Hey Chicks,

Are you a certified fitness professional create your own bootcamp program but don’t know where to start? Last week Head Chick Amanda did a 7 part series LIVE on Facebook with tips each day to get you started building your own program! If you missed it you can binge watch below.

But before you do ANYTHING else, we want you to get your FREE copy of “The FIT CHICKS Build Your Fitness Bootcamp Success Blueprint “this will help support the learning in the videos and get you on the road to creating your signature program!

Day One: Should you focus on personal training or group fitness?

Day Two: Do you even have a program?

Day Three: What makes YOU different?

Day Four: Are you spending HOURS writing workouts?

Day Five: Do you need equipment?

Day Six: Do you have a SIGNATURE program?

Day Seven: Are you waiting to be perfect?

If you want to learn more we invite you to join “FIT CHICKS Academy – Female Fitness Pro Program & Biz Building” our private Facebook group of fitness professionals looking to learn and grow their businesses together.

Hope to see you there!
Laura & Amanda xo