Curious  as to why kettlebell training is so effective at toning your entire body, especially your core? Wonder what is the big difference between using kettlebells and weights? Who even invented them? FIT CHICKS Academy co-founder Amanda Quinn gets all the questions answered and more by leading kettlebell trainer and owner of Fit Women’s Weekly, Kindal Boyle. Find out what a typical workout looks like, her top 5 moves for a killer kettlebell full body workout, and why she recommends you give them a shot today.


In this episode, we cover: 

  • Hear Kindal share why she left med school to pursue a career as a personal trainer
  • How the freshman 15 was more like 40 for her and what she did about it
  • How kettlebell training reshaped her body and helped her to develop a new found love for strength training
  • Learn what bakers have in common with this type of training
  • What makes kettlebell training so unique and effective
  • Her top 5 moves for a fierce effective workout
  • What the number 1 move is in kettlebell training that you need to master and why
  • The exact training program she recommends for her clients for best results
  • What she tells her clients in terms of the why you want to have a fit and healthy body that has nothing to do with appearance

3 Main Takeaways:

  • Kettlebell training is a unique and ballistic style of training that uses about 40% more core when you are moving through movements giving you faster results with similar movements you would use with traditional strength training.
  • When you are training with kettlebells you need to know how to do the swing. This movement is the key to being capable to do all the other movements well and without injury.
  • You need to look for trainers with RKC certifications in order to be sure you are getting the most effective and safest training possible with kettlebells. Since the movements are more ballistic and require more multi joint movement there is a higher risk of injury associated to their use if you are not familiar with the movements or do not have the right coach to help guide you.

Kettlebell Exercises



Rack Hold:



About Kindal Boyle

Kindal Boyle is a RKC and Kettlebell Athletics Certified Coach, and NASM personal trainer and a woman passionate about women’s health and fitness. With her husband, Dan, she owns and trains at a women’s studio in Charleston, SC and offers premier studio coaching online at Fitness isn’t about being strong to burn calories, its about being strong to be the most confident and healthy woman possible.

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*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program