Hey Chicks,

Are you nuts for coconuts?  If not, you should be! Coconut oil not only is super delicious but has incredible health benefits – inside & out.

Coconut oil really is a “Super Food”.  Not only is it an amazing combo of healthy fats named medium chain fatty acids including Caprylic acid, Lauric acid and Capric acid that have incredible healing properties to the body, Coconut Oil is also faster to digest than most fats so it is easily burned by your body as a source of energy.

From fat loss to healing burns to killing bacteria, coconut oil is SOOOO much more than the latest health food craze and we are going to give you all the detes in Episode 14 including:

  • 5 Top Reasons why you should be adding this amazing healthy fat to your diet!
  • How to select the RIGHT coconut oil for max benefits so you don’t waste money on crap that is doing ZERO for you
  • The 5 Best Uses for Coconut Oil (and most aren’t related to food!)
  • Laura & Amanda top tips to incorporating coconut oil into your daily lives and of course some chick chat too!

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