Hey Chicks,

Do you suffer from not feeling good enough, negative self talk or feeling like you will never get the life/love/body/health of your dreams?  Everything is possible but it boils down to one thing…MINDSET!
This is one of the HARDEST things for everyone to overcome but if you can learn to mindset shift to one of possibility, abundance and self love  – you truly can take your life  and body to the next level.
This topic is inspired by a question from one of our awesome listeners Jenn who says,  “How do I shift to a positive mindset?  I feel like I am doing all the right things in fitness and nutrition but I always feel like nothing is going right or like I am fat.  I hear everyone talking about “thinking positive” and I try but I can’t do it! What can I do?”

 We got you chick!  In Episode 11, we take you through:

  • Why the MIND is most POWERFUL muscle you have and when you know how to train it to succeed, their is no goal, big or small, that you can not achieve.
  • The 3 SUPER easy (but super magical, effective and FREE!) action steps to shift your negative patterns immediately and begin to transform your world
  • How Laura & Amanda used gratitude, vision boards and the “flash light method” to overhaul the negative thoughts in their own lives and how you can implement these too!

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo