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A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Nikki at a Diva Girl event where we were both presenting. The moment I met her it I knew she was someone I wanted in my circle. She is smart, funny, honest and a true leader in her field. I began to follow her on social media instantly as I wanted to know what was happening in her world but also pick up on some of her awesome tips she always seemed to share. Fast forward a few years later and here is Nikki, honest and open sharing her struggles with infertility as well as her IVF treatment. At this time I was not thinking of a second baby as I had a newborn at home. It wasn’t until recently, after a year of trying to conceive that I thought to reach out to her to hear more about her story and ask if we could share this on our podcast. I had a lot of questions, I wasn’t really sure of the process of IVF or even any fertility treatments.I felt like having someone share their side of the story, struggles and be truly open about the experience helped me so it surely will help other women to understand the entire process a little more.

While I have not decided to go the route of IVF at this time, hearing her story has helped me to understand what is also possible should I go that route.

Thank you Nikki for sharing and being so awesome and honest with your story.

Amanda xo

In this episode we cover:

  • Hear Nikki share her story of what IVF treatment was like for her
  • Understanding what IVF treatment really is
  • The one thing you should stop saying today to anyone who is struggling with fertility
  • Her number one recommendation for people who are considering IVF or any type of treatment for fertility
  • Why it does not have to be a lonely process and how to help you go through it

About Nikki Bergen

An inspirational trainer and creative educator with a passion for encouraging women to lead happier, healthier lives, Nikki Bergen is one of Canada’s most sought after health and fitness experts. A former professional dancer, Nikki has dedicated her life to creating fitness programs that create choreography from science, each one specially designed to enable women to ditch the guilt and bring balance to their bodies.Nikki’s passion for helping women has driven her to become a renowned Stott Pilates Instructor, a sought after Instructor Trainer, an expert in Pre and Post Natal Fitness, and a compassionate Health Coach. She is also a trained Breast Cancer Rehab Specialist, having graduated from the Pink Ribbon Program in 2011.

A holistic approach to health and relentless desire to inspire women to realize their dreams led Nikki to create three ground-breaking exercise programs designed specifically for women: The Belle Method, The Bump Method, and The Pink Method.

In 2015, Nikki founded Elevate Retreats, which offers transformational wellness getaways that combine elements of fitness, nutrition and inspiration for women looking to reconnect with themselves and their fellow sisters.

Today, Nikki and her team of skilled trainers work with a wide range of clients, from elite athletes and corporate executives, to women coping with cancer, diastasis recti, sciatica and pain related to pregnancy.

Nikki loves eyeliner and green smoothies, grew up on Madonna’s Immaculate Collection and The Rolling Stones and can’t wait for her next once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  

Link to Nikki’s video courses for pregnancy, postpartum recovery and beyond.


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