Hey Chicks,

Veggies are one of the keys to long term health, anti aging, anti cancer, weight loss and healthy digestion (just to name a few) but when it comes to meal time, veggies seem to be the least loved star of the show.


Why?  Because most people do not know how to easily (or sneakily!) incorporate them into their day.


We all know veggies are “good for us” but do you actually get your fill at each meal not only for their vitamins and minerals but for ALL the weight loss, healthy aging and anti depression & disease benefits? Let’s be honest chick, most peeps don’t but that is A- OK as this week we are dedicating to understanding how veggies are the fountain of health, exactly how you can get them into your diet without feeling like a rabbit and get your kids/family on board too.


In Episode 13, we take you through:
  • 3 Easy ways to ensure you are getting your veggie fix daily & you won’t want to stop!
  • Why the method you prepare your veggies changes the way we break them down and how to make sure you you are not turning your veggies into blood sugar bombs!
  • The secret “ingredient” that veggies have that are proven as anti aging, anti disease and anti viral that will help save you from wrinkles, sickness and all that other nastiness without having to take supplements or pills
  • How Laura & Amanda incorporate veggies into their daily lives and their top go to tips to make them delish!

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Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo