Life is full of ups and downs and it can be sooo easy to find a reason to push our health, wellbeing, personal goals etc aside when you are on what feels like a big down swing.

Today we are chatting with Fitness and Nutrition Graduate and founder of Fearless Fitness, Dani Jean, about how she got started back on her own health journey and jumped into this industry, all while she felt she was at a breaking point in her own life. After a divorce and claiming bankruptcy, Dani decided there would never be a perfect time to get started and she jumped in scared but went all in on her own health and coaching dreams.

Today, Dani is thriving in ways she had only dreamed and is spreading that healthy love on the channel today. 

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BIO – Danielle Jean

Dani, a Certified Fitness Nutrition & Wellness Coach, who specializes in personal training, boot camps, group training, nutrition coaching, and wellness coaching, is the owner and head coach of Fearless Fitness. With the goal of changing the face of fitness, she has set out to make a difference in the community with services being accessible anywhere while offering a judgment-free, healthy environment with professionals who are heart-centered, compassionate, and understanding for you to begin living the healthiest, happiest, and most fearless life imaginable through an individualized approach to coaching.

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To learn more about Dani and her programs visit: or follow her @Fearlessfitnessbydani

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