our FIT CHICKS Bootcamp, we would run a monthly 28 Day Total Body Clean Up Challenge that focused on the nutrition or a 28 Day Pedometer Challenge to get in 10k a day for a month or our 4 Week Transformation Challenge.

The key is it can’t take away from your in person but compliment it so it is a natural progression for your current clients to invest BUT it has to be something that can also stand alone so those who aren’t in your classes can sign up online and follow along.

Now the biggest cost here is the TIME it takes to first create your online program but once it is done, you can use it again and again so it is totally worth the work

Earnings:  We charged anywhere from $37 – $197 for our challenge. With 20 people in the Challenge that is between $740 – $3940 / month

BONUS- You don’t even have to write your challenge! You can purchase a done for you challenge  like our 28 day Total Body Clean Up Challenge and start running it right away with clients!


#3 – Run a Workshop (live or online)

Fitness Instructors have sooo much knowledge that goes beyond just teaching a class.  Weight loss, muscle building, pre or post natal, how to meal prep, set your kitchen up for success, the power of green smoothies, how to do a proper push up or squat…there are sooo many topics! 

Like we said earlier, if your clients already love you – they want more from you so give it to them.  

This can be done via an online platform like Zoom or you can run it live following a bootcamp class so they are more likely to stay or show up.

Earnings: 1- 2 hour Workshops can range anywhere from $25 – $147.  With 20 people at your workshop that is anywhere from $500 – $2940 / month


#4 – Affiliate Programs

Many fitness instructors are scared of the idea of affiliate programs and think they are not big enough but if you love any products and are recommending them to your clients, you are marketing for that company so you should get some money back!

Think about it: Protein Powders, supplements, water bottles, cooking equipment, watches, timers, etc …how many of these products do you use and get asked about which ones to get.  

You can start today by simply setting up an amazon store and you can send them links or check out the websites of the products you use under the “Site Map” section at the bottom of the homepage and see how you can apply to become an affiliate.  It usually takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the application and you are instantly approved

Earnings:  Depending on how you are incorporating products, this could vary but approx 50 – 100 dollars in revenue.

So there it is..The 4 Ways that Made us over $5000 a month as Fitness Instructor without having to work at a gym and it is not just us.

We have so many of our FIT CHICKS Academy Fitness and Nutrition expert grads who got certified, have built amazing businesses using these same simple techniques and have never stepped foot in a gym.  

It is possible Chick.  If we did, so can you!

To find out how you can get certified and become a fitness and nutrition coach and build a biz you love, download our full program brochure at www.fitchicksacademy.com/fnebrochure

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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