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The weather is getting colder and that means a serious decrease in all your delicious fresh & local produce.

While some veggies are in season like root vegetables, cabbage, apples, brussel sprouts and potatoes, what about all our lovely leafy greens, low sugar berries and citrus fruits that we love so much for our smoothies and anti aging / fat loss / flu fighting properties?

The only way to get some fruits and veggies is by going frozen.  Bur are you curious if you will still get the health benefits?

In this episode, the Head Chicks explore the great frozen vs fresh fruit and veggie debate including plus there

In this episode, the Head Chicks take you through:

  • What’s the process? How fresh and frozen produce are each packaged, transported and end up in your grocery store affects your nutrients
  • How to select the best frozen and fresh fruits & veggies to ensure they are the best for you!
  • The top ways for getting in all your awesome, fat fighting nutrition for the winter months PLUS how to save bucks doing it!

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