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It is time for Episode 2 of FIT CHICKS Chat and we are talking about a doozy of a topic today …HEALTH SABOTEURS!  (Missed episode 1?  Get caught up here 🙂

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Today’s topic comes from one of our listeners, Saida who emailed us in with her struggle and we knew we had to get down and dirty with this on the podcast.  Check out Saida’s question:

“I am doing my best to make healthy changes in terms of working out and eating healthy.  I get in 4 workouts per week and having really been trying to eat better by getting rid of processed foods in my house, cooking more at home and making lunches instead of eating out.  My problem is trying to get my family on board.  My husband is constantly buying junk food, isn’t open to trying new recipes and I find it soooo hard  not just for me to make to stick to my healthy lifestyle but also to set the example for my kids….what do I do?  Help please!!”

Does this sound like anyone (or few peeps!) in your life?  We call them HEALTH SABOTEURS and they are EVERYWHERE….you might not even realize that you have one in your life yet!  They are friends, family members, co workers, bosses, kids and even the nice Nonna who lives down the street.

It can be stressful – we know! But don’t worry, when you have the RIGHT tools to easily deal with these peeps, you will not only blow your health and weight loss goals out of the water for the long run BUT you will be able to get them on the healthy train too! 

In Episode 2, we will show you REAL ways to:

i. Identify a Health Saboteurs to stop them in their tracks!
ii. What do you do when you want to make healthier choices but your friends and fam aren’t on board!
iii. Tips and tricks to stay strong and keep to your choices and goals to get results
iv. How to get others on board with your healthy living without shoving it down their throats!






Do you have someone in your life who is either directly trying to derail your weight loss or healthy living goals OR is derailing your weight loss or healthy living goals by being unsupportive but doesn’t realize they are doing it? If you want to be successful,  you HAVE to deal with it asap or reaching your goals is not going to happen. We know it can be overwhelming when you have a “health saboteurs’ in your life but don’t worry – we have got your back!  In Episode 2 of FIT CHICKS Chat, Laura and Amanda share what you need to do to stay on track, feel confident and still get results….even when your friends and fam aren’t on board!



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