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One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to starting in the fitness & nutrition industry is that you either have to teach fitness or be a personal trainer. This is so NOT true! 

In this episode, the Head Chicks take you through the top 10 “non cookie cutter” things you can do in the industry without stepping foot in a gym or training a client that will not only make more impact & more income but will make sure you are never bored, constantly challenging yourself and helping more clients in the process. 

With over 180,000 fitness clubs worldwide and an estimated $84 Billion in revenue from memberships alone, it’s safe to say that the fitness industry is booming and it’s only going up from here.  It all depends on how YOU want to approach and the sky is the limit!

Watch, listen or read below to right out how…


When we started FIT CHICKS Bootcamp in 2008, we knew personal training was not going to be our focus and that we wanted to start a group fitness company for woman only.  We also knew we never wanted to work in a gym.

Many people thought we were absolutely nuts.  Other business owners told us that working in a gym, personal training or teaching classes for an organization were the only options work in this industry.  Good thing we decided NOT to listen to them (seems to be a theme in our lives lol)

We went on to create online programs in fitness and nutrition, membership sites, wrote for other companies and websites, created a TV Show and more AND all of this was “working” in the fitness and nutrition industry where we were not training clients or have ever stepped foot in a gym.

Of course you can teach fitness classes or personal train clients but her are 10 ” Non Cookie Cutter” ways to work in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry to not only flex all your creative muscles but allow you to make more impact while making more income and creating a flexible life you LOVE.   Once certified, there is no end to what you can do with your knowledge and skills so add 1 or all 10!


10.  Selling Workout Plans

Selling digital products like a 4, 8 or 12 week workout plan for weight loss, muscle building or just general activity is an amazing way to reach more clients. Keep it simple like a PDF, Excel Spreadsheet and host through Google Drive so that you can email the link to a client to download upon purchase (and it’s free to host!). These can be generic (typically you would charge less like $27 – $197) or customized to your client (the more personalized, the more you can charge!

9. Selling Sample Meal Plans

Meal plans are ALWAYS a hot sell in the fitness and nutrition industry especially if you have experience in a specific niche such as vegans, vegetarians, Keto, Paleo, GAPS and more! Just like your workout plans, this is a digital product that can be sent via email and can be super fancy or in a word doc as well as can range from generic to customized based on your biz (we like having both options!)

8. Create a Fitness App

Creating your own app is no longer something that will take you $1000’s or years of coding experience.  App building software like Trainerize.com allow you to be able to drag and drop and build your own app for your clients with zero experience and at a low cost.  You can then charge your clients to access (great as a bundle offer with your digital workout and meal plans:)

7. Be a Brand Ambassador for Supplements, workout clothes, equipment

Many fitness instructors are scared of the idea of affiliate programs and think they are not big enough but if you love any products and are recommending them to your clients, you are marketing for that company so you should get some money back!

Think about it: Protein Powders, supplements, water bottles, cooking equipment, watches, timers, etc …how many of these products do you use and get asked about which ones to get.

You can start today by simply setting up an amazon store and you can send them links or check out the websites of the products you use under the “Site Map” section at the bottom of the homepage and see how you can apply to become an affiliate.  It usually takes less than 5 minutes to fill out the application and you are instantly approved

6. Become a Health Recipe or Nutrition Writer

With your knowledge as a fitness & nutrition expert ,  writing healthy recipes and about how to use nutrition for weight loss, maintenance and muscle building (to name a few!) is a huge skill that you have that blogs, companies and brands are looking for.  Freelancing as a writer or ghost writer for this companies can bring you in steady part time work (one of our Fitness & Nutrition Expert Grads writes weekly recipes for a top health food company!) or as a full time position.

5. Become a Fitness Freelance Writer

Like nutrition writing, there are TONS of websites, companies, brands and government bodies that are looking for fitness and health writers. From weekly workouts to how to safely do exercises to motivational health posts & stories,   put a posting on Upwork or Fiverr outlining what you CAN write about. Seriously,  people are looking all the time and you can make up to $100 an hour!

4. Run Fitness Seminars or Workshops via webinars or in person 

Fitness Instructors have sooo much knowledge that goes beyond just teaching a class.  Weight loss, muscle building, pre or post natal, how to meal prep, set your kitchen up for success, the power of green smoothies, how to do a proper push up or squat…there are sooo many topics!  Like we said earlier, if your clients already love you – they want more from you so give it to them.  This can be done via an online platform like Zoom or you can run it live following any of your fitness classes so they are more likely to stay or show up.

3. Run a fitness retreat

Fitness retreats are a form of travel that more and more people are looking for. Instead of boozy getaways, wild bachelorette’s and all inclusive vacations where you come home with your pants feeling tighter than when you left, retreats are an amazing option for a getaway and you can run them for as long as you like.  Some of our fitness and nutrition expert grads run day long retreats or a weekends that combines fitness, nutrition, wellness, life coaching.  You also can partner with hotels in sunny, active destinations like Costa Rica, Mexico and South America where many hotels offer options to host retreats very seamlessly.

2. Run a Membership site via Facebook

This is an AMAZING way to get a membership style site up without a ton of expenses, time and tech knowledge.  Simply set up a private facebook group that your client’s get access to with a monthly fee or for a duration of a program.  In the FB Group, you can  provide weekly workouts that you can upload as files or teach a workout LIVE with them daily (and if they can’t join you live, FB automatically records your lives so they can catch up later viewing…how sweet is that?!).  All you need is a smart phone or web cam attached to your desktop so you can stream to your FB group.  We have tons of our Fitness & Nutrition Experts who do this as soon as graduating and begin earning income right away people…it is a no brainer!

1.Run challenges. 

Walking programs, push up challenges, weight loss challenge…people love a challenge! 

And we love online fitness and nutrition challenges to also run with your in person clients PLUS this allow you to bring new people into your world that don’t have access to your live program in your area.

Now the biggest cost here is the TIME it takes to first create your online program but once it is done, you can use it again and again so it is totally worth the work.  7 day, 14 day, 28 day, 8 week..it is up to you how long the challenge runs for based on the result you are providing in the challenge.

BONUS- You don’t even have to write your challenge! You can purchase a done for you challenge  like our 28 day Total Body Clean Up Challenge and start running it right away with clients!


So there it is..The 10 “Non Cookie Cutter” things you can do in the Fitness & Nutrition Industry to earn income while making impact without having to teach fitness classes or personal train (or you can still teach & train and ADD all of these to what you do….it is up to you!) 

If you are ready to get certified, become a fitness and nutrition coach and build a biz you love, download our full program brochure at www.fitchicksacademy.com/fnebrochure

There is so much opportunity now more than ever so if you have the passion, let’s help you make it happen!

Laura & Amanda

Founders of FIT CHICKS Academy

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