The number one question we get in our Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification program when we get to the business portion is “how much do I charge?” This is the one thing that most people are uncertain about and uncomfortable with. We often undervalue ourselves and what we are putting out into this world out of fear, misunderstanding, or uncertainty. In this episode FIT CHICKS Academy Co-Founder Amanda Quinn will walk you through the 8 steps to give you clarity on how you can create a clear idea of value for yourself and your brand today!


In this episode, we cover: 

  • The number one question we are asked by our students in the Fitness and Nutrition Expert Certification program
  • Where many professionals go wrong when it comes to value and perception
  • The f word we all need to get rid of
  • Why low price points is actually hurting your business vs helping
  • Why you do not want to be all things to all people
  • How niche market will always win
  • Learn how to avoid the extra hustle
  • How to implement a tiered system and why
  • How to shift from money for hours to bundle packages for growth
  • Learn to implement The Home Shopping Channel mentality for sales

3 Main Takeaways:

  • Offering up products or services as a tiered approach or bundle will take away the per hour mentality of clients purchasing your products or services so if you do not have a tiered or bundle to offer then you need to look at adding in this strategy.
  • Being confident enough in what you offer to ask for what it is worth and having a guarantee in place will help to alleviate any fear of loss for customers and having them purchase with ease and confidence in you and your brand.
  • Getting comfortable talking about money, asking for payments and pricing according to what you are worth is just as important as how much you charge. You need to learn your money story so you can rewrite it be in line with what you want for your future and your business.

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  2. Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert: Become a holistic nutrition weight loss expert! Next program starts June 26, 2018

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

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