When it comes to weight loss, there is so much conflicting information, mindsets and beliefs out there.

“You should follow keto only!”
“No, you should become a vegan or at least vegetarian!”
“Wait, don’t eat that…it is not included in clean eating!”  

Not to mention there is a lot of long standing marketing toward women that make us think we have to hate our bodies in order to want to change them or lose weight. (Spoiler Alert: it doesn’t have to be this way!)

This is why most fitness and health coaches (and aspiring coaches!) are so overwhelmed and unfortunately, may be sabotaging their clients weight loss goals vs helping them.

Let’s breakdown the 🛑 6 blindspots 🛑 that most coaches are missing and you must focus on with clients or even yourself in order to move toward your transformation goals instead of away from it.

1. Have you set a clear goal? 🎯

What are you trying to achieve and by when? So many coaches shy away from setting a weight loss goal but we can’t not change what we don’t measure.

That does not mean it has to be a number on the scale – there are many different measurements of progress. This also includes who is the woman or man they want to become: not just a number but relationship with their body, food, health, energy etc

If you arent setting goals with your clients (or yourself!) because of fear of failure, you we don’t have a clear direction we are heading in, your clients will never get momentum.

2. Do you know their why? 🤔

Why is one of the most important things you can ask your client and not just 1 why?  Ask them to list 15!  You will need different whys to keep you committed in different situations.

Maybe their why’s include being healthy for their grandkids, hiking a mountain or wanting to feel their absolute best when they put on their dream dress,  The more we can keep them focused on the hard why, the easier it will be to stick the course when they don’t want to keep going.

3. Do you involve your client in their weight loss plan? ✍️

Most coaches give clients the plan and the client never follows.  Why? Because they do not include their clients in their weight loss plans and instead just tell them what to do.

Ask questions – what foods they like / dont like, when have they tried to lose weight before, what is their current lifestyle situation, how ready are they to change, how would weight loss be fun for them…to name a few. The more they can be a part of their weight loss plan, the more personalized it will become to their needs (aka the more successful they will be!)

4. Are you only coaching on the “method” and not the mindset? 🧠

Most coaches give a food plan but then wonder why their clients get stuck.  It is because they are missing the mindset coaching and shifts that need to happen in order to release old habits and become a new version of yourself.  Weight loss is NOT just a physical transformation.  It is mind and body.  We have to focus on both.

5. Do you help them plan for obstacles in their weight loss? 🧱

This is huge! We need to anticipate roadblocks and our clients need to direct their brain in those moments.  When you help your clients plan for obstacles that they may face (example: travelling for work, dealing with a house renovation, vacation and more) that could put them into a full stop on their goals, they will have the tools to overcome them vs throwing in the towel

6. Have you helped them to learn how to do this without you? 🐣

You mean I should want to lose my clients?  YES!  We always tell our students in the Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach certification is your goal is to help your client become so empowered and confident in their own ability to lead their weight loss (and eventually weight management journey) that one day, they will be able to do this without you.  That is how you know you are a truly amazing coach:)

So if you are ready to next level your client’s results or get started as a coach that get results from the start, then head on over to the link to download the brochure for our upcoming Holistic Nutrition Weight Loss Coach Certification… it’s coming up soon so you don’t want to miss it! ⇒ www.fitchicksacademy.com/hwlebrochure to learn how you can get certified

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

*For informational purposes only. Please consult a physician before starting an exercise program