Hey Chicks,

This week on the Podcast, we are hitting a topic that is VERY close to our hearts…. breaking the cycle of body shaming, dieting and learning to love the skin we are in.

This is not a FLUFFY topic as many peeps brush it off to be and we chat about it a lot in our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program.  It affects not only the way we feel about ourselves but our careers, relationships, mental health and so much more. Without the right mindset and self love, you will never reach your true potential and health (remember it starts from the inside out!) and you CAN once you learn the tools to LOVE your body.

We knew we had to cover this topic and wanted to give you the best of the best in support and insight so we reached out to one of our serious girl crushes and leaders in the body positivity movement, the incredible Summer Innanen.




Summer is a Body Image Coach, host of the fierce podcast “Fearless Rebelle Radio“, best selling author and above all, her life’s work is dedicated to giving women the tools and power to break the diet cycle and practice self love and acceptance to live their best lives.

We had the opportunity a while back to be interviewed on her podcast where Laura chatted a lot about her personal journey and experience with doing fitness competitions and we absolutely loved her humor, strong but warm approach to anti – body shaming and her social media posts will KILL you with laughter while tackiling this serious issue.  We felt like we had met our spirit animal.

So when we asked her to jump on the FIT CHICKS Chat Podcast with us, she was like “Hell YA!” and you know how we like a chick with some SPUNK!  We are covering A LOT of ground in this episode. From Summers personal journey to stopping body shaming, her top strategies to help you learn to love your body exactly where you are right now and feel a rockstar in your skin to her thoughts on the industry and top resources to help you make the mindset shift to self love.

For anyone who is struggling with their body image or breaking the diet cycle, this is a MUST listen (plus Summer is AMAZING and you will love her!). As Summer says in the interview, “I realized I had to first make over my brain, not my plate”.  That is where true transformation starts.

So get comfy and ready to listen! See below for details and click on the player to listen or subscribe to Itunes to download weekly








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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo