So let’s talk about what many people in health don’t want to talk about…money.

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Skills + Clients + Results = Money. It just does. It’s not enough to have just one or the other.

You need know how to coach (aka skills), people to coach (aka clients) and give them what they desire (results). This is how you make impact by helping people get healthier and make income doing what you love.

Let’s talk about SKILLS you need and HOW to use those skills to get your clients results (And in turn, generate business)

We decided to put them in a list of the Top 6 Skills to Get Clients & Results as a Health Coach, that from our experience- you need to be successful

1. Weight Loss Coaching

The global weight management market was worth US$ 189.8 Billion in 2018. The market to reach a value of US$ 269.2 Billion by 2024

People are investing in their health and weight loss now more than ever and they are looking for health coaches to help them.

Weight Loss is the #1 area clients come to health coaches for. It is A MUST that you understand how to get your clients REAL fat loss results and offer coaching in this area if you want to start or grow a business in this field.

And even better if you have an expertise in it, you will have the edge on other coaches being able to offer more.

2. Personalized Nutrition Programs

We are sooo over cookie cutter or one size fits all nutrition programs and so are clients.  Your clients want you to be able to create individualized programs for their age, lifestyle, tastes, goals and needs.  Even in a group setting, they want personalized programs and this skill is super important to understand how to calculate and develop these types of health programs

3. Coaching Outside of Food & Exercise

Stress, sleep, toxins, hormonal imbalances, gut health issues, food sensitivities, mindset blocks…these are all areas that are holding people back from reaching their goals without even counting a calorie and they don’t even know it! By having the skill to offer holistic lifestyle coaching that adds in these areas, your business growth and results will amaze you.

4. The Healthy Habits “Readiness for Change” Coaching Scale

Sharing healthy habits and strategies with your clients is one thing but getting your clients to actually DO them is another.  If you don’t have this skill, you will be left frustrated from the lack of results and so will your clients.

That is why it is important to understand the coaching scale that is KEY to uncovering your clients readiness to change and use it in your coaching to create programs they can stick to. If not, we promise you will be left in the dark.

5. Activity Coaching

As a holistic nutrition & health coach, you must understand how fitness programs work and how to motivate your clients to move.

Even if you are not a certified fitness pro, this is a must.  Activity coaching can includes walking programs, movement challenges, apps and trackers or even working with a fitness pro to make sure your client is exercising correctly for their body type and weight loss goals and not hindering them.  It is essential to have this holistic knowledge

6. Being able to Deliver Programs Both In person and Online

There is HUGE opportunity NOW more than ever to start a successful career – full or part time – in the holistic health coaching industry especially in weight loss & management.

Whether you want to coach in balanced weight loss, nutrition recommendations, wellness planning, healthy habits or lifestyle changes…

Whether you want to work at a health & wellness centre or finally create YOUR dream coaching business (hello – make your own hours, work from anywhere and with people you love…how good does that sound?!)

Whether you want to coach in person or online (or both!)…

There is ZERO limit to what you can do once you are certified and you do NOT have to be a tech wizard to offer online coaching.  A great coaching program if created correctly can be delivered in person and online and get the same results.  It is as simple as having a web cam and an email account.

Now Skills 1- 5 are all included already in the 8 modules of the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program and Skill 6 is included in the 5 Amazing business building bonuses for the program including our Ultimate Holistic Health Coaching Toolkit for how to run one on one sessions, the live training “How to Build an Online or In Person Nutrition Workshop that Sells” to develop your own nutrition workshops PLUS the done for you 28 Day Nutrition Challenge to use with clients…

But after this question regarding business by so many of you,  we are working fast and furious on a NEW SECRET bonus to take your skills even further that is going to be offered with the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program ONLY and we are being held accountable to GET IT DONE because it will be included with our upcoming Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Expert Program.

Wondering what the secret bonus is? Keep your eyes peeled for more info…..

Laura & Amanda xo

Founders – FIT CHICKS® Academy /  Love a Good Cliffhanger



So there it is… The top 6 skills you need to be a successful Holistic Health Coach 

If you are ready to get certified, become a Holistic Health coach and build a biz you love, download our full program brochure at

There is so much opportunity now more than ever so if you have the passion, let’s help you make it happen!

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program