Marni Wasserman is a nationally recognized nutritionist, chef and acclaimed author of the books, Fermenting for Dummies and Plant-Based Diet For Dummies . Taking her immense knowledge for healthy living,  Marni is also the co-host of the #1 health podcast on Itunes, The Ultimate Health Podcast where weekly she interviews world-class experts in the health & wellness community to help you adopt a realistic real food diet and balanced wholesome lifestyle through simple strategies

In this episode, we cover:

  • Marni’s story  from transitioning from eating under a “title” to eating for her best health
  • The vegan style vs a paleo style approach to food
  • Why Marni knew she needed to shift her diet
  • The response from her veggie community
  • In Marni’s words, the most important thing to focus on when it comes to nutrition
  • The current nutrition trends (ie keto, gluten free, etc)
  • How to find a way of eating that works for you using your body cues
  • Top 5 “go to” health food that Marni uses on the regular and how you can incorporate easily into everyday
  • 3 simple tips to make nutrition less overwhelming and stop feeling like they are “doing something wrong”
  • Resources to learn more about your body and support yourself through this transition
  • How Marni personally balances her health, wellness, fitness with all of the amazing things she does in her work and personal life

3 Key Points:

  1. Eat for YOUR optimal health – not based on a nutrition title or what someone else tells you is good for you.
  2. Learn how to listen to your body’s cues.  It is always telling you what it needs 🙂
  3. Focus on quality, real whole foods to nourish your body – inside & out.

Resources Mentioned:

Killer Resources!

  1. Fitness & Nutrition Expert Program:   Get certified in fitness, nutrition, wellness & business in 12 weeks! Registration is open for the Sept 27, 2017
  2. Natural Weight Loss Coach: Become a nutrition weight loss expert!  8 week program starts Oct 23, 2017

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Happy Listening!

Laura & Amanda – FIT CHICKS xo

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting or changing an exercise or nutrition program